US President negotiations

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19 - Sister Amani speaking about The Muslim Women show on Al Hayat TV

19 - Sister Amani speaking about The Muslim Women show on Al Hayat TV En090019

Al Fadi - Amani Mostafa - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
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18 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep3

18 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep3 En090018

Al Fadi - Amani Mostafa - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
This episode about the second part of the woman in Islam been a property as a teen ager, an adult woman and a mother.
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17 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep2

17 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep2 En090017

Al Fadi - Amani Mostafa - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
This episode about the woman in Islam been a property as a teen ager, an adult woman and a mother.
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The Quran Doesn’t Call Me an Infidel (Kafer) Why Do You?En060005

Servant of God -

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16 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep1

16 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep1 En090016

Al Fadi - Amani Mostafa - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
A journey on the conversion from Islam to Christianity, today will be focused on the beginning on the journey out of Islam.
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15 - The Dilemma of Islamic Revelation

15 - The Dilemma of Islamic Revelation En090015

Al Fadi - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
A general discussion on the Islamic mode of revelation as compared to the Biblical account. An analysis of the Character of Allah in light of how he revealed the Quran. Was the Quran created? Or did it eternally existed in heaven? According to the criteria of revelation in the Quran, was Mary a messenger? was Hagar a messenger? According to the Quran is Jesus God and is he an eternal being?
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14 - The Islamic Angel Gabriel

14 - The Islamic Angel GabrielEn090014

Al Fadi - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
(A Critical & Comparative Analysis) Did Muhammad know the identity of the angel Gabriel from the beginning of his calling? A comparative analysis concerning the typical calling formula to prophethood according to the Biblical accounts vs. the calling of Muhammad in the Quran. Who was Gabriel in the Quran? Was he an angel? Was he a deity?
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13 - The Dilemma of Muhammad & Gabriel

13 - The Dilemma of Muhammad & Gabriel En090013

Al Fadi - Daniel Shayeste - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
(Comparative Analysis) An analysis of the revelation of the Quran based on the Islamic understanding of the process by which the Quran was revealed to the prophet of Islam, and an analysis of the identity of the Angel who revealed it to Muhammad, who was later identified as Gabriel. Does the process of revelation in Islam agree with the Biblical accounts of other prophets, since Muhammad claimed to be in line with their mission and attesting to the truth which was revealed to them. Is Muhammad's Gabriel the biblical Gabriel?
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12 - Special Interview with a Former Muslim

12 - Special Interview with a Former Muslim En090012

Al Fadi - Daniel Shayeste - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
An overview of the show and an interview with a former Muslim from Iran who went from being a revolutionary hero to a fugitive who was running for his life. Learn how the Lord met him in another country outside of Iran and his journey to Salvation. Do not miss this incredible testimony of how the Lord can work even in the darkest of hours - Daniel Shayeste - 1 Hour Special
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11 - A Personal Testimony

11 - A Personal TestimonyEn090011

Al Fadi - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
My personal testimony of my journey from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of life. The story of my conversion from Islam to become a follower of Christ.
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حلقة اليوم من برنامج المرأة المسلمة ستكون مباشرة وبعنوان : علاقة محمد بالسحر والدماء! هي الجزء الخامس من سلسلة السحر! نستكمل معكم موضوع السحر، الجن، العرافة، الرقيه، المس الشيطاني في الفكر والتاريخ الاسلامي وكيف يؤثر ذلك علي المجتمعات العربية والإسلامية اليوم. أيضا الأهم هو كيف يتكلم الكتاب المقدس عن كل هذه المواضيع ماهي الحقيقه وكيف تساعدك كلمه الله علي التغلب علي كل هذه الامور الشيطانية!
فيديو  قناة الحياة  كلمه الله  محمد  أمور شيطانية  الفكر  الكتاب المقدس  المجتمعات العربية  المس الشيطاني  الأخت فرحة  الأخت مارينا  الأخت أماني  الإسلامية  التاريخ الاسلامي  الجن  الدماء  الرقيه  السحر  العرافة  علاقة

غرفة المتنصرين  شبهات وردود  سؤال جرئ  رسول الإسلام محمد  حوار الحق  جنسية  جنسي  جنس  تراتيم فيديو  ترانيم أوديو  ترانيم فيديو  الشريعة الإسلامية  الشذوذ الجنسي  السعودية  الدولة الإسلامية  الدول الإسلامية فقط  الدول الإسلامية  الجنسية  الجنس  الثقافة الجنسية  التحرش الجنسي  الأصولية الإسلامية  الأخ رشيد  الأخ وحيدالأخت فدوى  الأخ وحيد  الأب زكريا بطرس  الأوضاع الجنسية  المسيحية في الإسلام  المرأة السعودية  المرأة والجنس  المملكةالعربيةالسعودية  المملكة العربية السعودية  القاهرة اليوم  الفتاوى الجنسية  إغتصاب  إختبارات فيديو  أبونا زكريا  يعتديان جنسيا  هالة سرحان  نجلاء الإمام  موسوعة الفتوحات الإسلامية  مفهوم التوحيد في المسيحية  قناة الحياة المصرية  قناة الحياة  قناة المحور  فرجها  فيديورضوى فرغلي  فيديوالإتجاه المعاكس  فيديوأحداث  فيديو

Christian Coptic Martyrs     1.206 iscritti • 811.530 visualizzazioni
Data iscrizione 09 gen 2010 Flash:Just in from Coptic World.... join World to receive breaking news...concerning our Coptic community, here and abroad. Members of the clergy, Coptic Lawyer's Association, Coptic Solidarity, and CopticWorld as well as Coptic representatives from Michigan and other states met with White House officials today in a closed door meeting to address recent events in Egypt concerning Copts. The White House ......expressed deep concern over the events and laid out their plan to address such concerns. The issues discussed included the law on houses of worship, the up coming elections, the drafting of the constitution and the recent attacks on churches and peaceful Coptic protesters in Maspiro.
They welcomed any comments and concerns. White House officials were very up to date on all relevant information but invited Coptic community leaders to seek their point of view and also to set up a bridge between the White House and the Coptic community here in the United States. The exact details of the meeting were not to be divulged.
The White House asked that an announcement of this meeting be sent to the Coptic community to let them know that they are aware of the situation in Egypt, are working on diplomatic efforts to stop religious intolerance and are actively engaging the Coptic community in America.
You can see the minute by minute blogs on CopticWorld as the day unfolded. Please sign this petition. It will be -Presented to the Canadian government. Thanks.Copts massacre Oct.2011 to Canadian Government
الشعب القبطي المصري المسيحي يطلب الحماية الدولية في عجالة Coptic Egyptian Christian people required international protection in a hurry­protection-%D9%86%D8%B7%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A8-%D8%A8%D8%A7%D9%84­%D8%AD%D9%85%D8%A7%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AF%D9%88%D9%8­4%D9%8A%D8%A9/170860912970745?sk=wall
- SHAME ON THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: "-Victoria Newland the Department spokeswoman of Minister of Foreign Affairs for the U.S. State said : Washington is worried about the Violence in Egypt... & they also said: that the Army/Civil AID will not going to be affected by the Maspero Coptic Christians Massacre Incident... " 10/13/2011
URGENT: Marshal Hussain Tantawi (The Butcher) orders the Egyptian army to runs over Christians in Maspero demonstrators with tanks and killed 50 Christian Copts-Martyred
Cairo-Egypt. 9/10/2011 Bodies of Christian martyrs cut to pieces in the streets and on bridges in pools of blood.
"Mass murder and genocide of Christians in Egypt (genocide)"
-Required to provide Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi (The Butcher) to the International Court of Justice and the trial as a war criminal, he and all the leaders of the Military Council of Egypt ((Islamists)
-FLASH: Regulates the Copts United States of America march Coptic rally outside the White House next Wednesday, October 19, 2001 at eleven in the morning will go later to the building of the U.S. Congress and to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to demand the expulsion of the Egyptian Ambassador of the United States and the Commission of an international investigation in the massacre of Maspero and then the officials and participants in the committing this carnage to an international court.
Also plans many young Coptic after the march, sit in front of the White House and State Department
It should be that what happened before Maspero a crime against humanity and should be investigated from the international bodies of the United Nations.
Contact from Canada : Prof. Sheref El Sabawy:
416.540.3355 Mr. Hany Tawfilis 647.241.2245
+The 50 Christian Coptic Martyrs of Maspero Martyrs:Fadi Rezk Ayoup-Shehata Thabet-Naseef Ragy Naseef-Micheal Mosaad Gergis-Mekhaeil Tawfik Gergis-Ayman Saber Beshay-Ayman Foad Ameen-Wael Mekhael Ameen-Usama Fathy Aziz-Mina Ibrahim Daneal-Sa'ad Fahmy Ibrahim-Ayman Naseef Wahba-Sobhy Gamal Nazeem-Hany Foad Atya-Peter...-Romany Fekry Lemby Gergis-& one Unknown...& others thrown by the Egyptian Muslim Solders in the River Nile...!!!! :( +++ God have Mercy+++­-virgin-mary-orthodox-church-damaged-at-imbaba-in-cairo/
Netanyahu to American Jews: Iran Deal Will Cause War, Not Prevent It. August, 05 2015. Netanyahu addressed American Jewry in a webcast, explaining why he believes it imperative to rally against the Iran nuclear deal, which he sees as an existential threat to Israel and the world. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is continuing his campaign to persuade the public to reject the accord signed between the Islamic Republic and six world powers regarding its nuclear program. The latest stage in this battle was a live webcast on Tuesday aimed at Americans Jews, arranged by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.
During the session, which was attended by more than 10,000 people who fielded roughly 2,000 questions on the issue, Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s stance that the deal endangers the safety of Israel and the world, calling it a “bad deal” that enables Tehran to develop a nuclear bomb.
“The nuclear deal with Iran doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb. It actually paves Iran’s path to the bomb,” Netanyahu declared.” Iran can get to the bomb by keeping the deal or Iran could get to the bomb by violating the deal.” Netanyahu, one of the fiercest critics of the nuclear accord, also disputed Obama’s claim that opponents of the diplomatic deal favor war. He called that claim “utterly false,” stating, “I oppose this deal because I want to prevent war, and this deal will bring war.”
Netanyahu outlined “fatal flaws” in the deal in an effort to dispel “some of the misinformation” and “disinformation” about Israel’s position.
“The deal that was supposed to end nuclear proliferation will actually trigger nuclear proliferation,” he insisted. “It will trigger an arms race, a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, the most volatile part of the planet. That’s a real nightmare.”
“But the deal’s dangers don’t end there,” he warned. “The deal gives Iran also a massive infusion of cash and Iran will use this cash to fund its aggression in the region and its terrorism around the world. As a result of this deal, there’ll be more terrorism. There will be more attacks. And more people will die.”
Hezbollah supporter holds photo of Islamic Revolution founder Ayatollah Khomeini (L) and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Even if Iran invests only 10 percent of the money for terrorism, “that’s 10 percent of nearly half a trillion dollars that Iran is expected to receive over the next 10 to 15 years,” the Israeli leader affirmed. “That’s a staggering amount of money.”
“Israelis are going to be the ones who pay the highest price if there’s war and if Iran gets the bomb,” he continued.
In Israel, opposition to the deal is not a partisan issue, the premier said. “Isaac Herzog, the Leader of the Labor Opposition, the man who ran against me in this year’s election and who works every day in the Knesset to bring down my government, Herzog has said that there is no daylight between us when it comes to the deal with Iran.”
“This isn’t about me. And it’s not about President Obama,” he said, stressing that the issue is not personal. “It’s about the deal.”
“Don’t let the deal’s supporters quash a real debate,” Netanyahu asserted. “The issue here is too important. Don’t let them take your voice away at this critical moment in history. What we do now will affect our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren – in Israel, in America, everywhere. This is a time to stand up and be counted. Oppose this dangerous deal.”
Earlier this week, Obama held a conference call organized by liberal, non-mainstream American Jewish organizations, offering talking points to defend the deal and urging them to garner support through financial donations and advocacy. There was no opportunity for questions.
Hours after Netanyahu’s address, Obama held a meeting with Jewish leaders at the White House in an attempt to persuade them to adopt the opposite position championed by Netanyahu. By: Max Gelber, United with Israel
Obama: Nuclear Deal with Iran or Rockets on Tel Aviv! In a meeting to promote the Iran nuclear deal, Obama warned American Jewish leaders that if the agreement is cancelled, there will be war and rockets will rain on Tel Aviv.
continuing in his effort to rally support for the Iran nuclear deal, US President Barack Obama met privately for more than two hours with Jewish leaders at the White House on Tuesday evening, making a detailed case for the accord and urging opponents — including some in the room — to “stick to the facts in making their own arguments,” according to participants.
Obama referred to tens of millions of dollars being spent by critics, most notably the pro-Israel group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The president’s meeting came just hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated in a live webcast aimed at Americans Jews, arranged by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. The Israeli leader railed against the agreement, calling it a “bad deal” that leaves Tehran on the brink of a bomb.
Greg Rosenbaum of the National Jewish Democratic Council was one of 20 Jewish leaders who attended the meeting. He told Israel Radio that Obama said that American military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities is “not going to result in Iran deciding to have a full-fledged war with the United States.”
Instead, the president reportedly threatened, “You’ll see more support for terrorism. You’ll see Hezbollah rockets falling on Tel Aviv.”
“I can assure you that Israel will bear the brunt of the assymetrical response that Iran will have to a military strike on its nuclear facilities,” Obama stated, adding that he had invited Netanyahu to discuss increased US military assistance but that the Israeli leader declined.
Participants at the White House meeting who oppose the agreement raised raised their concerns at being painted as eager for war. Obama continued to argue that if Congress rejects the agreement, he or the next president will be forced to consider taking military action to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
Netanyahu Congress
PM Netanyahu speaks before a joint meeting of Congress. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite)
Obama described the deal as “historic,” adding that it would prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. He also stressed that the US will continue to support and help strengthen Israel’s security.
The back-to-back sales pitches from the leaders came on the eve of a foreign policy address Obama was to deliver as he seeks to bolster support for the deal in Congress. A White House official said Obama would frame lawmakers’ decision to approve or disapprove of the deal as the most consequential foreign policy debate since the decision to go to war in Iraq.
The official said Obama would also argue that those who backed the Iraq war, which is now widely seen as a mistake, are the same ones who oppose the Iran deal.
Enough Votes for Obama’s Deal?
The White House is preparing for the likelihood that lawmakers will vote against the deal next month and is focusing its lobbying efforts on getting enough Democrats to sustain a veto. Only one chamber of Congress is needed to so do.
Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday that the White House is confident it can sustain a veto “at least in the House.”
US Congress. The president got a boost in the Senate Tuesday with Senators Barbara Boxer of California, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Bill Nelson of Florida announcing their support for the deal. However, the administration lost the backing of three prominent Jewish Democrats — New York Reps. Steve Israel and Nita Lowey and Florida Rep. Ted Deutch.
Obama, who has long been criticized for his lack of engagement with Congress, has become personally involved in selling the deal to lawmakers and other influential groups. Those who have met with him say it seems to be his top foreign policy priority.
“It was pretty solid evidence of a couple of things: first of all, just how engaged the president is on this issue, and second, how important it is to him,” said Andrew Weinstein, a South Florida community leader who attended the meeting.
Also among the roughly two-dozen leaders joining Obama in the Cabinet Room were Michael Kassen and Lee Rosenberg of AIPAC, which is vehemently opposed to the deal, as well as Jeremy Ben-Ami of the left-wing J Street, who is among the deal’s most vocal proponents. The White House said representatives from the Orthodox Union (OU), the Reform Movement, the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) also attended.
By: AP and United with Israel Staff

OBAMA, THE ONLY WAY TO PEACE NEGOTIATIONS - U.S. President Barack Obama has justified the decision to start direct negotiations: with the Taliban as the only road to peace in Afghanistan. Speaking: on the sidelines of the G8, Obama also acknowledged that the path will not be easy nor short and warned that: the Taliban will have to break with Al Qaeda. AFGHANISTAN: CAMERON, START IMPORTANT POLITICAL DIALOGUE - ANSWER - but, you are: fools or criminals? say, that you are two criminals, you know very well, that, The KING OF SAUDI ARABIA (which is a religious maniac), will never stop, until he has first: its worldwide caliphate! you have to crush the serpent in the head! The Arab League must do outlaw, the Sharia law throughout the world.

agenda: destroy: the seigniorage ban@ Benjamin Netanyahu --- Kamikaze Salafi Sunni blows himself: in a Shiite mosque in Baghdad, 15 dead. In a northern district of the Iraqi capital. 18 June, BAGHDAD, - ANSWER - if someone believes: that this: is, only, a settling of accounts between, Shiites and Sunnis, and that does not concern us? him they're wrong! Why, the King of Saudi Arabia can not believe: that: his satanAllah: is fagot, then: he can not accept, that has not yet managed to regain Spain, and that's him: the fagot real, In fact, until the ARAB LEAGUE: will not have conquered the world, to give just one only: worldwide caliphate, will not stop: terrorism (for: do happy 322 Bush IMF-NWO)! That's why, the U.S. IMF-NWO: are Babylon the great whore of Revelation, because: they know it all. and Israel togheter: to all mankind no longer have a future, the Satanists will become the masters of the world ..

king, of Rothschild: and all the super: annuities unfair .. i am Unius REI] @ Mario Draghi: to: Christine Lagarde - a single spark can send to ashes quickly, a huge forest! you have to make decisions that, your sodomized political Masons: Bildenberg of occult powers, conspiracy Pharisees, to disintegrate Israel, and lift Satanism, like you ... would not: never be able: to take ... should be beheaded, all personal assets, fund, money, which are more than: a million dollars .. -- una sola scintilla: può mandare in cenere: rapidamente, un bosco enorme! voi dovete prendere le decisioni, che, i vostri sodomizzati politici massoni: dei poteri occulti Bildenberg, congiura farisei, per disintegrare ISraele, e sollevare il satanismo, come voi ... non sarebbero: mai in grado: di prendere... devono essere decapitate, tutti le ricchezze individuali, che sono oltre un milione di dollari..

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[agenda: destroy: the seigniorage baking, of Rothschild: and all the super: annuities unfair .. i am Unius REI] The ECB'''' look with an open mind to other instruments: not: conventional monetary policy and deploy, if necessary. He said the President: ECB Mario Draghi: to: Christine Lagarde, at a conference: in Jerusalem. - ANSWER - THE "unconventional instruments: of: monetary policy," are no longer adequate: and sufficient (because the monetary bubbles: they are higher: 10 times: Gross domestic product: of the planet), if, you do not want to see, yet, others: thousands of entrepreneurs and fathers: in committing suicide, yet? you must immediately beheaded: the great capitals, as, you have done: in Cyprus! otherwise, I will prevent World War III: (maybe), and you'll end up eaten (along with your: corrupt: politicians, and leaders, Masons accomplices Bildenberg) by the revolution, that the people will do, of course ..

SYRIA06/17/2013 15:32
Massacres by Islamic extremists bolster Bashar al-Assad
Ignored for months by Western media, massacres by Islamist brigades have appeared on pro-rebel media with reports on summary executions, Islamic courts and the mass killing of Shias, justified in the name of the hatred against Assad. However, in al Qusair and Aleppo, residents have welcomed the return of the regular army.

Damascus (AsiaNews) - Summary executions, people sentenced for blasphemy and the expulsion of Christians and Shias from their homes are but some of the actions taken by the courts of the "Caliphate of Iraq and the Levant", the name the al-Nusra Brigade and other Islamist rebels use in relations to the Syrian territory under their rule.
In different parts of Aleppo, in the towns of al-Bab and Idlib and other villages under the control of Islamist groups linked to al-Qaeda, sharia has been enforced for the past year. Islamic justice is not an improvised game but the work of well-organised courts, with sentences passed daily and indiscriminately against Sunnis, Christians, Alawis and other Shias who do not conform to Wahhabi Islam.
In Aleppo's neighbourhood of al-Shaar, the al Nusra Brigade executed a 14-year-old boy for insulting the prophet. Last Wednesday, the Sadeq al-Amin Brigade stormed the predominantly Shia village of Hatla in Deir Ezzor province.
A video posted by Islamists on Youtube, almost all foreigners with a North African accent, shows the fighters after a mission. In it, the men are seen showing off the bodies of those they killed, mocking them, calling them "dogs" loyal to Assad, saying that they would kill anyone opposed to Islam.
On Thursday, the body of a man was found with shots in the head and neck by a mosque in al-Bab (Aleppo Governatorate). Residents reported that the man had been taken into custody several months earlier by the city's Sharia Council on charges of theft.
Most information about these massacres and about the violence perpetrated by the regime comes from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), an organisation set up by Syrian rebels in exile.
For nearly two years, SOHR has reported only acts of violence by the regime against the rebels. Mainstream international media like the BBC, al-Jazeera and al-Arabya, have relied on it as their sole source of news.
In recent months, several experts and Syrians interviewed by AsiaNews accused Western and Gulf State media of selective reporting. More recently, coverage has become more impartial, but SOHR continues to defend Islamic extremists to avoid losing support among rebel forces. In the case of Hatla, the SOHT reported said that residents had sided with the regime and housed Syrian soldiers.
In an interview with AsiaNews on 28 May, Gregory III Laham, patriarch of Antioch, said that "Syria's future cannot be built on destruction. There are no winners with war."
In the past few months, indiscriminate funding of the rebellion and the continuous flow of foreign fighters has paradoxically bolstered, not weakened the regime, with Hizbollah using them as a pretext to wage war against its Sunni enemy.
Syrians, including anti-regime Muslims, have begun to criticise the presence of foreign fighters in their country and to view them as terrorists.
This is the case in Al-Qusair, one of the first cities to join the rebellion against Assad, and for months one of its stronghold, where residents bemoan the destruction of churches and mosques not aligned with radical Islam. The same is true in Aleppo where residents have welcomed the regular army in a number of neighbourhoods.
In November 2012, the Turkish newspaper Hurryiet stressed the deep cleavages within Syrian rebel forces, warning the West about the risks of armed support, recently endorsed by US President Barak Obama and the governments of France and Great Britain.
At present, some 30 recognisable militias with some 100,000 fighters operate in Syria. Of these, only three belong to the Free Syrian Army, the main interlocutor of the international community. The other 27 are linked to Al-Qaeda or belong to other Islamist or political movements.
Sources told AsiaNews "that the purpose of these groups is not only the liberation of Syria from Assad, but also the spread by force of radical Islam throughout the Middle East and the conquest of Jerusalem."
Many fighters do not even speak Arabic. Others left villages in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Indonesia without knowing the exact location of Syria.
Some villagers near Aleppo have reported that several fighters, especially the younger ones, were recruited with the false promise of going to liberate Jerusalem. (SC)

The atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki [which were: the only two Christian Catholic cities in Japan?] [Were Hiroshima and Nagasaki] - ANSWER - thanks: 322 Bush, Rothschild. god owl Baal At Bohemian Grove, masonic system Pharisees, from the Kingdom of God, thank you! Le bombe atomiche di Hiroshima e Nagasaki [quali erano: le uniche due città cristiane del Giappone?] [erano Hiroshima e Nagasaki] --ANSWER -- grazie Farisei, dal Regno di Dio, grazie!

1_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다! .. [ "사울, 당신은 왜 박해 나합니까?" 사실, 별다른 이유는 없습니다 : 박해, [이사야 왜 기독교인, 1. 세인트 파울로되고있다 : 기독교의 진정한 창시자! 2. 누구나 그 : 복음을 미워 하 : 하나님의 심판 아래 그들은 절망적으로 타락한 범죄자! "3 'm Unius REI] [잠언 17.11 다시 악한 사람 seeketh, 반란,하지만이 될 것이다.!.. 보내 그 / 그녀에 대하여 : 무자비 메신저 :. Unius REI] [많은 믿는다 : 수 : 불량 범죄자를, 하나님이이 경우 분개했다 : 그들은 권리가 있습니다에 : 그들 끔찍한 판단을!]

2 [그러나, 개와 돼지 : 또는 : 수 없습니다 : 그들은하지 않으려 : 자신의 고집에서 "이해"_110 사랑, 하나님의 공의와 지혜, 또는 이해 : 할 수 있습니다. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다! .. 사실, 발사하는 것입니다 의도 지옥, 그들의 이름 : 미 : 그것은 생명의 책에 기록] Ἐὰν μὴ εἰσακούῃς τῆς φωνῆς κυρίου τοῦ θεοῦ σου ἐλεύσονται ἐπì σὲ πᾶσαι αἱ ... "하나님의 영원한 지혜와 정의를!" 사실, "의인은 복수를보고 즐길 것, 악인의 피로 발을 씻을 것이다." [잘못 [시편 58.11 : 바리새인. 이슬람과 모든 범죄 : 왕 satanAllah 사우디 아라비아 : 샤리아 그들은 하나님이 그들과 함께】 【사타 니스트 제국주의라고 생각합니다

3_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. 월 드 와이드 칼리프 (dhimmis 용) 및 바리새인 로스 차일드 IMF-NWO는 (goyim에 대한) 그들의 피해자를하고있다 : 대한 : 세계의 계정에 그 (것)들에 대하여 괴롭힘 주장하지만, 그들은 대하여 대량 학살의 그들의 범죄가 표시되지 않습니다 : 이스라엘의 희망】 【근본적인 왜곡은 인간의 본성이 자연스럽게 잘 잊는, 진실 거부 한 것을 믿는 것입니다 : 모두 불교에 의해, 같은, 음, 모든 회의에서 위로 : 항상 긍정 바티칸 II (배교), 그러나 이후에 바티칸 공의회받는 사람 : "인간의 본성은 절망적으로 손상 : 때문에 원죄, 그 : 그것은 고행의 경로에 필수적이다 : 방법 :이되지 않습니다 :

4_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. " 사회적으로 위험한 .. 물론 : 손상된 성격,하지만 진실은 하나님이 지상 낙원을 만든 것입니다 : HE 만든 더라면 나는 또한 하나님에 대하여 기분을 상하게 할 어느 회사 소개하지 : 우리는 단지, 실제로, 우리 가치가 있었다 : 우리는 : 제목 : 함께 성격 : 손상 악마 때문에 : 우리는 디자인, 하나님의 원래 계획을 배반하고 파괴하지만, 그 전에 홍수 (제 강직 :에 : 지상 낙원 : 우리가 제공되는). , 그냥 다른 행성했다 .. 이것은 진실 [[인간의 본성 정화 상승 [필수 경로를 "당신이 악마의 가득 차있다!"

5_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. 금욕주의] AT [시편 119, 21의 경로의 고통. 당신은 자랑 위협, 이탈 사람들을 저주 : 당신의 법령에서. 자신의 죄를 꾸짖는 동안 [시편 99, 8 여호와 우리 하나님은 당신이 그들을 듣고, 그들은 환자 하나님이었다. [시편 79, 5. 얼마나 오래, 오 주여, 당신은 영원히 화가 될 것인가? 당신의 질투 : 그것은 불 같이 점화 할 것이다? 사람들에게 당신의 분노를 따르십시오 : 그 : 당신은 인식하고 그 나라에서하지 않습니다 : 당신의 이름을 부르지 말라 ... [시편 74.1. 분노가하는 이유는 오 하나님, 당신은 왜 우리를 영원히 버림 :에 : 귀하의 목초지의 양? 내게서 [시편 39,11, 귀하의 샷 : 그들은 당신의 손의 무게로 파괴됩니다.

6_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. 당신이 올바른 사람은 자신의 죄를 처벌 ...]]] *** [신명기 27, 26. 강제로 유지하지 않습니다 그는 저주를받을이 율법의 말씀들을 할! 모든 사람들은 말 아멘해야한다. *** [신명기, 23, 3, 하나님의 저주 : [NOT 생물학적 출생을 참조하지만, 아들이므로, 은행 군주의 특권의 프리메이슨 시스템이되었다 여기에는 이유 : 나 방지 할 수 있습니다 : 모든 공범 천국으로 입구를 : . 프리메이슨 시스템] 자식이 실제로 반역자이며, 석수, 사타 니스트, 부모의 이슬람 [아들 (샤리아 satanAllah과 바리새인 IMF)은 미혼] 주님의 교회에 들어 가지 않습니다;

7_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. 심지어 열 번째 세대 (밖으로 던져해야한다는 익숙한 악마가 있기 때문에. 죄악의 유전 신비, 자연 소위 유전 중단 할 수 없음)에 그의 중 누구도, 그는 주님의 교회에 들어 가지 않습니다. 이사야 *** 57.3 시간, 이리와, 당신 마법사, 간음의 씨와 창녀의 아들 ... 어쩌면 당신은 죄 놈 자손의 자손하지? [[ "사울, 당신은 왜 박해 나합니까?" 사실, 별다른 이유는 없습니다 : 박해, [이사야 왜 기독교인, 1. 세인트 파울로되고있다 : 기독교의 진정한 창시자!

8_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!] .2. 누구나 그 : 복음을 미워 하 : 하나님의 심판 아래 그들은 절망적으로 타락한 범죄자! "3 'm Unius REI] *** 에스더 8:12이 규정에 따라 행동하지 않는 모든 도시보다 일반적으로 어떤 리조트가 될 것입니다.!. 가차 : 질량 : 불 (원자 폭발, 전쟁에 폐허)뿐만 아니라 : 사람이 접근했지만, 수 : 무역 등 박람회, : 그리고 새들이 유지됩니다. odiosissima을 (방사능) 모든 회 *** 여호수아 22:20, 아마도 주님의 진노되지 않았습니다 ?, 이스라엘 공동체 전체에 (정치적 책임을 유지하는)는 개인 만 이었더라도 그가 죽을했다 :

9_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. 자신의 죄에 대한? 여호수아 24:19 ***는 .... 그는 당신의 죄도 죄를 용서하지 않을 것이다. 여러분이 주님을 버리고 이방 신들을 섬기면, 그는 회전하고, 너무 잘 한 후, 당신은 상처 않는 당신을 소모한다. [잠언 17.11. 악한 사람 seeketh, 다시 반란,하지만 될 것이다 보내 그 / 그녀에 대하여 : 무자비 메신저 : Unius REI]를 선택합니다. [꾸란 - 수라 V, 95] 과거는, 알라 그를 용서하지만, 그는 전능하고 보복이다 사랑에 빠지지 자들, 하나님은 복수를 취할 것입니다. [꾸란 - 수라 V, 95], 취해야 할 정치적 행동 아니지만, 그것은 단지에 대한 하나님의 개인적인 개입 is

10_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. 하나님은 사람의 미래를 알고있다. 자신의 죄를 : 자신의 아이들이 나의 법을 버리고 경우 *** [시편 89.31, 그리고 당신이 나의 법령을 위반하고 내 명령을 계속한다면 내가 법령 준수하지, 나는 막대와 처벌 것 : 편모 자신의 죄책감. 시라 ***는 7.16. 하나님의 진노. 죄인의 무리에 참여하지 않는 기억 : 하나님의 진노가 머물러되지 않습니다합니다. 겸손 : 깊이, 당신의 영혼 때문에 : 경건의 처벌 화재 및 웜입니다. *** [신명기 28.53, [공격시 자신의 살인 사건에 대한 저주, 레위기 26,27]로 식인 풍습과 고통, 적을를하는을 줄이기 위해

11_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. 당신은 주 너희의 하나님이 너희에게 주신 당신의 자궁의 열매, 당신의 아들과 딸의 살을 먹을 것이다. 자신의 곡해와 군주의 특권 은행의 악 공범에있는 *** [시편 69.24, 그들은 더 이상 하나님의 자비를받을 자격이 없다! "그들의 눈을 어둡게 할뿐만하십시오;. 영원히 자신의 엉덩이를 힘들게 그 (것)들에 당신의 분노를 부어, 굽기 분노가 그들을 추월 [[."사울, 왜 박해 나합니까? "사실, 별다른 이유가 없다 : 박해, 기독교, 이사야, 왜 1 성 파울로되고있다 :. 기독교의 진정한 창시자 2 사람, 그 :. 복음을 싫어 : 그들은 절망적 범죄자

12_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. 타락한 : 바닥 : 하나님의 심판 아래에! "3. 'M Unius REI]]. 마태 복음 23, 32 [예수가 말했다] 글쎄, 당신은 어떻게 너희가 지옥의 저주에서 벗어날 수 있습니까? 하나님과 Unius REI의 저주, 독사의 자식 들아, 너희 조상의 독사의 측정을 채우십시오. [신명기 28:15 ... 당신은 주님의 음성에 순종하지 않는다면 ... 그대를 추월 : 모든 저주 :. [신명기 28.1 '은 도시에서 저주 국가에서 저주 LL 【신 28.2가.. 저주는 다음과 같다 : 당신의 바구니와 네 가게 [신명기 28.3 저주한다.. 네 자궁의 열매 :와 네 땅의 열매, 저주 : 네 kine를의 증가, 그리고 네 양의 무리.

13_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. [신명기 28.4. 당신은 저주됩니다에 와서 당신이 밖으로 갈 때 저주 :합니다. [신명기 28.5. 네가이 파괴 될 때까지 저주, 혼란과 책망은 모든 일에서 당신에 손을 넣어 신속하게 멸망 : 대한을 : 주님은 시작됩니다 이유는 당신의 악한 행위의 저를 포기합니다. [신명기 28.6. 주님은 당신이 그것을 소유하기 입력하는 땅에서 당신을 파괴 할 때까지 질병을 괴롭히는 것입니다. [신명기 28.7. 주님은 가뭄, 병해 및 녹, 뜨거운 열을, 염증, 발열 [부패] 낭비로 당신을 공격 할 것이다

14_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. 당신이 죽을 때까지 당신을 추구해야한다. [신명기 28.8. 주님은 반환됩니다 : 당신이 파괴 될 때까지 토지 분말의 비는 당신에 하늘에서 내려 올 것이다. [신명기 28.9. 주님은 할 것 : 적을 패배 : 당신이 그들에 대해 하나의 길을 가고, 그들 앞에 일곱 가지 방법을 피하여 : 그리고 땅의 모든 왕국 공포의 대상이된다. [신명기 28:10. 귀하의 시체가 공중의 모든 새와 땅의 짐승에게 음식이 될 것입니다 : 그리고 아무도 멀리 싸움을한다. [신명기 28.11. 주님은 너를 치실 것 : 이​​집트의 종기와 네가 치유하지 있느냐 종양, 곪는 염증과 가려움, 서명자와 :와.

15_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. [신명기 28:12. 여호와 광기, 실명 광기 당신을 괴롭히는 것, [신명기 28 : 15]이 모든 저주에 도달 : [신명기 28:45]이 모든 저주가 임할 추구합니다 .. [2 Cronache34 : 24] 주민들이 책에 기록 된 모든 저주 읽기 ... [잠언 28 : 27] 그의 눈은 많은 저주를 가진다 닫습니다. [시라 29:6] 그러므로, 새로운 적, 그리고 저주와 모욕 반환 Gn24 : 41] 맹세에서 해방 될 것입니다 그들은 cedertela하지 않는다면, [잠언 17.11. 악한 사람 seeketh, 다시 반란,하지만 될 것이다 보내 그 / 그녀에 대하여 : 무자비 메신저 : Unius REI]를 선택합니다.

16_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. [창세기 24 : 41] 맹세에서 해방 될 것입니다. 창세기 27 : 12] 나에게 대신에 축복의 저주를 그립니다. "[창세기 27 : 13] 나를 가을 네 저주, 내 아들 .. 당신은 순종 【숫자 5 : 18] causeth의 저주 [민수기 5 : 19] 그 쓴 물. 저주를 가져 오는이 쓴 물이,하지 않는다 ! 데미지 [민수기 10 : 21] 그대 .. 사이 저주하고 맹세하게 [숫자 5시 22분] 당신의 창자와 ..에 저주 패스를 제공 퀘스트 '물 [민수기 5 : 24] 저주를 가져다 쓴 과 저주 ... [번호 5 : 24] 가져다 물을 저주하고 저주를 가져다 물을

17_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. 그녀에 입력하고 원인 ... [민수기 10 : 27] 남편 저주가 그녀에 입력 일으키는 원인이된다 가져다 물 ... [민수기 5 : 27] 그녀의 사람들에게 저주가 될 것이다 .... [신명기 11 : 26] 당신은 축복과 저주 : .. [신명기 11시 28분] 저주, 당신은 당신의 명령을 순종하지 않으면 ... [신명기 11 : 29] 그리심 에발 산에서 저주에서 축복. [신명기 21 : 23] 일, 교수형 하나님의 저주하고 그대가 더럽 아니다 나봐요 [신 23시 6분] 네 하나님 여호와 께서이 축복으로 저주를 설정하기 때문에 ..

18_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. [신명기 27 : 13] 저주 발음하는 에발 : 르우벤, 갓, 아셀, 스불론, [신명기 28 : 20] 당신에 대하여 저주, 혼란과 위협을 시작합니다 ... [신명기 30:1] 전에, 축복과 저주, 그것은에 구현 될 것입니다 ... [신명기 30 : 19] 죽음, 축복과 저주 : 따라서, 생명을 선택 [여호수아 8 : 34] 법, 축복과 저주, 기록 된 모든에 따라 ... [사사기 9 : 57] 그들에 요담 여룹 바알의 아들의 저주를 실현. [사사기 17시 2분] 당신이 말한 저주, 그리고 HAST을 발언하는 ...

19_110. [성경의 저주 : 당신의 독을 마실 : 제 : 자신 : 내 눈은 항상 : 귀하의 사악함에! 내가 볼 것입니다 : 때와 같이, 당신은 하락 : 비명과 지옥에 태워 절망? 그런 다음에야, 내 눈은 당신을 가만 두지 않습니다!]. [사무엘 하 16 : 12] 오늘의 저주에 좋은 않습니다. "[열왕기 2시 8분] 그는 내가 ... [2 RE 22 : 19] 도망 끔찍한 저주로 나를 저주가 그의 옷을 찢어, 황폐과 저주가 될 것이다 ... [2 Cronache6 : 22] 이 저주를 설정하기 때문에, 앞에서 맹세하는 것입니다 .... [느헤미야 13시 2분] 우리 하나님은 축복으로 저주를 변경했다. [[시 109:17] 저주가 그를 따라가 사랑하는! I. .. [ [시 109:18] 그것은 망토와 마찬가지로 같은 저주로 싸여 있습니다 ... [잠언 3시 33분] 주님의 저주가 집에 ...

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