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 [ Video Pop Shenouda said that s enough Amr Adib ]     ID video8jmIi0-t1iI [ Durata5:28 ] Descrizione: lui il vostro Satana SHARIA Allah Jabullon Marduck, lui ne ha fatto la esperienza tante volte, io quando prendo la mia preda, io la dilanio fino a ridurla in 1000 brandelli! [ DRINK YOUR POISON MADE BY YOURSELF ... OBAMA MERKEL ANTICHRIST KING SAUDI SHARIAH ARABIA ]] tu lo sai testa di cazzo, che, io mi inginocchierò mai davanti ad una pietra meteorite lunare... ECCO PERCHé, TU NON PUOI FARE NULLA PER SFUGGIRE AL TUO DESTINO!  ] [  Autore del reclamo: Media Gates Co. W.L.L    Email dell'autore del reclamo: seham@elmasna3.com ] Opera presumibilmente violata Video non da YouTube: "Pop Shenouda said that s enough Amr Adib" Video rimosso, Al momento hai 1 avvertimento sul copyright. A che cosa è dovuta questa situazione? Un titolare di copyright ci ha chiesto di rimuovere il tuo video perché ritiene che contenga materiale audio o video che vìola il suo copyright.  Titolo: Pop Shenouda said that s enough Amr Adib ] Identificazione video: 8jmIi0-t1iI [  Titolo: Amr Adib Coptic priest Fr Markous Aziz 4 ] Identificazione video: R8oR3uAELCA [ Cos'è un avvertimento sul copyright?  ] Pop Shenouda said that s enough Amr Adib [ ID video: 8jmIi0-t1iI ] Rivendicato da Media Gates Co. W.L.L il 30 lug 2015 ] Invia contronotifica [
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قال: أن تكون: صاحب حقوق الطبع والنشر سيد الفيديو
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انه يعاقب قناة بلادي
CopticNews@gmail.com] [ I have copied the video from you, from your [ /user/thecopticmartyrs ] channel, but others seham@elmasna3.com say that, this is their video,  and did punish my many channels! ie
 Christian Coptic Martyrs     1.206 iscritti • 811.530 visualizzazioni
    Data iscrizione 09 gen 2010 Flash:Just in from Coptic World.... join World to receive breaking news...concerning our Coptic community, here and abroad. Members of the clergy, Coptic Lawyer's Association, Coptic Solidarity, and CopticWorld as well as Coptic representatives from Michigan and other states met with White House officials today in a closed door meeting to address recent events in Egypt concerning Copts. The White House ......expressed deep concern over the events and laid out their plan to address such concerns. The issues discussed included the law on houses of worship, the up coming elections, the drafting of the constitution and the recent attacks on churches and peaceful Coptic protesters in Maspiro.
They welcomed any comments and concerns. White House officials were very up to date on all relevant information but invited Coptic community leaders to seek their point of view and also to set up a bridge between the White House and the Coptic community here in the United States. The exact details of the meeting were not to be divulged.
The White House asked that an announcement of this meeting be sent to the Coptic community to let them know that they are aware of the situation in Egypt, are working on diplomatic efforts to stop religious intolerance and are actively engaging the Coptic community in America.
You can see the minute by minute blogs on CopticWorld as the day unfolded.
http://www.copticworld.org/articles/467/ Please sign this petition. It will be -Presented to the Canadian government. Thanks.Copts massacre Oct.2011 to Canadian Government
الشعب القبطي المصري المسيحي يطلب الحماية الدولية في عجالة Coptic Egyptian Christian people required international protection in a hurry
- SHAME ON THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: "-Victoria Newland the Department spokeswoman of Minister of Foreign Affairs for the U.S. State said : Washington is worried about the Violence in Egypt... & they also said: that the Army/Civil AID will not going to be affected by the Maspero Coptic Christians Massacre Incident... " 10/13/2011
URGENT: Marshal Hussain Tantawi (The Butcher) orders the Egyptian army to runs over Christians in Maspero demonstrators with tanks and killed 50 Christian Copts-Martyred
Cairo-Egypt. 9/10/2011 Bodies of Christian martyrs cut to pieces in the streets and on bridges in pools of blood.
"Mass murder and genocide of Christians in Egypt (genocide)"
-Required to provide Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi (The Butcher) to the International Court of Justice and the trial as a war criminal, he and all the leaders of the Military Council of Egypt ((Islamists)
-FLASH: Regulates the Copts United States of America march Coptic rally outside the White House next Wednesday, October 19, 2001 at eleven in the morning will go later to the building of the U.S. Congress and to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to demand the expulsion of the Egyptian Ambassador of the United States and the Commission of an international investigation in the massacre of Maspero and then provi...de the officials and participants in the committing this carnage to an international court.
Also plans many young Coptic after the march, sit in front of the White House and State Department
It should be that what happened before Maspero a crime against humanity and should be investigated from the international bodies of the United Nations.
USA: magdi.khalil@yahoo.com
Contact from Canada : Prof. Sheref El Sabawy:
416.540.3355 S_sabawy@hotmail.com Mr. Hany Tawfilis 647.241.2245 h.tawfilis@hotmail.com
+The 50 Christian Coptic Martyrs of Maspero Martyrs:Fadi Rezk Ayoup-Shehata Thabet-Naseef Ragy Naseef-Micheal Mosaad Gergis-Mekhaeil Tawfik Gergis-Ayman Saber Beshay-Ayman Foad Ameen-Wael Mekhael Ameen-Usama Fathy Aziz-Mina Ibrahim Daneal-Sa'ad Fahmy Ibrahim-Ayman Naseef Wahba-Sobhy Gamal Nazeem-Hany Foad Atya-Peter...-Romany Fekry Lemby Gergis-& one Unknown...& others thrown by the Egyptian Muslim Solders in the River Nile...!!!! :( +++ God have Mercy+++
    http://coptic-news.net/English/E_news.html http://coptic-news.net/English/E_news.html
Netanyahu to American Jews: Iran Deal Will Cause War, Not Prevent It. August, 05 2015. Netanyahu addressed American Jewry in a webcast, explaining why he believes it imperative to rally against the Iran nuclear deal, which he sees as an existential threat to Israel and the world. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is continuing his campaign to persuade the public to reject the accord signed between the Islamic Republic and six world powers regarding its nuclear program. The latest stage in this battle was a live webcast on Tuesday aimed at Americans Jews, arranged by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.
During the session, which was attended by more than 10,000 people who fielded roughly 2,000 questions on the issue, Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s stance that the deal endangers the safety of Israel and the world, calling it a “bad deal” that enables Tehran to develop a nuclear bomb.
“The nuclear deal with Iran doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb. It actually paves Iran’s path to the bomb,” Netanyahu declared.” Iran can get to the bomb by keeping the deal or Iran could get to the bomb by violating the deal.” Netanyahu, one of the fiercest critics of the nuclear accord, also disputed Obama’s claim that opponents of the diplomatic deal favor war. He called that claim “utterly false,” stating, “I oppose this deal because I want to prevent war, and this deal will bring war.”
Netanyahu outlined “fatal flaws” in the deal in an effort to dispel “some of the misinformation” and “disinformation” about Israel’s position.
“The deal that was supposed to end nuclear proliferation will actually trigger nuclear proliferation,” he insisted. “It will trigger an arms race, a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, the most volatile part of the planet. That’s a real nightmare.”
“But the deal’s dangers don’t end there,” he warned. “The deal gives Iran also a massive infusion of cash and Iran will use this cash to fund its aggression in the region and its terrorism around the world. As a result of this deal, there’ll be more terrorism. There will be more attacks. And more people will die.”
Hezbollah supporter holds photo of Islamic Revolution founder Ayatollah Khomeini (L) and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Even if Iran invests only 10 percent of the money for terrorism, “that’s 10 percent of nearly half a trillion dollars that Iran is expected to receive over the next 10 to 15 years,” the Israeli leader affirmed. “That’s a staggering amount of money.”
“Israelis are going to be the ones who pay the highest price if there’s war and if Iran gets the bomb,” he continued.
In Israel, opposition to the deal is not a partisan issue, the premier said. “Isaac Herzog, the Leader of the Labor Opposition, the man who ran against me in this year’s election and who works every day in the Knesset to bring down my government, Herzog has said that there is no daylight between us when it comes to the deal with Iran.”
“This isn’t about me. And it’s not about President Obama,” he said, stressing that the issue is not personal. “It’s about the deal.”
“Don’t let the deal’s supporters quash a real debate,” Netanyahu asserted. “The issue here is too important. Don’t let them take your voice away at this critical moment in history. What we do now will affect our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren – in Israel, in America, everywhere. This is a time to stand up and be counted. Oppose this dangerous deal.”
Earlier this week, Obama held a conference call organized by liberal, non-mainstream American Jewish organizations, offering talking points to defend the deal and urging them to garner support through financial donations and advocacy. There was no opportunity for questions.
Hours after Netanyahu’s address, Obama held a meeting with Jewish leaders at the White House in an attempt to persuade them to adopt the opposite position championed by Netanyahu. By: Max Gelber, United with Israel
Obama: Nuclear Deal with Iran or Rockets on Tel Aviv! In a meeting to promote the Iran nuclear deal, Obama warned American Jewish leaders that if the agreement is cancelled, there will be war and rockets will rain on Tel Aviv.
continuing in his effort to rally support for the Iran nuclear deal, US President Barack Obama met privately for more than two hours with Jewish leaders at the White House on Tuesday evening, making a detailed case for the accord and urging opponents — including some in the room — to “stick to the facts in making their own arguments,” according to participants.
Obama referred to tens of millions of dollars being spent by critics, most notably the pro-Israel group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The president’s meeting came just hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated in a live webcast aimed at Americans Jews, arranged by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. The Israeli leader railed against the agreement, calling it a “bad deal” that leaves Tehran on the brink of a bomb.
Greg Rosenbaum of the National Jewish Democratic Council was one of 20 Jewish leaders who attended the meeting. He told Israel Radio that Obama said that American military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities is “not going to result in Iran deciding to have a full-fledged war with the United States.”
Instead, the president reportedly threatened, “You’ll see more support for terrorism. You’ll see Hezbollah rockets falling on Tel Aviv.”
“I can assure you that Israel will bear the brunt of the assymetrical response that Iran will have to a military strike on its nuclear facilities,” Obama stated, adding that he had invited Netanyahu to discuss increased US military assistance but that the Israeli leader declined.
Participants at the White House meeting who oppose the agreement raised raised their concerns at being painted as eager for war. Obama continued to argue that if Congress rejects the agreement, he or the next president will be forced to consider taking military action to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
Netanyahu Congress
PM Netanyahu speaks before a joint meeting of Congress. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite)
Obama described the deal as “historic,” adding that it would prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. He also stressed that the US will continue to support and help strengthen Israel’s security.
The back-to-back sales pitches from the leaders came on the eve of a foreign policy address Obama was to deliver as he seeks to bolster support for the deal in Congress. A White House official said Obama would frame lawmakers’ decision to approve or disapprove of the deal as the most consequential foreign policy debate since the decision to go to war in Iraq.
The official said Obama would also argue that those who backed the Iraq war, which is now widely seen as a mistake, are the same ones who oppose the Iran deal.
Enough Votes for Obama’s Deal?
The White House is preparing for the likelihood that lawmakers will vote against the deal next month and is focusing its lobbying efforts on getting enough Democrats to sustain a veto. Only one chamber of Congress is needed to so do.
Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday that the White House is confident it can sustain a veto “at least in the House.”
US Congress. The president got a boost in the Senate Tuesday with Senators Barbara Boxer of California, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Bill Nelson of Florida announcing their support for the deal. However, the administration lost the backing of three prominent Jewish Democrats — New York Reps. Steve Israel and Nita Lowey and Florida Rep. Ted Deutch.
Obama, who has long been criticized for his lack of engagement with Congress, has become personally involved in selling the deal to lawmakers and other influential groups. Those who have met with him say it seems to be his top foreign policy priority.
“It was pretty solid evidence of a couple of things: first of all, just how engaged the president is on this issue, and second, how important it is to him,” said Andrew Weinstein, a South Florida community leader who attended the meeting.
Also among the roughly two-dozen leaders joining Obama in the Cabinet Room were Michael Kassen and Lee Rosenberg of AIPAC, which is vehemently opposed to the deal, as well as Jeremy Ben-Ami of the left-wing J Street, who is among the deal’s most vocal proponents. The White House said representatives from the Orthodox Union (OU), the Reform Movement, the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) also attended.
By: AP and United with Israel Staff
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Your support brings hope to women suffering under terrorism. Rahila knew she was in trouble the moment her bus stopped. Boko Haram terrorists boarded the bus, grabbed her, and took her to one of their many secret camps across Nigeria...  Click to continue: World Watch List Update: China’s Communist government continues to impose control over all religious activities in the country. In recent years, however, they have loosened their grip in many regions. But they still keep a close watch...
In the trenches. Nengboi Chongloi’s husband, a pastor from Bhutan, was detained in March  2014 for holding a religious meeting without permission. She describes how it has devastated her family…  Click to continue. Dangerous Faith 60 Tour
Come be part of our 60th anniversary celebration conferences, where you’ll hear how God is using your support to change lives all over the world! Click to continue. Prayer force Alert: September. “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23_(NIV) From Jan's Perspective Dear friend of the persecuted Church,
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Onu: Malala, talebani non mi ridurranno mai al silenzio [dichiarazione di guerra: di Unius REI, il Regno di Dio: in forma politica, contro: la LEGA ARABA] Discorso ragazza pachistana a sede Assemblea generale Onu. 12 luglio, 17:40. Malala Yousafzai e Ban Ki-moon. Malala parla all'Onu per i suoi 16 anni. Malala esorta le donne a lottare. NEW YORK - "Non sarò ridotta al silenzio dai talebani". Lo afferma Malala Yousafzai, ragazza pachistana diventata simbolo: della lotta: contro: l'estremismo dei talebani, intervenendo all'Onu, dove ha incontrato: il segretario generale: Ban Ki-moon. "Quando mi hanno sparato la paura: è morta: così come l'essere senza speranza": dallo sparo sono "nati forza e coraggio. Il loro proiettile: non: mi ridurrà al silenzio", afferma: Malala, sottolineando che: gli estremisti hanno paura del cambiamento. "I terroristi abusano: del nome dell'Islam: a loro beneficio". "L'Islam è una religione: di pace: e la pace è necessaria per l'istruzione".

UniusRei1 25 secondi fa
Onu: Malala, talebani non mi ridurranno mai al silenzio [dichiarazione di guerra: di Unius REI, il Regno di Dio: in forma politica, contro: la LEGA ARABA] "Sono qui per parlare del diritto all'istruzione per tutti. Voglio istruzione anche per i figli e le figlie dei talebani", ha detto la sedicenne pachistana. "Prendete i vostri libri e le vostre penne, sono la vostra arma più potente. Un bambino, un insegnante, una penna e un libro possono cambiare il mondo". "I talebani hanno paura del potere dell'istruzione - ha aggiunto Malala - hanno paura del potere delle donne. Per questo uccidono, perché hanno paura". "Oggi non è il mio giorno, è il giorno di tutti coloro che combattono per i propri diritti", ha detto la giovane attivista pakistana dal Palazzo di Vetro dell'Onu. "Sono qui e oggi parlo per tutti coloro che non possono far sentire la propria voce", ha proseguito la giovane.

[[dichiarazione di guerra: di Unius REI, il Regno di Dio: in forma politica, contro: i farisei Anglo-Americani ] [meglio andare a vivere in un Paese "poco democratico"che non: di vivere, in un Paese "finto democratico" cioè, vivere, in una falsa democrazia massonica:"Bildenberg" del signoraggio bancario, con la aggravante del satanismo, come è per gli USA] [Datagate, Snowden chiede asilo temporaneo, alla Russia. Un deputato di Putin: «non attaccherà più gli USA» ] La talpa del Datagate Ed Snowden promette di «non danneggiare gli Usa» durante l'incontro con le Ong. Il deputato Vyacheslav Nikonov, presente all'incontro, ha riferito che Snowden «ha detto di essere informato di questa condizione e che può facilmente accettarla. Non vuole danneggiare gli interessi degli Stati Uniti, dato che è: un patriota» ha detto Nikonov, dopo l'incontro, nell'area transiti, dell'aeroporto Sheremetevo di Mosca, dove Snowden si trova dal 23 giugno.

[[dichiarazione di guerra: di Unius REI, il Regno di Dio: contro: i farisei Anglo-Americani FMI 666 NWO 322] [meglio vivere in un Paese "poco democratico"che non: di vivere, in un Paese "finto democratico" cioè, in una falsa democrazia massonica:"Bildenberg" del signoraggio bancario, con la aggravante del satanismo, come è per gli USA] [[Datagate: Microsoft ha partecipato a indagini di Nsa e Fbi]] A questo punto, secondo la legge russa, Snowden dovrà nuovamente presentare domanda di asilo politico in Russia, perché «per ora si tratta solo di parole». E l'ultima parola - secondo la legge - spetterà al presidente russo Vladimir Putin che non ha mai escluso una variante di questo genere. "Se vuole rimanere qui, c'è una condizione: deve fermare il suo lavoro a danno dei nostri partner americani, per quanto strano possa sembrare detto dalla mia bocca", aveva detto Putin. Secondo la fonte la nuova richiesta d'asilo, "questa volta in forma corretta" potrebbe avere "esito positivo".

[ omicidio politico, nel tentativo di saparare, lo jihadista, Esercito siriano libero (Esl),da: al Qaida, ma, questo evento, evidenzia ancora di più, l'assoluto disprezzo: per il valore della vita umana: che i terroristi islamisti: della Lega ARABA hanno, per i loro stessi uomini, tutto è finalizzato: al Califfato Mondiale: che è, l'Imperialismo della Sharia. ] ROMA, 12 LUG - Un alto responsabile dell'Esercito siriano libero, Kamal Hamami, è stato ucciso a Latakia da esponenti di al Qaida. Lo rende noto il portavoce dell'Esl Qassem Saadeddine, citato dalla Bbc. Hamami "stava incontrando membri dello stato islamico in Iraq e nel Levante per discutere piani di battaglia", ha detto il portavoce. "Mi hanno telefonato per dirmi che hanno ucciso Hamami e uccideranno tutti quelli del Consiglio supremo militare", ha precisato. [poiché gli Israeliani: massoni, hanno tradito Israele, questa è la mia formale dichiarazione di guerra: contro la Lega ARABA]

@ IMF 666 NWO 322 - which, 1. you have processed the Nazis Muslims, for become their in Satanists super Islamist terrorists, cut throats .. that, 2. the Pharisees Anglo-Americans, betray Israel, and all the Jews, this is normal, coherent, logical for the Satanists, religious maniacs, Nazis, like them (who: have preserved the genealogies of his father, only for them, just because, the people followed Jesus in Bethlehem, then, have transformed: in goyims, all Jews (through the maternal genealogies), etc. .. and Enlightened make to all jews drink, of human blood: in lyophilized form: ash: why, they are supernatural powers: occult and satanic) .. but, if Israel had done, the preemptive nuclear attack against the entire Arab League, could have been saved, then, I do not know who of Israeli politicians betrayed, to be the accomplice of the Pharisees Bildenberg Illuminati ..

187AUDIOHOSTEM 18 hours ago .. Dear Saddam Hussein: [Your Spy [Abu Antar, computer technician, secret agent] Loves Pornography] --ANSWER-- 187AUDIOHOSTEM is like Snowden, has same power: of Snowden, he can, lock my keyboard and my OS, etc. ] The request to meet with human rights defenders, Snowden says he is the victim of an illegal campaign of the U.S. that: denies him the right: to accept offers of political asylum: and: that, puts at risk: the passengers of flights to Latin America , where three countries would welcome it. Obama also reiterated that the U.S. will continue to support the hypocritical, criminal, protection of human rights, [Because, 187AUDIOHOSTEM, 666 google, violates my sovereignty, in Italy, in do the tampering of: my computer, many time? this is my formal declaration of war, of Unius REI, against: the Obama's Administration: and his Pharisees Anglo-American: IMF 322 NWO.]

[187AUDIOHOSTEM 18 hours ago .. Dear Saddam Hussein: [Your Spy [Abu Antar, computer technician, secret agent] Loves Pornography] --ANSWER-- 187AUDIOHOSTEM is like Snowden, has same power: of Snowden, he can, lock my keyboard and my OS, etc. ] ,to defend the Christian martyrs by the Arab League, and took the opportunity to express themselves at the Chinese leaders "is disappointed and its concern "about how Beijing, he managed the human rights hero, the 'mole' of DataGate, Edwrad Snowden, who was allowed to leave Hong Kong to Moscow, in a totally legal. [Because, 187AUDIOHOSTEM, 666 google, violates my sovereignty, in Italy, in do the tampering of: my computer, many time? this is my formal declaration of war, of Unius REI, against: the Obama's Administration: and his Pharisees Anglo-American: IMF 322 NWO.]

BERLIN, 12 de julio - Todas las partes en Egipto debe evitar la violencia o las amenazas y las autoridades deben eliminar las restricciones a la libertad de Mohamed Morsi. Así lo manifestó, por el Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores alemán, Guido Westerwelle. El ministro de Relaciones Exteriores también ha lanzado, un recurso de apelación, a las organizaciones internacionales, que se permita, para satisfacer, el presidente depuesto, que se celebrará en un compuesto de la Guardia Republicana. --- RESPUESTA - @ Guido Westerwelle - OK. PERO, usted debe hacer antes, cortar su locura: HEAD, por los musulmanes, como lo es hoy, con su feliz éxito, se fue a otro cristiano en el Sinaí, culpable sólo de estar en el mundo! Juro en el nombre de Jesús no caerá en abandono, la tragedia: no más, su familia hasta el fin del mundo!

BERLIN, 12 juillet - Toutes les parties en Egypte doit éviter la violence ou les menaces et les autorités devraient lever les restrictions sur la liberté, de Mohamed Morsi. C'est ce qu'a déclaré, par le ministre des Affaires étrangères allemand, Guido Westerwelle. Le ministre des Affaires étrangères a également lancé un appel aux organisations internationales, pour être admis, de se rencontrer, le président déchu, qui se tiendra dans un composé de la Garde républicaine. --- RÉPONSE - @ Guido Westerwelle - OK. Mais, vous devez faire avant, coupez votre fou: la tête, par les musulmans, tel qu'il est aujourd'hui, avec votre heureux succès, est fait à un autre, chrétien dans le Sinaï, coupable seulement d'être dans le monde! Je jure au nom de Jésus, ne sera pas abandonner, la tragédie: rien de plus, votre famille jusqu'à la fin du monde!

BERLIJN, 12 juli - Alle partijen in Egypte moet geweld of bedreigingen te voorkomen en de autoriteiten moeten de beperkingen op te heffen, de vrijheid, van Mohamed Morsi. Dit werd verklaard, door de Duitse minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, Guido Westerwelle. De minister van Buitenlandse Zaken lanceerde ook een oproep voor internationale organisaties, te mogen, te ontmoeten, de afgezette president, die zou worden gehouden in een verbinding van de Republikeinse Garde. --- ANTWOORD - @ Guido Westerwelle - OK. MAAR, je moet doen voor, CUT je gek: HEAD, door moslims, zoals het nu is, met uw gelukkige succes, is geweest om een andere, christelijke in de Sinaï, alleen schuldig van het zijn in de wereld! Ik zweer in de naam van Jezus, zal niet in de steek, de tragedie: niet meer, je familie tot het einde van de wereld!

BERLIN, JULY 12 - All parties in Egypt must avoid violence or threats and the authorities should remove the restrictions on freedom of Mohamed Morsi. This was stated by the German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle. The Foreign Minister also launched an appeal for international organizations to be allowed to meet the deposed president, which would be held in a compound of the Republican Guard. --- ANSWER - @ Guido Westerwelle - OK. BUT, YOU MUST DO BEFORE, CUT your crazy: HEAD, by Muslims, as it is today, with your happy successfully, is been to another Christian in the Sinai, guilty only of being in the world! I swear in the name of Jesus, will not abandon the tragedy: no more, your family until the end of the world!

BERLINO, 12 LUG - Tutte le parti in Egitto devono evitare violenze o minacce e le autorità devono rimuovere le restrizioni alla libertà di Mohamed Morsi. Lo ha affermato il ministro degli Esteri tedesco, Guido Westerwelle. Il ministro degli Esteri ha poi lanciato un appello perché venga consentito alle organizzazioni internazionali di poter incontrare il presidente deposto, che sarebbe trattenuto in un compound della Guardia repubblicana. --- ANSWER -- @Guido Westerwelle -- OK. MA, PRIMA TU TI DEVI FARE TAGLIARE LA TESTA, dagli islamici, come è oggi successo ad un altro copto cristiano nel Sinai, colpevole soltanto di essere al mondo! te lo giuro: nel nome di Gesù, la tragedia non abbandonerà: mai più la tua famiglia: fino alla fine del mondo!

Egitto: trovato decapitato cristiano copto rapito nel Sinai.[AGI - Agenzia Giornalistica Italia ‎- 1 day ago. Il Cairo, 11 lug. - Un cristiano copto che era stato rapito sabato nel nord del Sinai è stato trovato: decapitato. Egitto: "trovato decapitato in Sinai un cristiano copto". Asca‎ - 13 hours ago. Trovato decapitato in Sinai un cristiano copto. Internazionale‎ - 1 day ago. Ucciso prete copto nel Sinai. avvenire . 4 days ago - El-Massaid è un piccolo centro nei pressi di al-Arish, il capoluogo del governatorato del Sinai del Nord, dove risiede il vescovo copto Kosman. Egitto,ucciso prete copto nel Sinai - Mondo - Tgcom24. 6 days ago - Egitto, ucciso prete copto nel Sinai. Alta tensione in Egitto. Un sacerdote cristiano copto è stato ucciso a colpi di arma da fuoco nella provincia ...
Esplode anche il Sinai: prete copto assassinato. @Egitto --  se, non hai la mano pesante: contro: gli islamisti? tu perderai qualsiasi cosa, perderai tutto!

EU court: the right of asylum to persecuted for homosexuality. Opinion Pre-Judgment: they are 'Particular privileged social group' for spreading homosexual ideology, Rothschild needs many gay! --- ANSWER - 13:4512 July.. Snowden: The victim of illegal campaign USA... In a letter sent to NGOs and disseminated by some Russian media - ANSWER - SORRY, Snowden, you are not gay [[youtube che cazzo, con questo nuovo layout? tu sei sceso al di sotto della merda]] [[youtube fuck that, with this new layout? you have come down below the shit]] [[youtube baise qui, avec cette nouvelle disposition? tu es descendu en dessous de la merde]] [[youtube cogida que, con este nuevo diseño? que ha bajado por debajo de la mierda]]

[187AUDIOHOSTEM 18 hours ago.. Dear Saddam Hussein: [Your Spy [Abu Antar, informatico, agente segreto] Loves Pornography] //ANSWER // 187AUDIOHOSTEM is like Snowden, has same power of Snowden, lui pu; bloccare la mia tastiera ed il mio sistema operativo, ecc... ], Nella richiesta di incontro con i difensori dei diritti umani, Snowden dice di essere vittima di una campagna illegale degli Usa che gli nega il diritto di accettare le offerte di asilo politico e che mette a rischio i passeggeri dei voli per l'America latina, dove tre Paesi lo accoglierebbero.

[187AUDIOHOSTEM 18 hours ago.. Dear Saddam Hussein: [Your Spy [Abu Antar, informatico, agente segreto] Loves Pornography] //ANSWER // 187AUDIOHOSTEM is like Snowden, has same power of Snowden, lui pu; bloccare la mia tastiera ed il mio sistema operativo, ecc... ], Obama ha anche ribadito come gli Stati Uniti continueranno a sostenere la ipocrita, criminale, protezione dei diritti umani, per difendere i martiri cristiani dalla Lega araba, e ha colto l'occasione per esprimere personalmente ai dirigenti cinesi "il proprio disappunto e la propria preoccupazione" per come Pechino, ha gestito lo eroe dei diritti umani, la 'talpa' del datagate, Edwrad Snowden, a cui è stato permesso, di lasciare Hong Kong, per Mosca, in maniera del tutto legale.

UniusRei1 6 ore fa
@ IMF 666 NWO 322 - which, 1. you have processed the Nazis Muslims, for become their in Satanists super Islamist terrorists, cut throats .. that, 2. the Pharisees Anglo-Americans, betray Israel, and all the Jews, this is normal, coherent, logical for the Satanists, religious maniacs, Nazis, like them (who: have preserved the genealogies of his father, only for them, just because, the people followed Jesus in Bethlehem, then, have transformed: in goyims, all Jews (through the maternal genealogies), etc. .. and Enlightened make to all jews drink, of human blood: in lyophilized form: ash: why, they are supernatural powers: occult and satanic) .. but, if Israel had done, the preemptive nuclear attack against the entire Arab League, could have been saved, then, I do not know who of Israeli politicians betrayed, to be the accomplice of the Pharisees Bildenberg Illuminati ..

07/12/2013. [dichiarazione di guerra di Unius REI: contro: VIETNAM - Korea del Nord]: Hanoi against the beatification of Cardinal Van Thuân. Canonisation process witness stopped at airport. Nguyên Hoang Duc, literary critic and former civil servant, blocked at the boarding gate. He was expected in Rome, on official invitation, for the closing ceremony of the diocesan inquiry. A meeting with the Cardinal began his journey of conversion which resulted in his baptism. The Communist Government wants to hinder the process. Hanoi (AsiaNews/agencies) - Vietnamese authorities have prevented the literary critic Nguyên Hoang Duc, a firsthand witness in the beatification process of the Card. François-Xavier Nguyên Van Thuân, from getting on the plane bound for Rome. The former official of the Office for Religious Affairs and Public Safety was expected on July 5 in the Vatican for the closing ceremony of the diocesan inquiry,

[dichiarazione di guerra di Unius REI: contro: VIETNAM - Korea del Nord]: with a view to the beatification of the Vietnamese Cardinal; however, despite the official invitation, he was blocked by public security officials. Among the reasons, Hanoi's opposition to the whole process of beatification. According to the man's story, recounted on the Vietnamese language edition of Radio Free Asia (RFA), on the evening of 2 July Nguyên Hoang Duc presented himself at Nôi Bai airport in Hanoi. He presented his ticket at the gate of the Thai company, the airline he was to travel with to Italy. However, in response, he was told to present himself at the offices of public security of the airport. An official told the Vietnamese critic and intellectual that he was "not authorized" to leave the country, without specifying the reasons for the refusal. The agent merely added that he was "following orders".

[dichiarazione di guerra di Unius REI: contro: VIETNAM - Korea del Nord]:  After various talks and discussions, he managed to establish a kind of verbal proceedings, in which the refusal to travel abroad imposed by the authorities was "expressly stated". Among the reasons for the border police's intervention, is the "disagreement" of the Communist Government with the canonisation of the Cardinal, who in his long and troubled life spent 13 years in the regime's prisons. This highlights the "extended stay" of a high prelate in government prisons. Then follow other reasons more related to the "personality" of the literary critic, a former government official, now a freelance writer and often critical of the authorities. Hoang Duc you Nguyên today is known and appreciated for his literary work, but his life is closely linked to that of Card. Van Thuân, on account of meeting the Cardinal, the desire to convert arose in Mr. Hoang Duc.

[dichiarazione di guerra di Unius REI: contro: VIETNAM - Korea del Nord]: According to the former official, "fascinated" by the Cardinal's personality, there are three "miracles" he received from his meeting with the Cardinal: conversion to the Christian faith, healing from a disease and the revelation of a future event. His journey of conversion to Catholicism and the subsequent baptism are recounted in a text entitled "Way of Faith, with the Intermediation of François-Xavier Nguyên Van Thuân". A narrative which has contributed to the beatification of the Vietnamese Cardinal, which Hanoi authorities want instead to hinder.
       Oct 15, It was reported that Sheik Hamoud bin Uqlaa al-Shuaibi (80), a militant Wahhabi, called on Muslims to wage jihad on supporters of the US military action in Afghanistan.    (WSJ, 10/15/01, p.A12)2001        Oct 31, The Bush administration said the Saudi government has issued an order to freeze assets of people and groups suspected of links to terrorism.    (SFC, 11/1/01, p.A5)2001        At Washington’s request the UN Security Council ordered that the assets of Yassin Qadi, a Saudi businessman and multimillionaire, be frozen soon after the Sep 11 attacks in NYC. He was alleged to be a financier of Islamic terrorism with close links to al-Qaida. The EU froze the assets of Yasin al-Qadi, a Saudi businessman, and the Al-Barakaat International Foundation, a Sweden-based charity suspected of funding al-Qaida terror groups. In 2008 the EU's highest court overturned the decision saying the order failed to offer those on a terror blacklist any legal rights to a judicial review under European law. Also frozen were the assets of Omar Mohammed Othman, also known as Abu Qatada, an extremist Muslim preacher from Jordan. In 2009 an EU court voided the freeze on Othman due to lack of proper judicial review. Othman has lived in Britain since 1993, has been arrested several times there under anti-terrorist legislation and currently faced deportation to Jordan.    (WSJ, 8/29/07, p.A1)(AP, 9/3/08)(AP, 6/11/09)2002        Jan 4, A WSJ editorial by former US Army officer Ralph Peters blamed Saudi Arabia as the source of fundamentalist terrorism. "We must be prepared to seize the Saudi oil fields and administer them for the greater good."    (WSJ, 1/4/02, p.A12)2002        Jan 13, Muslim scholars concluded a 6-day conference in Mecca and issued a definition of terrorism as: "all acts of aggression committed by individuals, groups or states against human beings, including attacks on their religion, life, intellect or property.    (WSJ, 1/14/02, p.A12)2002        Jan, Saudi Arabia began the demolition of the 222-year-old Al Ajyad Ottoman fortress on Bulbul Mountain in Mecca. A $120 million hotel complex was planned. The demolition angered Turkey and destruction was halted.    (WSJ, 1/10/02, p.A9)2002        Feb 17, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah presented a Middle East peace plan to NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman. It included Arab recognition of Israel's right to exist if Israel pulled back from lands that were once part of Jordan, including East Jerusalem and the West Bank.    (SFC, 2/26/02, p.A1)2002        Feb 19, In Saudi Arabia some 2 million Muslims gathered in Mecca for the annual hajj.    (SFC, 2/20/02, p.A11)2002        Mar 7, Doctors in Saudi Arabia reported that the world's 1st uterus transplant lasted 99 days before it began to deteriorate.    (SFC, 3/7/02, p.A5)2002        Mar, A fire at a girl's school in Mecca killed 15 students.    (WSJ, 3/19/02, p.A1)2002        Apr 4, The UN released $995 million in compensation to Kuwait for Iraq's 1990 invasion. Most went to 1,058 individuals. Saudi Arabia received $82.6 million and Jordan got $44.9.    (SFC, 4/5/02, p.A12)2002        Apr 13, Ghazi Algosaibi, Saudi ambassador to Britain, published a poem in the Saudi daily Al Hayat  titled "The Martyrs," in praise of Ayat Akhras, the Mar 29 Palestinian suicide bomber.    (SFC, 4/16/02, p.A9)2002        Apr 20, It was reported that recent flash flooding from torrential spring rains had killed at least 19 people.    (SFC, 4/20/02, p.A24)2002        Apr 25, Pres. Bush met with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, who told him bluntly that the US must temper its support of Israel. Abdullah gave Bush an 8-point proposal for Middle East peace.    (SFC, 4/26/02, p.A1)2002        Apr, The Saudi government cracked down on factories producing women's cloaks that violated religious rules.    (SSFC, 5/5/02, p.A16)2002        May, Saudi diplomats clashed with the UN Committee Against Torture over whether flogging and the amputation of limbs are violations of the 1987 Convention Against Torture.    (SSFC, 5/19/02, p.A18)2002        Jun 11, Moroccan police arrested three Saudi nationals who were allegedly planning attacks against U.S. and British war ships in the Strait of Gibraltar. They were identified as: Hilal Jaber al-Assiri, Abdellah Ali al-Ghamdi and Zuher al-Tbaiti.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 6/11/02)2002        Jun 13, Pres. Bush met with Saudi Prince Saud al-Faisal and indicated that he would support the creation of a Palestinian state.    (SFC, 6/14/02, p.15)2002        Jun 18, Saudi Arabia announced its first al-Qaida-related arrests since Sept. 11 and said it was holding 11 Saudis, an Iraqi and a Sudanese man behind a plot to shoot down a U.S. military plane taking off from a Saudi air base.    (Reuters, 6/18/02)(AP, 6/18/02)2002        Jun 20, In Saudi Arabia John Veness, a British employee at Al Bank al Saudi al Fransi, was killed in a car bomb explosion in Riyadh.    (WSJ, 6/21/02, p.A7)2002        Jun, Iran transferred 16 al Qaeda suspects to Saudi Arabia.    (SSFC, 8/11/02, p.A13)2002        Jul 19,  In Saudi Arabia a passenger bus collided head on with a truck and caught fire outside the holy city of Mecca, killing 26 people and injuring 24 others.     [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 7/21/02)2002        Jul 22, Ahmed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz (43), the genial Saudi prince who dominated racing the last two years with Kentucky Derby winner War Emblem and 2001 horse of the year Point Given, died.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 7/23/02)2002        Aug 7, Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Saud said his country had made it clear to Washington, publicly and privately, that the U.S. military will not be allowed to use the kingdom's soil in any way for an attack on Iraq. Saud said the longtime U.S. ally does not plan to expel American forces from an air base used for flights to monitor Iraq.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 8/7/02)(AP, 8/8/02)2002        Aug 13, The minaret at the Imam Ali al Uraidh Islamic shrine complex in Medina was demolished with dynamite.    (WSJ, 8/18/04, p.A1)2002        Aug 27, Pres. Bush met with Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia, who said war with Iraq was not acceptable and that Saudi Arabia would not cooperate.    (SFC, 8/28/02, p.A1)2002        Sep 6, US officials reported that the assets of Wa'el Hamza Julaidan, alleged al Qaeda financier, had been frozen, and that he had been located in Saudi Arabia.    (SFC, 9/7/02, p.A8)2002        Sep 29, A Saudi prince signed deals worth $330 million to export Sudanese livestock and build a five-star hotel in Sudan's capital.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 9/29/02)2002        Nov 3, Saudi Arabia said it would not permit bases on its soil in an attack against Iraq and would not grant flyover rights to US military planes even if the UN sanctions an invasion. Prince Saud later said a final decision had not been made.    (SFC, 11/4/02, p.A3)(SFC, 11/5/02, p.A7)2002        Dec 10, Saudi dissidents reported a new radio station, Sawt al-Islah (the Voice of Reform), had started broadcasting from Europe to push for reforms.    (SFC, 12/11/02, p.A14)2002        Dec 12, OPEC agreed to cut oil production by as much as 7%, well ahead of a seasonal decline.    (SFC, 12/13/02, p.B1)2003        Feb 8, Nearly 2 million Muslims converged on Mecca for the annual pilgrimage. Some of the faithful offered prayers to avert a U.S.-led war on Iraq.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 2/8/03)2003        Feb 11, In Mina, Saudi Arabia, 14 Muslim pilgrims were trampled to death when some worshippers tripped amid a jostling crowd during the devil-stoning ritual of the annual Hajj pilgrimage.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 2/11/03)(SFC, 2/12/03, p.A9)2003          Feb 18, Saudi Arabia said it has referred 90 Saudis to trial for alleged al Qaeda links. Another 250 were reported under investigation.    (SFC, 2/19/03, A10)2003          Feb 20, In Saudi Arabia a British defense worker was killed by Saud bin Ali bin Nasser, a Saudi citizen.    (SFC, 2/21/03, A1)2003        Mar 25, Saudi Arabia contacted the United States and Iraq with a peace proposal and was still awaiting a response.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 3/25/03)2003        Apr 28, The US moved an air operation center from Saudi Arabia to Qatar.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 4/29/03)2003        Apr 29, The US said it would withdraw all combat forces from Saudi Arabia.    (SFC, 4/29/03, A14)2003        May 6, Saudi authorities seized a weapons cache and foiled plans by suspected terrorists. At least 19 men were sought.    (SFC, 5/8/03, p.A1)2003        May 12, In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, multiple, simultaneous suicide car bombings at 3 foreign compounds killed 26 people, including 9 US citizens. The next day Saudi authorities linked Khaled Jehani (29) head of a 19-member al-Qaida team to the carnage. Ali Abd al-Rahman al-Faqasi al-Ghamdi, a senior al Qaeda figure, surrendered Jun 26. On Jan 8, 2004, 8 accomplices were arrested in Switzerland.    (SFC, 5/14/03, p.A1)(WSJ, 5/14/03, p.A1)(SFC, 6/27/03, p.A16)(SFC, 1/10/04, p.A3)(AP, 5/12/08)2003        Jun 7, The Saudi interior minister linked last month's Riyadh bombings to the al-Qaida terror network in an interview, and his ministry identified 12 of the attackers.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 6/7/03)2003        Jun 15, The Saudi government said it foiled "an imminent terrorist" attack with an overnight raid on a bomb-filled, booby-trapped apartment in the holy city of Mecca that left five suspects and two security agents dead.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 6/15/03)2003        Jun, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali (22), a US citizen, was arrested in Medina as Saudi authorities were investigating a wave of bombings. He was convicted in 2005 in a Virginia federal court of conspiring with Al-Qaida. In 2008 a federal appeals court upheld the conviction, but ordered a new sentencing hearing. In 2009 he was sentenced to life in prison for plotting to kill Pres. George W. Bush.    (SFC, 11/23/05, p.A14)(SFC, 6/7/08, p.A3)(SFC, 7/28/09, p.A5)2003        Jul 3, In Suweir, Saudi Arabia, Turki Nasser al-Dandani, the top suspect wanted in the May 12 Riyadh suicide bombing, was killed along with three other militants in a gunbattle when police raided their hideout.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 7/3/03)2003        Jul 21, The Saudi government announced that police arrested 16 al-Qaida-linked terror suspects over the last 4 days and used tractors to dig up an underground arsenal: 20 tons of bomb-making chemicals, detonators, rocket-propelled grenades and rifles.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 7/22/03)2003        Jul 28, In Saudi Arabia 6 suspected militants were killed in a firefight with Saudi police, who raided a farm where they were hiding out. Two police also were killed.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 7/28/03)2003        Aug 10, Saudi police arrested 10 suspected Muslim militants following a gunfight after police tried to stop their cars outside Riyadh.    (WSJ, 8/12/03, p.A1)2003        Aug 11, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah flew to Morocco for talks with King Mohammed VI about Iraq and the Palestinian territories.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 8/11/03)2003        Aug 15, Saudi police arrested at least 11 suspected militants and seized a large weapons cache in southern Jazan province that included rockets and explosive chemicals.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 8/16/03)2003        Aug 16, Former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, blamed for the murder of tens of thousands of his people in the 1970s, died in a Saudi hospital where he had been critically ill for weeks.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 8/16/03)2003        Sep 2, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah met Russia's Pres. Putin on the first visit to post-Soviet Russia by a Saudi leader, aimed at coordinating oil exports and soothing Russian concerns about alleged funding of Chechen rebels by Saudi charities.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 9/2/03)2003        Sep 14, A Saudi importer of  some 58,000 Australian sheep was reported to be trying to give them away for free. The sheep had  been stranded for five weeks on the ship, the Cormo Express, due to a 6% infection rate for scabby mouth disease. Australia in 2002 had imposed tougher rules on ships exporting livestock to the Persian Gulf after it was revealed that 14,500 sheep had died from heat stress in one month. Some 5,700 sheep aboard the Cormo Express died before Eritrea accepted the animals.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 9/14/03)(Econ, 12/2/06, p.88)2003        Sep 14, Dhaher bin Thamer al-Shimry, a Saudi marijuana trafficker, was beheaded, bringing the number of beheadings in the kingdom this year to 41.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 9/14/03)2003        Sep 15, In Saudi Arabia a fire that swept through el-Haer prison in Riyadh and 94 were initially reported killed. 67 inmates died in the worst prison fire in Saudi Arabian history.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 9/16/03)(AP, 2/16/12)2003        Sep 23, A raid in Saudi Arabia on Islamic militants left three suspects dead, including Jubran Sultan al-Qahtani (aka as Zubayr al-Rimi), an al-Qaida figure wanted by the US.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 9/24/03)2003        Oct 13, The Saudi Cabinet announced that first-ever elections would be held for local councils in 14 municipalities throughout the country.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 10/14/03)2003        Oct 14, In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, hundreds took to the streets demanding reforms, the first large-scale protest in this conservative kingdom where demonstrations are illegal.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 10/14/03)2003        Oct 20, Saudi authorities announced the arrests of terrorist suspects and the discovery of large quantities of weapons and ammunition during raids around the kingdom.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 10/20/03)2003        Nov 3, Saudi police battled militants in the streets of the holy city of Mecca, killing two of the suspects and uncovering a large cache of weapons. Police arrested six al-Qaida suspects.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 11/3/03)(AP, 11/4/03)2003        Nov 6, In Saudi Arabia 2 suspected militants blew themselves up in Mecca when security forces tried to arrest them. A 3rd was shot to death by police during a raid in Riyadh.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 11/6/03)2003        Nov 8, In Saudi Arabia a suicide car bombing that devastated a Riyadh housing complex, killing 17 people and wounding more than 120. Officials pointed to al-Qaida terrorists as responsible.    (SSFC, 11/9/03, p.A1)(AP, 11/8/04)2003        Nov 25, Saudi police killed 2 militants and seized a car bomb ready for detonation in post Ramadan celebrations.    (WSJ, 11/26/03, p.A1)2003        Nov 27,  Talal al-Rasheed, a prominent Saudi poet, was shot to death by attackers while on a hunting trip in Algeria.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 11/30/03)2003        Dec 6, Saudi Arabia issued the names and photos of its 26 most wanted terrorist suspects and increased protection around Western housing compounds in the capital.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 12/7/03)2003        Dec 7, Saudi security forces stormed a gas station and killed one of the country's most wanted terrorist suspects and a second militant.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 12/8/03)2003        Rachel Ehrenfeld authored “Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It.” The book sold 23 copies in Britain, over the Internet. She later lost a libel case concerning the book brought in the English High Court of Justice by Saudi businessman Khalid bin Mahfouz, who was awarded ₤100,000 ($160,000).    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Funding_Evil)(Econ, 1/2/10, p.42)2003        Dore Gold authored "Hatred's Kingdom: How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism."    (WSJ, 3/27/03, p.D7)2003        Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul All-Share Index posted a 76% gain for the year.    (WSJ, 4/4/05, p.C18)2003        The Saudi-owned news channel al-Arabiya was launched from Dubai.    (Econ, 2/26/05, p.25)2003        A CIA report said that the Al-Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia had served as a conduit for terrorist transactions since at least the mid-1990s.    (WSJ, 1/26/07, p.A10)2003        Libya planned a covert operation to assassinate Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia according to 2004 testimony by 2 jailed participants.    (SFC, 6/10/04, A10)2003        Doctors at St. Vincent Medical Center in LA, Ca., performed a liver transplant on a Saudi citizen, who was 52nd on a transplant list. The Saudi Arabian Embassy paid $339,000 for the operation. In 2005 the hospital suspended its liver program after determining that the 2003 operation was improper.    (SFC, 9/28/05, p.A7)2004        Jan 8, Teams of Swiss police in 5 cantons arrested 8 suspected accomplices in the May 12 al Qaeda car bomb attack in Saudi Arabia.    (SFC, 1/10/04, p.A3)2004        Jan 29, In Saudi Arabia some 2 million Muslims from around the world gathered at the start of the annual Hajj.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 1/29/04)2004        Feb 1, In Saudi Arabia 251 Muslim worshipers died in a hajj stampede during the annual stoning of Satan ritual.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 2/2/04)(WSJ, 2/3/04, p.A1)2004        Mar 15, In Saudi Arabia authorities killed Khaled Ali Haj, a Yemeni, and Ibrahim bin Abdul-Aziz bin Mohammed al-Mezeini, a Saudi. Haj, who also uses the name Abu Hazim al-Sha'ir, was the "most dangerous" al-Qaida operative in the region. Haj was third on the government's list of Saudi Arabia's 26 most wanted militants.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 3/16/04)2004        Apr 10, Rania al-Baz, a popular Saudi TV host, was severely beaten by her husband. She suffered 13 facial fractures that required 12 operations. She allowed photos to be broadcast and opened discussions of ongoing violence against women in Saudi Arabia.    (SFC, 4/20/04, p.A6)2004        Apr 13, In Saudi Arabia militants near Unaizah opened fire on a police checkpoint at dawn, killing four police officers and fleeing in security agents' cars.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 4/13/04)2004        Apr 19, Saudi police seized 2 explosives packed SUVs on a highway outside Riyadh. It the 3rd day in a row that such a seizure was announced.    (WSJ, 4/20/04, p.A1)2004        Apr 21, Two car bombs blasted the Saudi security headquarters, killing at least 4 people and wounding 148.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 4/21/04)(SFC, 4/22/04, p.A16)2004        Apr 22, Saudi security forces killed five wanted militants and were pursuing others after shootouts that spread over two days in the port city of Jiddah.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 4/23/04)2004        May 1, In Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, suspected militants sprayed gunfire inside the offices of Houston-based ABB Ltd., an oil contractor, killing at least six people — including two Americans and three other Westerners — and wounding dozens. Police killed four brothers in a shootout after a car chase in which the attackers reportedly dragged the naked body of one victim behind their getaway car.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 5/1/04)(SFC, 5/3/04, p.A7)(WSJ, 2/25/06, p.A1)2004        May 10, Saudi oil ministers called on OPEC to pump more oil.    (SFC, 5/11/04, p.A1)2004        May 20, Four suspected Saudi militants and a policeman were killed in a shootout the Saudi city of Buraida.    (Reuters, 5/21/04)2004        May 28, In Saudi Arabia suspected Islamic militants sprayed gunfire inside two oil industry compounds on the Persian Gulf, killing at least 10 people including one American.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 5/29/04)(SSFC, 5/30/04, p.A1)2004        May 29, In Saudi Arabia gunmen shot down security guards and entered 2 office complexes in Khobar searching for and murdering anyone looking western.    (Econ, 6/5/04, p.41)2004        May 30, Saudi commandos stormed the expatriate resort of Khobar to free up to 60 foreign hostages seized by Islamic militant gunmen who had attacked oil industry compounds, killing 22 people. Americans were among those killed and taken captive. 3 suspects escaped.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 5/31/04)(WSJ, 6/1/04, p.A1)2004        Jun 2, Saudi security forces killed two suspected militants linked to a weekend shooting and hostage-taking.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 6/2/04)2004        Jun 6, In Saudi Arabia Simon Chambers (36), an Irish cameraman working for the BBC, was killed in a shooting in Riyadh. A BBC correspondent was injured.    (SFC, 6/7/04, A8)2004        Jun 8, In Saudi Arabia an American citizen who worked for a US defense contractor was shot and killed in Riyadh.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 6/8/04)2004        Jun 12, In Saudi Arabia an American was kidnapped. An al-Qaida statement, posted on an Islamic Web site, showed a passport-size photo of a brown-haired man and a Lockheed Martin business card bearing the name Paul M. Johnson. Islamic militants shot and killed Kenneth Scroggs of Laconia, New Hampshire, in his garage in Riyadh.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 6/13/04)(AP, 6/20/04)2004        Jun 13, Saudi Arabia held a 3-day “national dialogue” in Medina on how women’s lives could be improved. On Jun 15, recommendations (19) were given to Crown Prince Abdullah.    (Econ, 6/19/04, p.26)2004        Jun 15, A Saudi al Qaeda group threatened to execute Paul M. Johnson Jr. within 72 hours unless fellow jihadists were released were released from prison.    (SFC, 6/19/04, p.A15)2004        Jun 18, A Saudi al-Qaida group said it killed American hostage Paul M. Johnson Jr., posting 3 photos on the Internet showing his body and severed head. Hours later Saudi security forces killed Abdulaziz al-Moqrin (31), a top al-Qaida leader, and 3 other militants in Riyadh.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 6/18/04)(AP, 6/19/04)2004        Jun 23, Saudi Arabia offered Islamic militants a limited amnesty, saying their lives would be spared if they surrendered but they would face the "full might" of state wrath if they did not. Prince Nayef said foreign residents may be allowed to carry guns.    [Sharia is Al Quaeda satanic imperialism saudi, do war vs Saudi Arabia]  (AP, 6/23/04)(SFC, 6/25/04, p.A10)2004        Jun 27, Saudi Arabia dispatched two planeloads of aid to Sudan's war-torn western region of Darfur.

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if, Nazism more dangerous seems to be: the Islamists, is why:the Nazism more deadly: occult has been: of Pharisees of the Talmud: Neturei Kerta, which are: those who planned: World War III, the destruction of Israel, and Islamic terrorism, etc. .. That is, the imperialist plans:of Satanists NWO! but the real power: of: IMF FED ECB, was made invisible: by the Freemasons politicians (from the foundation of the Bank of England: for the wickedness of the British royal family: and their religion parallel: of JabullOn), who made invisible, all structures, parasitic, anti-constitutional, ie, banking seigniorage (of which it is still forbidden to speak) that have them now, the Masonic system of power of all the false democracies, that: have won: the power absolute: To bring all peoples to the slaughter! because, without World War III? the IMF would collapse: it is full of financial bubbles, and derivates

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01/29/2013 EGYPT [Nazi Islamists for the happiness of the IMF: IIIWW, NWO: talmud agenda] The Muslim Brotherhood in a blind alley, Egyptian journalist says. In Port Said, Ismailia and Suez, the curfew imposed by Mohamed Morsi is being ignored. As a sign of their contempt, young people are organising night-time soccer matches. Police no longer acknowledge the authority of the Interior Ministry. The grand imam of al-Azhar has gone in volunteer exile in protest against Islamists. Opposition parties and Christian Churches have given up on "useless" talks with the government. Even the poor and illiterate, the Brotherhood's main electoral base, are tired of being used as pawns. Cairo (AsiaNews) - "No one in Port Said, Ismailia or Suez is respecting the curfew ordered by President Mohamed Morsi. In Ismailia some young men have organised an overnight soccer match in one of the city's stadiums.

EGYPT [Nazi Islamists for the happiness of the IMF: IIIWW, NWO: talmud agenda] In Cairo, where there is no state of emergency, Tahrir Square and the district of Heliopolis are guarded by thousands of people, a sort of mass sit-in that should last until the government meets the demands of the people, namely change the constitution, dismiss the government and force the resignation of the attorney general appointed by the president," this according to André Azzam, an Egyptian journalist who spoke to AsiaNews about the country's current chaotic situation, caught between demonstrations marking the second anniversary of the Jasmine Revolution and protests by soccer fans that left 30 people dead and 500 injured. "The Muslim Brotherhood is far removed from the needs of ordinary Egyptians," Azzam explained. "They are losing authority and popularity every day. No one wants to talk to them because they have nothing to say and only want to defend the power they have seized."

EGYPT [Nazi Islamists for the happiness of the IMF: IIIWW, NWO: talmud agenda] Christian Churches (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical) and opposition parties have started boycotting them. For the latter, talks proposed by the president are "useless and meaningless". In a press release, the spokesman for the Egyptian Catholic Church, Fr Rafic Greiche, said that "the meetings are unproductive and lead nowhere." For Azzam, the Christian minority and opposition parties are not the only groups keeping at arm's length from the Islamist establishment. Police and al-Azhar University are openly boycotting the government. "After what happened in Port Said, police officers no longer recognise the authority of the Islamist-dominated Interior Ministry. Recently, they have prevented ministry officials from taking part in the funerals of agents killed during the attack by al-Masri soccer fans on police stations in the city located on the mouth of the Suez Canal."

EGYPT [Nazi Islamists for the happiness of the IMF: IIIWW, NWO: talmud agenda] "Last Thursday, Ahmed al-Tayeb, grand imam at al-Azhar, refused to take part in celebrations marking the birth of Muhammad. Since then, he has been in voluntary exile in his native village near Luxor. He is concerned that Islamists want to take over the ancient Islamic university." Rural residents, a group that traditionally backs the Muslim Brotherhood, are turning away as well. Last Friday, Islamists kept away from celebrations marking the Arab spring, going instead into the villages to volunteer and hand out food at half price. "They are trying this way to earn the support of the illiterate who, however, are starting to see that they are being used by unscrupulous people," Azzam explained. "A Cairo taxi driver who lives in a suburb told me he bought two kilos of meat for his family from one of these places," he said. "It was so old that even after five hours of cooking you could not eat it."

EGYPT [Nazi Islamists for the happiness of the IMF: IIIWW, NWO: talmud agenda] "According to him, the poor are tired of being hoodwinked and are no longer willing to sell themselves for a bag of rice or a piece of inedible meat. They too want to participate in building Egypt." (S.C.). 01/28/2013. EGYPT. Egypt in chaos, Morsi declares state of emergency. The curfew will begin this evening at 21.00 in Suez, Port Said and Ismalia and will last 30 days. Arab Spring protests mixed with football hooliganism. The death toll is 50 dead and nearly 500 injured. Cairo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has proclaimed a curfew in the districts of Port Said, Suez and Ismalia, after four days of violence that has killed 50 people. The measure will begin this evening at 21.00 (local time) and will last approximately 30 days. "Prior to my election

EGYPT [Nazi Islamists for the happiness of the IMF: IIIWW, NWO: talmud agenda]- said the president - I said I was opposed to resort to extraordinary measures, but the security of the nation is in danger and it is time to act." "The violence of recent days - he continued - has nothing to do with the revolution. Instead, it is the 'ugly face' of a counter-revolution." Since last January 25, the second anniversary of the Jasmine Revolution, Egypt has been in the grip of severe tensions. For three days, hundreds of thousands of people protested in major Egyptian cities - Cairo, Alexandria, Assuit, Port Said, Suez, Sharqiya, Kafr al-Sheikh - calling for the end of the Islamist establishment and a true democracy. The most serious clashes took place in Suez, where eight people were killed. The protests of the young democratic movements overlapped with the violence of football hooligans

EGYPT [Nazi Islamists for the happiness of the IMF: III WW, NWO: talmud agenda] linked to the death sentence handed down to 21 people over the Port Said massacre took place on 2 February 2012. On 26 January, the family of the condemned and supporters of Al-Masri - the local team whose fans are responsible for the deaths of 73 supporters of the opponent al-Ahly (Cairo team) - tried to storm the police stations. 32 people died in clashes. Yesterday, at the funeral of the victims, hooligans and police again clashed on the streets of Port Said, adding seven more dead and 450 wounded to the toll. 11/25/2011. EGYPT. Al Azhar backs Tahrir Square protesters, calls for the defence of Christians. Sheikh Shaheen urges the military to heed demonstrators' demands. More than a million people are in the streets of Alexandria and Cairo. Appointed as the new prime minister, Kamal Ganzuori is tasked with forming a national unity government. He was also prime minister under Mubarak.

EGYPT [Nazi Islamists for the happiness of the IMF: IIIWW, NWO: talmud agenda] Cairo (AsiaNews) -- Al Azhar is backing Tahrir Square protesters, calling on everybody to defend Christians. In his Friday sermon, Sheikh Shaheen, from al Azhar, the most important Sunni university, slammed the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) for listening to politicians rather than the young protesters. Dubbed the 'imam of the revolution', he called on state TV to give the revolutionaries their own channel to express and spread their views. Today, more than a million people are in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria to demand the dissolution of the SCAF and the postponement of the elections. For its part, the SCAF has asked Kamal Ganzuori, 78, to form a new government of national unity. Mr Ganzouri is a former prime minister under Mubarak. The new cabinet is expected to include for the first time members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

EGYPT [Nazi Islamists for the happiness of the IMF: IIIWW, NWO: talmud agenda] For Nagui Diamiam, a young Coptic Catholic demonstration, the support of al Azhar is great news. "Until now, the Islamic university had not officially taken side in favour of the demonstrators. For young people, Muslims and Christians, the [sheikh's] message is sign of respect and an invitation to persevere. It goes against the position taken by the Muslim Brotherhood, which has moved away from the protests. Now the Islamist party opposes putting off the election and does not want to make enemies of the army. For the Brotherhood, this is an important opportunity to gain power." However, the appointment of a new prime minister and the formation of a new government are no longer enough, Diamiam said. "The military must go as they promised and postpone the election. It is impossible to vote in a situation of constant clashes and repression." (S.C.)

01/30/2013 PAKISTAN Punjab: Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy acquitted on appeal by Jibran Khan After Rimsha Masih, the community celebrates the release of Barkat Masih, after 18 months in prison. He had been indicted on false charges, for having fulfilled his job. The joy of human rights activists and associations: another "important precedent". Pakistani priest: it is time to review the laws and prevent abuse. Islamabad (AsiaNews) - After the young girl Rimsha Masih, the Pakistani Christian community can celebrate the acquittal on appeal of a man sentenced to death - without evidence and on the basis of trumped-up charges - for blasphemy. The verdict may give new vigor and hope the other victims of the "black law", including the 46-year old mother of five, Asia Bibi, still waiting.

01/28/2013 [but, if the Catholic Church, in its hypocrisy dare not: even: appoint Saudi Arabia? nothing can change!] ITALY - ASIA. Card. Bagnasco: Shock at the persecution of Christians in Asia. The president of the CEI opens the work of the Permanent Council denouncing the "intolerant rage" against Christians in Asia and North Africa, where the faithful "are not allowed any sign of religious affiliation." A blow to the West "which proclaims human rights but then seems to want to apply them and demand them with in different measures" and an invitation to the parishes, "cultivating the memory of our persecuted brothers and sisters, also revitalizes our faith.". Rome (AsiaNews) - The persecution of Christians in Asia and around the world "creates dismay throughout the Church. In too many countries,

[but, if the Catholic Church, in its hypocrisy dare not: even: appoint Saudi Arabia? nothing can change!] Christians are not allowed any sign of religious affiliation, except by camouflage or in hiding. Experts speak a total of over one hundred thousand Christians of various denominations killed in 2012. A frightening figure, which can not leave people indifferent - individuals and institutions - even less so in the name of economic and political interests", stated Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco during the opening address to the Permanent Council of the Italian bishops' conference, of which he is president. Besides the usual reminders about the Italian political, economic and social scene - reminders present in his book "narrow gate" (published by Cantagalli), presented on January 24 in Rome with the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone -

[but, if the Catholic Church, in its hypocrisy dare not: even: appoint Saudi Arabia? nothing can change!] the Archbishop of Genoa devoted a long passage to the persecution of Christians in Asia: "The crisis which shock us most at the beginning of this year, which once again the Pope wanted to usher in, in the sign of peace, are situations of persecution which target Christians, situations which largely coincide with the unresolved conflicts in several countries, but partly also develop where apparently there should be no sources of tension". In addition to the well known places, says the archbishop, "racial nationalism is emerging in Asia that periodically arouses intolerant fury under the distracted eyes of the West, that proclaims human rights but then seems to want to apply and demand these same rights with different measures. We regrettably also have to add the frontiers of Africa: Nigeria, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali,

[but, if the Catholic Church, in its hypocrisy dare not: even: appoint Saudi Arabia? nothing can change!] where the reasons for the attacks are mixed and the public reasons for the violence seem to want to identify Christianity with the West. Yet the Gospel, wherever it is inculturated, is constantly accompanied by experiences of aid to people, often the only aid to be found on the spot". Then, continued the Archbishop of Genoa, "there is ethnic migration of a religious factor, so people who profess Christianity - a religion that is perhaps the most historically rooted in a specific geographic area - must flee, leaving their entire existence and all their worldly possessions, in order not to renounce their faith. Behind the upheavals that took place recently in North Africa, disturbing attempts at further discrimination are emerging, and in too many countries Christians are not allowed any sign of religious affiliation, except by camouflage, in hiding, through dislocation".

[but, if the Catholic Church, in its hypocrisy dare not: even: appoint Saudi Arabia? nothing can change!] Experts speak of a total "of over one hundred thousand Christians of various denominations killed in 2012. A frightening figure, which can not leave anyone indifferent - individuals or institutions - even less so in the name of economic and political interests. Those who suffer and die for Christ, do so for us, and they are our brothers regardless of the distance that divides us. In the mysterious economy through which the kingdom of God on earth is concretely woven, communion with these situations of martyrdom gives truth and vigor to our pastoral work, today focused on re-evangelizing the lands that have long known the Gospel".

[but, if the Catholic Church, in its hypocrisy dare not: even: appoint Saudi Arabia? nothing can change!] In conclusion, Cardinal Bagnasco launches an invitation especially to the West: "If our parishes can keep alive, even nourish, a systematic memory of our brothers and sisters who are persecuted in the world, then even the local faith would be re- vitalised. Who else, if not they, can give us authentic momentum and reasons to believe? ".

[Cina - Diaoyu/Senkaku, Giappone ...] 2013/01/29. 日本. 日本首次将基督教遗址纳入申遗名单提交联合国教科文组织. 日本长崎县和熊本县政府联合向文部科学相提交十三处"人类文化遗产"名单。其中包括了著名的、被教宗比约九世誉为"东方奇迹"的大浦主教座堂以及多处基督徒殉道纪念遗址。历史上,日本的福传事业遭遇了最为严酷的迫害. 长崎(亚洲新闻/通讯社)-日本政府历史上首次考虑将国内基督教遗址纳入名单,向联合国教科文组织申报世界文化遗产。长崎县和熊本县政府向文部科学相下村博文递交了一份十三处申请"人类文化遗产"名单。下个月,东京将正式向联合国教科文组织提出申遗,预计将于九月获悉结果 上述十三处地址几乎全部是基督教在日本发展历史的遗址。其中首推巴黎外方传教会两位传教士于一八六四年创建的、

[Cina - Diaoyu/Senkaku, Giappone ...]专门纪念二十六名殉道基督徒的著名大浦天主教主教座堂。 五九七年,这九名欧洲人和十六名日本人被当时的日本皇帝丰臣秀吉下令钉死在十字架上。这座圣堂也是日本的第一座西方式建筑、一九三三年被指定为"国宝" 圣堂建成后,部分村民找到参与建造的传教士询问是否可以进入"敬礼玛丽亚"。由此,传教士发现了这些遗留下来的首批日本基督徒的后裔。因为丰臣秀吉发起的教难,令他们被迫隐姓埋名。随后,几万地下教友来到圣堂、恢复了信仰生活。教宗比约九世闻讯后,盛赞这是"东方的奇迹". 除大浦主教座堂外,长崎和熊本县政府还要求将其它基督徒殉道处、十六世纪日本基督徒逃难的地下墓穴申遗。事实上,长崎是日本福传的发源地。但因德川幕府的迫害,遭禁二百五十年。

7 amen ♰ ☠ pax ☠ pax ☠ Alleluia AMEN. Sharia NAZI. CSPBCSS MLNDSMDVRSN SMVS MQLIVB. MANE THECEL PHARES. drink your poison, made ​​by yourself, alleluia. amen. Rei unius King of Israel - you are buying from a jew 666 IMF: your own money to a value of around 300%: 100%: for debt: public. 100%: for debt: Private. For 100% seigniorage banking. you are the slave of Rothschild: his sheep, Because that's what the Talmud says! I know for the recession (monetary)? you have no more milk or wool to give to him: ie, Rothschild! then, Rothschild, your master now: will take your flesh: also! you will be dead in 2015. with the "products: derivatives", "financial bubbles". public debt: bank seigniorage: etc. banking system: can not return the money to the people. I know the only way to cover up this crime of the IMF? is to kill only 5.5 billion: people. But, this is to perfect the NWO. ​​everyone can judge: the Satanist, who you are! by Rei unius king of Israel

[il sangue cristiano.pdf]
(who can do these crimes? He has already decided to do of all whole human race: one only bunch of slaves) uhjk100 SAID[closed its site for fear] I understand now, even more, that Zionist Jews are an absolute evil, even worse than the Muslim extremists. - ANSWER - people do not know that Hitler tried to talk to them, BUT FOR HIM: THIS IS been IMPOSSIBLE .. such as: was been: impossible, also for me! Because they have faith: absolute, in their Rabbis: Kakam:Pharisees Illuminati or the IMF? Fidelity is an absolute! but, I have asked God for an answer .. so, I called a: my son to open: a new Bible at random: the Lord answered me, through Amos 9 (punishment of Israel)..All the sinners of my people? die by the sword! they, who saying the misfortune, will not come down to us, and we do not touch! "because of them? I failed my agenda of Universal brotherhood .. then, of course, will be a massacre! @IsraelNationalTV- If these crimes: they have never been: recognized: disavowed: or renegades, condemned, by the Jewish communities? Then, these crimes: they are still made today again, by all shit of Ovadia: Kakam Illuminati of IMF: seigniorage banking .. because today it is easy to do this dirty work(to drain human blood), using satanists! That's why God can never, answer to your prayers .. However: if they have the stomach: for go to the hell: with Satan? also for this few miserable years: of these earthly life? the help of American Satanists jewish lobby: 666 and 322? however, is not something that is going to last! quiet boy! I am come to you? but, My spirit has passed, killing thousands of Satanists: first! quiet.. a king knows how to: as protect its subjects! You have noticed how demons: by: Joshua [23.11] the traslator google: has canceled: arbitrarily: my approach (3° WW nuclear)? [Christian blood] HISTORICAL APPENDIX. Preamble. The revelations of: Neophyte: are still credible?1 °: the historical list of Many: murders: that ritual purposes: always committed: Jews in the past: for centuries: in this: the more special: clear: confessions: of: Jews: of: this: murder: and: this ritual purpose: that: are reported in authentic processes. II. List historical: some: assassinations: of: Christians: committed: by: Jews for ritual purposes:] in: centuries ago. Many: lists: of this assassinations: ** 1255. A Lincoln (Bolland. vol.6July, p.494) Hugh Child stolen by Jews are fed up to the day of sacrifice. Many: Jews agree, from various parts of England: and crucify him:. [Christian blood] It is remarkable to consider, such as: the same confessions and revelations have been made by: Jews, even after many, many: centuries and in countries far away: in Trento, Moldova, Switzerland: in: centuries XIV and XVIII, by: Monumenta of Pertz historiae Germanicae. But, because, so far reported, the use jew: to: use: of Christian blood, for ritual purposes: it is ancient and constant: in: centuries gone by. But we now come to the century: present... ecc. ecc. Giosué[23.11] we are all sons of Adam and Noah? So why: Rabbi: Ovadia Yosef: ie, Pharisees: can say that: Christians are animals in human form? What lies beneath: all this? evitente is: the Jewish lobby: 666 of 322: IMF: they stole the symbols of Judaism and Christianity! go against the Satanists? It's like going against yourself! However, also if, this story: horrible: of the Talmud: is more over: 3000 years, dating back to the roots of the Jewish religion, was immediately corrupt: because of apostasy for oral tractions: which then were incorporated in the Talmud? However, we should not be afraid of the truth and we should not be afraid to amputate cancer: first, that came be death of the entire body. for do luciferian Grove cult: ie New Tower Babel: NWO. Giosué [23,11] @IsraelNationalTV-- Abbiate gran cura, per la vostra vita, di amare il Signore vostro Dio. [12] why, if, make apostasy(Talmud: Pharisees).. then,[13] then, you know.. you will be perished: and you will be gone (3° nuclear WW): from this: good land which the Lord your God has given you.- ANSWER- goddammit! speak ill of Israel? (even if: it is an abomination Masonic founded by Satanists of the IMF:.. even if it's like: all other false democracies: of the banking seigniorage): for a Christian? is like cutting off his arm! How has Judaism religious movement? many! So why this hate absurd: the synagogue of Satan (Illuminati Pharisees): against: Christians from the beginning? Would you expect, That, has ended the 3 rd WW Nuclear? But this is PRECISELY the problem: "if there will be: 3 ° after WW nuclear 'one State of Israel!"

@Illuminati Satanic Sharia political 322 leaders 666, super wealthy bankers grove owl god baal Talmud rabbis espoused IMF FED ECB enlightened of the synagogue seigniorage banking stolen from the people for the corruption and high treason "of Freemasonry:(false debt pubblic to make tax)(false private debt for do predation of all people peoples and businesses through banks) as you can hate in this mode, the value of life human to this point?+ demons have a big problem while men have an big advantage In fact, God does not look to the past of menbut in their future that is, in the their conversion, lol. if the Masons and their masters Illuminati IMF that they have always fought with great success against Christianity in all of these 5 centuries! if they do not start to defend Christianity that they have always fought? lol. they will find themselves in their ass the sword of Muhammad! Jews 70 captivity was predicted & it happened. A great ruler by the name of Cyrus was predicted to conquer Babylon at the end of this 70 year captivity. He did! The amazing part of it all is that The Most High Yah (God) named Cyrus over a century before he was born. The Bible is real & so is the The Most High. Do not be tricked into thinking He is not real. Those who say He is not real & His Bible is fake, they are ministers of Satan who are here to lead you to the hell that was meant for Satan & his angels. You don't have to go to hell. Choose Yahshua! Read Romans 10:9-13. receive it & believe it for salvation! [Not Muhammad invented Islam Muslims rightly say"Adam, Abraham, etc. were Muslims] for example in fake church tradition there is a book called the infancy Gospel of Thomas and the infancy gospel of Jesus Christ, Both Those books fake are fabrication and belong to the 2ndand 5th: century, not only that Jesus(say he is the son of God)but all funny all this stories of things that expose in Corano, muslim claim That there is not errors in the Quran! I will show you some of the errors of the Quran and you will laugh at it! In the bible Moses father is Called Amram and Moses have a brother called Aron, and a sister called Mary(Mariam), in the Quran the Virgin Mary was called Mary The Daughter Of Amram (Umran)and the sister of Aron The Problem Is Amram is not her father nor Aronis her brother, and there is 1000s of years between the two Mary's, yet the Quran a mix between Them, some muslims will tell you That the Quran That means clustering Amram was her great grandfather! the problem: Mary is from Tribe of Juda and Amram is from The Tribe Levi! how can Muhammad ascended at sky, many years later his death why:"Dome of the Rock"it was not built why, Muslims did not have control of Palestine at the death of Muhammad! In The Quran When Israelite made an image of calf and worship it, it was made A Man Called by the Samir not why: by Aaron Islam believe prophet scan not mistake They think and Aaron is prophet. Samiri comes from name Called the city of Samaria which is a city Established 6 Centuries after Moses! how can a guy Called Samir was with Moses and Aaron in the deasert! for example, can I like to you say you are American in middle age when american was not named America yet! yet this is what did Quran! Samiri this was ordered by Quran not to be why: touch is a magician have evil spirits, this matches Simon Magus who was Called samaritan! another confusion! You Need To Remember That in simon Gave images Life According to the Pseudo-Clementine Recognition sand Homilies which effectively is false stories, peter and When He Went to Rome said that no ones hould touch HIM why: He have evil spirits in the Quran, Moses said to the Samiri[Moses] said" Then go And indeed, it is [decreed]for you in [this]life to say,'No contact'. I can see again how Mohammad mixes stories together and mixes different times together! and even calling a guy Samir which in arabic mean belong to Samaria, Which Did not exist at time of Moses! How can be written by another after his death Koran which was dictated to him? [[to hide it all this bullshit? that Muslims are forced to be sharia ignorant and murderers?]]

1 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES]: this: work: [the: BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES: of the: MODERN SYNAGOGUE. REVELATIONS: Neophyte: EX RABBI: GREEK MONACO:]? is: the: Reply to: this other masterpiece that: paradoxically is: fall: below the jerseys: of the: censorship: "[[[Ariel Toaff: Easter: of: blood: the Jews of Europe: and: ritual murder: the publishing company: the: Mill]: the: censorship: in: this: if: not: is: dull and ignorant: but: is: an ideological crime: why: the: Jewish bankers "Illuminati" have lost: the : forced complicity: of the: Jewish community: support: that: always: Their: enjoyed: for: all the throttling: peoples: an: that: to: spite: of: any Holocaust: or: shoah: made subject to the people elected: of the: our Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac: and: Jacob, the: hope of: Israele ..

2 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES]: but: everyone knows: as, I am the: Jewish Messiah: Re: of Israel: and only king of the: Human Gender: unius REI. So: if: public self something? No one can contest to: me! because: the: intentions: of the: censorship: not: be: of: avoid: to: anachronistic anti-Semitism that: is: instead: Masonic physiological system: and: bank: of the: bank seigniorage! Ariel Toaff: is: the famous scholar of the illustrious Chief Rabbi: Judaism Italiano Representative: creator: of the: ecumenical language: His Holiness John Paul II .. Toaff is: my brother, because he like me is: to: Zionist: for: the: United: of: Israel]]] [[[Chapter XIII: Death: and: kill: for: love of God: ]]] the: BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES: of the: MODERN SYNAGOGUE.

3 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES] REVELATIONS: Neophyte: EX RABBI: GREEK MONACO: the: title? is: it all a mental imbalance: but no one should think that: the: Something missing: of: logic: Their: problem is: represented: only: by: wrong reasons! Since: is: evident: that: I: not: I can kill (ie: violating the: 5 th commandment) to: innocent Christian child: that: the: His blood can cleanse me, from 3 rd commandment that: I I have done: not: respecting the: Saturday: (ie: to: to: sin more: for: purify: to: another sin less?: but: this: is: the: best way: for: received: to: "evil evil": ie: receive extraordinary generational curses: how to: say ": for: the: too much science is: become an idiot!").

4 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES] As is: wrote: "I confound: the: wisdom of the intelligent but "...:: all: this: instead: is: more: that: logical: if: the: Talmud: that: for: all: the: Jews of the: world is: the: holy word of, God. he himself says that: the Christians are animals: in: human form! is: in: this: so: that: the: Christian children have replaced: the: lambs of the: Jewish Temple lost: and: the: adults: they replaced: the donkeys: how what: that: Rabbi naive is saying !: this means a document? is: real! These crimes? They are committed today as they made yesterday: and: will always be committed until the Judaism: not: decide: of: the repeal: Talmud: and: this: it can only be done under the authority: of the: king: of Israel !: but: think: that: the: Jews know: these topics?

5 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES]: or: that: knowing them: not: be afraid: n: that: Their: of: to lose: the: life? is: madness! If: then: I: not: I forgive all: the: various categories of: cowardly traitors: if: repented: n: that: those: that: they went to: swear: for: Satan in the: Freemasonry? Then, I should be: worst of the 3 ° WW nuclear power: that: I am looking for: of: to avoid: to: all the: human race!: But: even crazier: is: thinking: that: the: expulsions of Jews from various countries: they're just: the: result: of: to: superstitious behavior: because we know how: is: serious: the: Catholic Church: in the: its pronouncements! An: that: if: the: ILLUMINATI: through: 5 centuries: of: this: our system: Masonic: and: Bank: destroyed: most of the: documents:

6 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES] to:: Their: unfavorable: and: Their "tea: pure" have spread: evolution: and every form: of: perversion: and: Satanism: only : for: have: the: legal reasoning: of: to destroy: the: other Jews because we (all the: people) like animals: the: human form: us not: we have no right: by: to rely on : it: we were created: by: God only: for: being exploited by the Jews according to the ideology Babylonian of the: god Marduk: that: is: the: Denial: or: ideological opposition: of the: Genesis Biblical (and is, precisely: this: Satanism: that: the order and says: Babylonian Talmud: of: do that: it is: become: even: most important of the: Torah: in: all: the: community: Jewish: that: scattered: for: the: world!)

7 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES]: and: for: what is: the creepy: that: said the: Talmud? Because he places only: the: background: of the: human sacrifice (LOL. I mean: of: animals: in: human form) of the: Blood: that: the lessons: that: not: they are discovered, they are passed on: only verbally: of: father: in: child (to: to: one son, possibly firstborn: but:: in: this: how: however: Their: not: include: of: they have become Satanists).: Their: power today : is: at the top: is: at the height: of: one: powerful Masonic pyramid: (the: masters of: all the: our money at interest (bank seigniorage): ie: very few: men: that: they are the: owners : of: at least: of the: 200% of the contract: Value: of: all the: money in circulation: in the: world) thanks to the traitors of the: political: of the: rich: and: of the: leaders:

8 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES]: of: all the: world is: to: power: of: extermination of: all the: rich: against: all the: people: that: not: it can be challenged: human: that: not: it can be controlled by the institutions visible: all daughters of the: bank seigniorage: through: the: foundation: of the Bank: of England!: the: Illuminati: they have manipulated the: sources: of the: history: to:: Their: interest as well: an: that: the: the Catholic Church is: was forced to: lose: the: its ancient memory now aware: of the: his impotence: and: of the: useless: of: all the: of the centuries: fighting desperate: the: Masons: having taken the: possession: of the: power: of the: political betrayed: the: truth: since: Their: foundational principle : for: Their: economic interest: for: Their silks: of: power:

9 / 41 [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES] because they were: the: Jews to: create all: this: set to: communism: and: democracy. However: all: not: it can be destroyed: and every historian worthy: of: this: name: knows: the: acts: of the: court: of: Trent: and: of the: Martyrs four children: (CHIR: that : Italian TTI) approx: not: polarized: the Catholic Church!: tea: what the Catholic Church ever: In: 2000 years has done: to: ruling wrong!: but: Today, after centuries of: desperate and learn struggles: after: 600 excommunication: that:: against:: the: Freemasonry: the: the Catholic Church is: was reduced to silence: for,: the: men have decided, of: go to hell: in: Mass!: this: empire of the: evil: Hebrew: and: UK: bank: and: Masonic: Master: and: exploits: the: Human Gender: by: most: of: 500 years:

10/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: for: religious reasons (rule: and: subjugate: all the: human race: in: name of the: ideology of the: Talmud)!: This: is : to: empire of the: evil: to: absolute power! Of which: the: Jews themselves: they are: the: intended victims: because: most: of: other: they betrayed: the: rigid moral dictates: that: of the: Rabbis "Pharisees" or: ILLUMINATI: imposed to: if: same: formally: hypocritical: and: in: fundamentalist way: as: as we shall see: in: this: long document: Their: using: the: blood of the Christians (animals: in: human form) that: Their : kill: can the:: this: to: to: purify the Their: sins: but: for: the: Torah condemns to: the death: wicked: of the: law: and: everyone knows: that: Their: not: believe the New Testament!

11/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: the: religion he ILLUMINATI: Rabbis: and: Pharisees: not: it provides the: proselytizing: why: is: founded: on ties: of: blood only, because, is: the only religion that: prevents the: proselytizing: this: is: become: really: to: I hate absolute and invincible:: against: all the: human race: for: the: destruction of: all: the : Jewish bastards: ie: the: Jews: that: not: have lines: of: blood: that: exceed the:: 2500 years.: or: for: the: destruction of: all: the: Jews: that: have betrayed: the: Torah!: but: an: that: if: each document relating to the: crimes described: in: this means a document: they were destroyed? be enough: the: my word to authenticate the: this document: why I am the only man in the: history of the: Mankind:

12/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: that: not: he needs: of: to demonstrate that: that: said: I am in fact: the: Metaphysical: unius Rei. is: the same Holy Spirit to authenticate: in: all: the: creatures: the: my authority! And to apply one: Judgement: of: destruction:: against: all the: rebel! Because: the: strength: of the: my political authority: it belongs: to the Kingdom: of God: and: not: is: due to my biological body: so: however: and: in: the way: the: my term : you can only use up: after the: the next 50 years! If: the: Jews knew: this: document: ie: about the: in the Christian blood: rites by the rabbis?: Their: they would know: that: are: for: die together to: all the: human race: and: this : is: the: reason: for: in: n: that: Their: not: they know nothing, but: this: document

13/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] must include an: that: the Jews: of: that: What are all based: the: institutions: of the: world, with an: that: the: Their: naive complicity and what are: the: real reasons of: every: Shaoh: or: Holocaust: in: all: the: history of Israel (of the last 3000 years): because these criminals are: fanatics: that: they took the: control: of Israel: and they corrupt the: Jewish religion! So is: indispensable for: us of: go to the knowledge of the: the occult world of the Illuminati! Since: Their: I am still forced to: make these sacrifices: of: blood, because: not: know: to: another remedy: for: Their: sins: and: for: Their: diseases! "In the: Blood there 'is: the: life" says the: Bible! Honestly: I: not: believe: that: I will be hated by: Their:

14/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] as: n: that: Their: want to be helped: Their: would like to go: by: this: Their Part VIII: Jason: ie: abyss: of: despair: in: Satan holds them captive in the same! [For: the: institutions have prevented: the: presence: of the: this document: in: a: text: in: all the: web.: For: valid reasons: in fact: not: there is: in: this: document : one: logic: of the: mutual acceptance: or: of the: recognition: of the: their truth: between Jews and Christians: but: seen this attitude of: excommunication intolerant: and: mutual (between Christianity and Judaism). Positions, now surpassed them: the story of: the two religions. However, the: danger is: that: this: boring: and: repetitive document: by: I summed up (in the parts: not: significant):

15/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] can stir up: to: new: late: the anachronism: anti-Semitism in the: social component! An: that: why:: the: real culprits: of: all: this: they are only, one: a special class of: Rabbis. Also: how is: explained: in: this: document: an: that: by the author: there are very few: the: Jews: that: they do: and: that means that they have: of: these crimes: ugly: to: because: of the: few: of: Rabbis mondialists: globalists: the: masters of the: World Bank: IMF. ie: of: the great Jewish bankers: that: indeed: Their: Satanists are: from our point of: view: but: Puritans are: of the: real gurus: from: Their: point of: view: for, are: the: scribes: and: the: Pharisees: that: they took the: control: of the: Jewish religion.

16/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: Jewish rites] so: this: document: Been is:: by: I had prepared: that: it is known to the Jews, because: they are: Their:: that: they must have: in: courage: of: the emergence, from: Their: subconscious: the: nightmares: the most horrible of: to: Their: the ancestral past (today: and: that: for: the: next: 365 days: Their: not: they have : still nothing yet: by: fear: first: that: the: great fear is once again wide open!) because: contrary?: not: there could be: to: future humanly possible: I: for: Their How, Nean : that: for: us.: if: the: history: not: he wants to be revived: in: one: even more dramatic: and: devastating: to: of the reason: new technologies of: destruction: and: of: mind control: and: spiritual. I will: and I will have to be: the: Re: of Israel!

17/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] Because: the: ILLUMINATI: MAY: entrust: Their: lives: only in my hands! Therefore: this: document: not: is: One: Threat: for: what: that: jew: but: we all have to be: close to:: Their: for: to make you feel:: Their: all the: our love: and the: our encouragement!: this: is: strategic in: no way: the: Jews must feel threatened: because: Their: instinct: of: self-protection: and: of: survival, they would flee again: in: themselves: ie: in the:: Their: obscure subconscious is: come the: moment: for: all:: all the: world of: understanding: that: we are one: one family: since no one could be sure: by: alone!: or: if: the: Safety: of: someone is threatened!

18/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] here is why:,: Their: not: they can go: by: this common threat: no: of: us: and: us not: we may be saved: no: of : Their no one could do it: by: alone! since: is: the curse: for: ILLUMINATI: that: kill us all: all together! So: in: these days we can only hope: that: something: of: strategic: you can move between: the: Jews! Since: n: that: the last bastion for: in: our defense: the: the Catholic Church is: was gagged: and: not: always to: wrongly discredited! When: every historical document relating to the: Christian blood: in the: Jewish rites: destroyed! well: in: this: so: is: unthinkable: groped one: contrast: an anachronism: when that was impossible: on the: street: of the: violence!

19/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: but: we can: with the: our sincere love in the spirit of Jesus: Gandhi etc. .. we may believe: that: is: can one construct: Company: World: finally humanizing: the: secular society: of the: universal brotherhood! tea: this document: fills us: of: horror: for: the: innocent: that still today are sacrificed: but: it fills the: pity: and: of: emotion: in the: consider: as the: Jewish system International: IMF-New World Order is able to reach: to: to: level: of: Satanism so great: and: despair: not: is: can face: this: work: not to keep the stomach: in: hand: as: in : these topics are widely exceeded the: human limitations: for: all of these fields: that: occult

20/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: that: have been taken up and amplified an: that: from U.S. institutional Satanism: and: now European ciois: tea: about 200,000 human sacrifices: of each year: the facts : for: the: power: of: Satan, as the FBI: he said: of: Do as: that: not: able to: find out: to: only culprit: for: all those crimes: and it is Been:: made: to: real army: of: Satanist: that: is: so: tenacious: convinced that: Satan will be to: win: Against: all the: human race: it is: to:: this: trustworthy staff: that: have been entrusted to: the: secret weapons: and: strategic: that: U.S. Army: how, even: that: the: management of the: underground bases: alien: and: of the:: Their: flying saucers!! if: the: Jews: not: have the: courage: of: addressing:

21/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] this: Their: darkness: ie: of: having tea: heartbreaking task: and: sad: of: to bring to light all: the: wounds: of: to: Their : the distant past: and: of: to: Their: abysmal: and: dark subconscious? So: not: there is one more: hope: for: all the: human race!: But:: that: it represents: the: dark and hidden: reality: of: some: of: Their: ie: more men powerful: of the: planet! Right: of: those: that: have interest primarily to: know: for: it emerge from the subconscious to the conscious! All the: crimes reported: in: this means the document are true: and: they are still committed: of: hidden: by: this: select group: of: perverse fanatics: the: who misrepresent: the: Password: of: God revealed: because the: Talmud: and: the: cabal:

22/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] took the: control: of: all: the: our institutions through: the: Freemasonry and the: bank seigniorage! One: Indication: for: all: "Who: not: believe: that: both: the: his compassion: and: the: to his mercy: to prevail?: not: read: this means a document: why: would: of the: evil only to: him! "Is: a reputation for: in: All: youtube: for: all these years: in:the lorenzojhwh "I have exercised: the: my ministry political and: Theological: unius Rei: for: about 6 hours: every day: such as I have been gifted by God: of: One: detail: as rational intuitive feature: the: Metaphysics: for: to be me: the: legendary: and: mythical figure: of the: King metaphysical UNIVERSAL : the only leader: of: all the: human race.

23/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] here is why:: to: spite: of: any documentation: destroyed by the current masters of the: world ie: from REAL principals: and: authors of: all these crimes: I can testify, through: the: authorities: of: this: my ministry: that: all the: facts described: in: this means the document are true: own: the: good faith of: those: that: they believed : of: the attribution: an: that: the Jews: the: unfounded guilt: of the: missing if any: of: what: that: person:: improperly! I write this: document: mainly: for: the: Jews only: because: Their: is power: real and is: to top: that of the: our Governments: and: of the: our religions: it is: now: to: universal power: they are: Their: that: they must decide: then:

24/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] tea: our common destiny: and: must express: the: determination: of: wanting to quit: by: this curse: or: of: wanting to fall: of: new: set : to: all the: people: in the: well-deserved divine punishment: Since the last word will be the: of: to: God the Creator: angry: for: to have done: of: he: perfect: love: and: perfect justice: to: god of: horror: and: of: cruelty: therefore: not: is: can hope for: the: mercy: by: the: of: those: that: they put on the God of Abraham: the: mas: that: ra horrible of Satan himself: Talmud: Reincarnation: Sharia: communism! We need: of: understanding: that: n: that: the: Jews are people like us ..: that: the: extreme tests, to: which: the: Jews were subject: why,: Their God:

25/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] YHWH has abandoned them: after: that:: Their: they had betrayed the: covenant: and: committed: the: Idolatry: opposing the Torah: the: of the oral tradition: : Their: rabbis (which resulted in the: Talmud): We do: not: we can judge: the: history: but: we can: and we must: be responsible for: for: the: of the future: our children! here is why: this means the document is: important!: not: we can say it: the: Jews have had one: terrible story ..: that: brought them appropriately (racism) and unjust (libel): several times: verge: of the: extinction: this: is: to: Their: problem!: and: this: not: to: our interest in: Their: Please! Moreover, the: our aid in the:: Their: against: not: is: motivated only: the fact: that: Their: are the: Our masters:

26/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] ie: the: masters of the: IMF-New World Order, and have tea: real power: on every strategic resource ..: but: why: we all must love one another: the: one: for: the: .. other: not: we can think of that: the: problem of: a: not: is an: that: the: problem of: everyone! Thus, the incredible Jewish condition: enabled: to: occult system: of: management: of the: horrible secret ": that: alone can justify the: bank seigniorage: ie: of the: most important institution: of the: world : but: of: which is: not allowed to talk about it publicly! What: that: Error: of the: present work: are: the: complexity of the: statements contained herein!: but: us not: we are Nazis for: fall as: stupid: in: this trap of hatred: and: of the: Racism! ie: the: old: and: false accusation of: feel guilty: all: the: Jews:

27/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: of the: crime: of: extermination of the: people: to: reason: of the: bank seigniorage! Slander real: to: turn: Indoor by: so many other lies: and: superstitions: Crime: that: today is: committed by the globalists themselves: of the: IMF: but: that: as yesterday, and an: that: today again will be charged: to: the all: all nations (Jews included). Indeed, to date: is: the deafening silence: of: all: the: institutions: and: of: all: the: religions: about to:: this: crime: of: bank seigniorage: why: these Jews Satanists called enlightened: after destroying: the: Catholic monarchies: that: then: Their: they gagged: the: Catholic Church: this: after centuries of: bloody struggles: and: hundreds: of: unnecessary excommunication: that: by: the Catholic ...

28/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: that: then: this: enormous crime: of: vilification: against: all sovereignty Constitutional: with: the: Jews: not: a lot has to do: is: demonstrated the fact: that: the: Jews innocent were put to death too easily: though innocent! since: is: only the: Satanism ideological and: practical of Rothschild: 666,: and: of the: his partner: of: snacks: 322: Bush! By: this: document?: In the: network is: can only: to find images for: in: format: pdf.] Time: that: of: this work: that: in: with text: is: so: by: think : one: My first fruits: or: to: my intellectual property: because: to: me, nothing can be denied! So: this: my work is: to "unique literary": for: in: of: this: document is: granted unless:

29/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: the: play: or: Publication: or: dissemination of the entire document for: in: machine-readable form: including: of: all: the: added: or: comments.: the: reflections: as: the: subtraction: by: I have made: for: practical reasons?: not: disrupt the: content: of: this: repetitious: and: stucco: that: Vole: document: so: of the: present Intellectual property: is: forbidden: thus: the: partial reproduction: or: the: edit: is: of the: his translation: that: of the: My interpretation: everything is: bound: and is: of: owned: of the prof. Lorenzo Scarola: that: the: yield: to: free of charge: the world like any other document: of the: history: that: is: and: remains: Heritage: of: all the: human race! All: the: authorities are requested: of: to enforce the: my rights!

30/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] [[: this means the document is: strictly prohibited to minors: and to: all: the: people: that: they think that: not: is love: and: tea: perfect equality: between: the: men: the: unique solution to: all the: ills: of the: world]] the: BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES: of the: MODERN SYNAGOGUE. REVELATIONS: Neophyte EX RABBI: MONACO GREEK: for: the: FIRST TIME: Display:: ITALY: THE GREEK VERSION: of the: Professor NFS [[Believe in extravagance: of: this: document? it seems really hard!: but:: if: these Jews were imprisoned: in: ghetto: and: if: they were frequently expelled from the nations? something of: The monster must be really existed: in the: Jewish society ..: if: these monstrosities: always existed: or: if: were: the: result: of the: persecution:

31/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] resulted from the accusation of: to be God-killers?: This: I said not: I know!: But: what: that: not: it must never be forgotten is: an: that: all: the: incredible violence and injustice: that: this: people wandering: the minority has had to endure: and: bear! because: not: it may be doubted: of the: seriousness of the Church Catholic: and: of: all the: its "official pronouncements" and: n: that: if: this: document: is: now: obviously anachronistic : it must be known .. why:: something: of: monstrous by: here is: derived: ie: the: bank seigniorage: modern: that without this explanation: not: it may have no other explanation ..: this: is: that: Been is: planned : for: crush: in: silently: all the: people: n: that: and: above:

32/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] the: valuable (if: believe: of: to be elected were: for: the show to the world: holy face: of the: law: and: of the: Justice: of God? thn ok!): or: deadly (if they are convinced, as racists: of: one:: Their: boasted: genetic superiority: or: theological) people of the Jews: that: it must have: priestly duties: and: right: for this: because: become: the real victims: of this: Jewish bankers Satanists: of the: IMF: NWO. How to: all: the: tragedy of the: people "elected" showed: because: Their: curses predate the founding: of the: Christianity] [the: censorship? is typical: of the: most devastating: and: criminal, dictatorial regime: since only the criminals are afraid: of the: truth: or: of: to: historical document that: to:their: say not has the most: to: social interest:

33/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: but: this: is: the: dramatic truth: we are: in: One: false democracy of the: system: bank Hebrew: and: Masonic: ie: of the: bank seigniorage: that: Been is: robbed to: all of us: by: everyone: that: have perjured himself on the:: Their: Constitution!] [if I say, not: I will be unius Rei: and: Re: of Israel? Few of: you can survive in: this already planned nuclear WW 3 rd: of: all the: great Masons: how Albert Pike that: the their knew: projects, including: the: destruction of the State: of Israel: to: no one could think of: in the: first: of the: 1900] [nothing is: the most devastating of the: racism: i: of the: to conceive: if: more than the same: to: another man: for: one : what: that: motivation: ethnic politics: ideological or: religious! As is: this diabolical:

34/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] comes to influence: for do of God (: or: the supreme authority of the philosophy):also a racist but: this is: one: total perversion blasfemy apostasy .. why: is: necessarily unique: the source: of the life!]] is astonishing today: theological ignorance: of the author: of: this document: that: he was one collective ignorance: that: led: the Jews in Their despair: So the Christians: not: able to understand: how: Their same could be the: same cause of attitudes of: reaction only: that: the: characteristic of the Jewish people is of: remember: and: of: celebrate: this remember! Here is why: the: capacity: of: to forgive is harder: for: Them that: not for: us! (This means the document is: now here to be found: in: Internet: in: textual form: to: reason: of the: Jewish censorship: and: Masonic: however, to: me:

35/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] "lorenzojhwh" political Ministry: and: theology: for: the: universal brotherhood in: youtube: nothing can be denied: for I am the very: Re: of : Israel planned: by God: for: the: salvation of the human race: the planned nuclear WW 3 °! and: if: these heinous crimes have disappeared: or: are the: Heritage: of: any psychopath: the: atmosphere: of: racism: that is: a fact: of the chosen people: to: because: of the: Talmud: and: of the Kabbalah: is real!): if: this: the phenomenon is: become invisible as the: 200,000: human sacrifices to Satan: the: reason is: given only by the fact: that: when you enter in 'horror: the human mind: for: protect: Itself: by the madness is: forced: in: to automatically: one to process:: of: removal: of the: horrible horror.

36/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: and: as the: wild rabbit: that: the ermine sees jump: but: paralyzed, that him not: can move any more .. since the scale of level of: his fear is: so high: that: the: fear is removed: lost: is so: for the: social body every opportunity of: reaction! One FOLLOWS: APPENDIX HISTORICAL: LAWN: TYPOGRAPHY ALREADY: that: TTI, C. & SON .1883 .. Portrait of the: Monaco greek: Neophyte former: Moldavian rabbi. "Benedictus Deus here vult omnes: Salvos homine proud." the: BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES: of the: MODERN SYNAGOGUE: *** Editor's Preface Italian: Neophyte Monaco greek: born jew: in the: Moldova: to: the: half: of the: last century, turning: if: the same: by: Rabbi: in: Christian: in the: her age: of: thirty-eight years, he published in the: 1803: in: Moldovan language:

37/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES]: to: its very important: not: not: that: curious: booklet entitled: by: him: "'Rebuttal: of the: religion of the Jews: and: of the: Their: rites with demonstration of the S. Writing old: and: new. "". the: which, translated: in: modern greek: by: John of: George and: n: that: by: other: in Arabic, was published several times to: Nafplion: of Romania, to: Constantinople and elsewhere: in: East: in: various: and: copious editions. All of course: they were to: slightly to: little: and collected: destroyed by the Jews, of course very interested to: to wipe every trace of the: revelations: this: the book contains: about: tea: secret of Their: bloody ritual : of: which: former Rabbi Neophyte concerns: the: the clearest evidence: and the: minute detail: is known: that:

38/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: Jewish rites] in the same: East: now: not: if: it is now, almost more than yours ... "The: reason of: the shortage: is: gold jew: that: try corrupts" make disappear from the world: even: the: heart. "Among us, then: in: West: and: especially: in: Italy, we believe: that: very few, they are: that: to only know the existence of: this: booklet. Is true: that : I talk: I quoted: several traits: Achille Laurent, member: of the: Eastern Company, to: page 378: and: following: of the Volume: 2 °: of the insignia of his works: Relation historique: des affaires de Syrie depuis 1840: jusqu'en etc. 1842. Paris, Gaume 1846;: and: that: by: he copied it:: that: one: part: the: Mr. Gougenot in the des Mousseaux: her: the: Juif: the Judaism: and:Judaisation:

39/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] des peuples Chretiens, Paris: Plon, 1869.: But: as well as: an: that: these two works: and especially: the first: of the Laurent: I now exhausted and: arduous to be (no doubt: for the same gold jew: of sake),: not: quote them: that: a few lines: of the: booklet: of Neophyte, ever want to leave to you: his knowledge fuller. To obtain: the: what we could, for first for of the: aforementioned: character: of: Damietta: the: copy of which they held: one copy in the Arabic version: there'll dispatch one: its Italian version: tea: what, strictly speaking, there would have been sufficient: for this purpose: but: it is, after other research: that: come: in: possession: of: one exemplary Greek edition PRESENTED: to Constantinople: in the: 1834: in the: patriarchal printing:

40/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] Mr. John, of: George: above: (already mentioned above);: and: got the document: by: a learned professor: one: of new version (identical: at, in the: concepts, sent to us by: Damietta) believed the come: time should be: of: submit: the: the: that: it is our purpose: to all readers: Italian , Christians and Jews .... etc. .. continues .. etc. .. [[@ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 .-- brothers! I have: the: my divine nature: and: the: my perfect: and: dynamic: Perpetual: sanctification only thank to Jesus: of: Bethlehem, the Christ! However, I as Toaff? we are Zionists: for: the: kingdom of Israel! is: for: this: love: that: I have given up on my: identity: Nationality: Religion! What: that: you see: of: me? is: only an: envelope! I have become: truly:

41/41 [BLOOD CHRISTIAN: in the: JEWISH RITES] the: heart: of the: world: is the: universal brotherhood! is: come: for: you: the: moment of: delete from your symbol: the: star: of: Satan: of six points: Rothschld: that: is: the: IMF-World Order! the: work: that: I'm doing: is: the labor pains: the more more painful work of the: my life .. but: I: not: publish it: on the: your page: to ensure that: all the : the world knows: that: I've decided: of: not: moving: against: you, no charge! no guilty!]] is God? he said to: me: that: not: has never let these crimes of to go unpunished! God is: in: control: of the: history! you not: be afraid! why:: not: kill me: the "Illuminati"?: why, Their power is an absolute power: and: why: no dog: of: Judge: or: of: politics: never lend the his attention: at the my words!

41/41 (a) [conclusion] [Christian blood: in the: JEWISH RITES] Israel is: one: beautiful woman and I are to: male rough: not: is: easy: for: me: Do the: pampering: etc. ..: or: go to: home carrying: one: flowers: ecc.. but:: in: Compensation: I am invincible in the: my loyalty: it goes further: the: death! this: they know in the Kingdom of God: and: know: also: in my country: Grumo Appula: is: by: 5 centuries: that: in the: my genealogy is: been called: "Larinz fdel" ie: Lorenzo the: FAITHFUL! Me: not: betray: and no one potrabbe betraying me, because everyone knows: that wrath of: one: King alone: Unius Rei: not: leave: in: feet: no also the: forest! I am meek ​​as Moses, but: like him not: I have a: problem: the killing: guilty: for: the: My law is universal: the: law: of the: eye for an eye!: The: translation: of: this: item will be on "rrmbgpym": while: in: Italian language is: to "shalomnaumann"