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انه يعاقب قناة بلادي
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 Christian Coptic Martyrs     1.206 iscritti • 811.530 visualizzazioni
    Data iscrizione 09 gen 2010 Flash:Just in from Coptic World.... join World to receive breaking news...concerning our Coptic community, here and abroad. Members of the clergy, Coptic Lawyer's Association, Coptic Solidarity, and CopticWorld as well as Coptic representatives from Michigan and other states met with White House officials today in a closed door meeting to address recent events in Egypt concerning Copts. The White House ......expressed deep concern over the events and laid out their plan to address such concerns. The issues discussed included the law on houses of worship, the up coming elections, the drafting of the constitution and the recent attacks on churches and peaceful Coptic protesters in Maspiro.
They welcomed any comments and concerns. White House officials were very up to date on all relevant information but invited Coptic community leaders to seek their point of view and also to set up a bridge between the White House and the Coptic community here in the United States. The exact details of the meeting were not to be divulged.
The White House asked that an announcement of this meeting be sent to the Coptic community to let them know that they are aware of the situation in Egypt, are working on diplomatic efforts to stop religious intolerance and are actively engaging the Coptic community in America.
You can see the minute by minute blogs on CopticWorld as the day unfolded.
http://www.copticworld.org/articles/467/ Please sign this petition. It will be -Presented to the Canadian government. Thanks.Copts massacre Oct.2011 to Canadian Government
الشعب القبطي المصري المسيحي يطلب الحماية الدولية في عجالة Coptic Egyptian Christian people required international protection in a hurry
- SHAME ON THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: "-Victoria Newland the Department spokeswoman of Minister of Foreign Affairs for the U.S. State said : Washington is worried about the Violence in Egypt... & they also said: that the Army/Civil AID will not going to be affected by the Maspero Coptic Christians Massacre Incident... " 10/13/2011
URGENT: Marshal Hussain Tantawi (The Butcher) orders the Egyptian army to runs over Christians in Maspero demonstrators with tanks and killed 50 Christian Copts-Martyred
Cairo-Egypt. 9/10/2011 Bodies of Christian martyrs cut to pieces in the streets and on bridges in pools of blood.
"Mass murder and genocide of Christians in Egypt (genocide)"
-Required to provide Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi (The Butcher) to the International Court of Justice and the trial as a war criminal, he and all the leaders of the Military Council of Egypt ((Islamists)
-FLASH: Regulates the Copts United States of America march Coptic rally outside the White House next Wednesday, October 19, 2001 at eleven in the morning will go later to the building of the U.S. Congress and to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to demand the expulsion of the Egyptian Ambassador of the United States and the Commission of an international investigation in the massacre of Maspero and then provi...de the officials and participants in the committing this carnage to an international court.
Also plans many young Coptic after the march, sit in front of the White House and State Department
It should be that what happened before Maspero a crime against humanity and should be investigated from the international bodies of the United Nations.
USA: magdi.khalil@yahoo.com
Contact from Canada : Prof. Sheref El Sabawy:
416.540.3355 S_sabawy@hotmail.com Mr. Hany Tawfilis 647.241.2245 h.tawfilis@hotmail.com
+The 50 Christian Coptic Martyrs of Maspero Martyrs:Fadi Rezk Ayoup-Shehata Thabet-Naseef Ragy Naseef-Micheal Mosaad Gergis-Mekhaeil Tawfik Gergis-Ayman Saber Beshay-Ayman Foad Ameen-Wael Mekhael Ameen-Usama Fathy Aziz-Mina Ibrahim Daneal-Sa'ad Fahmy Ibrahim-Ayman Naseef Wahba-Sobhy Gamal Nazeem-Hany Foad Atya-Peter...-Romany Fekry Lemby Gergis-& one Unknown...& others thrown by the Egyptian Muslim Solders in the River Nile...!!!! :( +++ God have Mercy+++
    http://coptic-news.net/English/E_news.html http://coptic-news.net/English/E_news.html
Netanyahu to American Jews: Iran Deal Will Cause War, Not Prevent It. August, 05 2015. Netanyahu addressed American Jewry in a webcast, explaining why he believes it imperative to rally against the Iran nuclear deal, which he sees as an existential threat to Israel and the world. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is continuing his campaign to persuade the public to reject the accord signed between the Islamic Republic and six world powers regarding its nuclear program. The latest stage in this battle was a live webcast on Tuesday aimed at Americans Jews, arranged by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.
During the session, which was attended by more than 10,000 people who fielded roughly 2,000 questions on the issue, Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s stance that the deal endangers the safety of Israel and the world, calling it a “bad deal” that enables Tehran to develop a nuclear bomb.
“The nuclear deal with Iran doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb. It actually paves Iran’s path to the bomb,” Netanyahu declared.” Iran can get to the bomb by keeping the deal or Iran could get to the bomb by violating the deal.” Netanyahu, one of the fiercest critics of the nuclear accord, also disputed Obama’s claim that opponents of the diplomatic deal favor war. He called that claim “utterly false,” stating, “I oppose this deal because I want to prevent war, and this deal will bring war.”
Netanyahu outlined “fatal flaws” in the deal in an effort to dispel “some of the misinformation” and “disinformation” about Israel’s position.
“The deal that was supposed to end nuclear proliferation will actually trigger nuclear proliferation,” he insisted. “It will trigger an arms race, a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, the most volatile part of the planet. That’s a real nightmare.”
“But the deal’s dangers don’t end there,” he warned. “The deal gives Iran also a massive infusion of cash and Iran will use this cash to fund its aggression in the region and its terrorism around the world. As a result of this deal, there’ll be more terrorism. There will be more attacks. And more people will die.”
Hezbollah supporter holds photo of Islamic Revolution founder Ayatollah Khomeini (L) and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Even if Iran invests only 10 percent of the money for terrorism, “that’s 10 percent of nearly half a trillion dollars that Iran is expected to receive over the next 10 to 15 years,” the Israeli leader affirmed. “That’s a staggering amount of money.”
“Israelis are going to be the ones who pay the highest price if there’s war and if Iran gets the bomb,” he continued.
In Israel, opposition to the deal is not a partisan issue, the premier said. “Isaac Herzog, the Leader of the Labor Opposition, the man who ran against me in this year’s election and who works every day in the Knesset to bring down my government, Herzog has said that there is no daylight between us when it comes to the deal with Iran.”
“This isn’t about me. And it’s not about President Obama,” he said, stressing that the issue is not personal. “It’s about the deal.”
“Don’t let the deal’s supporters quash a real debate,” Netanyahu asserted. “The issue here is too important. Don’t let them take your voice away at this critical moment in history. What we do now will affect our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren – in Israel, in America, everywhere. This is a time to stand up and be counted. Oppose this dangerous deal.”
Earlier this week, Obama held a conference call organized by liberal, non-mainstream American Jewish organizations, offering talking points to defend the deal and urging them to garner support through financial donations and advocacy. There was no opportunity for questions.
Hours after Netanyahu’s address, Obama held a meeting with Jewish leaders at the White House in an attempt to persuade them to adopt the opposite position championed by Netanyahu. By: Max Gelber, United with Israel
Obama: Nuclear Deal with Iran or Rockets on Tel Aviv! In a meeting to promote the Iran nuclear deal, Obama warned American Jewish leaders that if the agreement is cancelled, there will be war and rockets will rain on Tel Aviv.
continuing in his effort to rally support for the Iran nuclear deal, US President Barack Obama met privately for more than two hours with Jewish leaders at the White House on Tuesday evening, making a detailed case for the accord and urging opponents — including some in the room — to “stick to the facts in making their own arguments,” according to participants.
Obama referred to tens of millions of dollars being spent by critics, most notably the pro-Israel group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The president’s meeting came just hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated in a live webcast aimed at Americans Jews, arranged by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. The Israeli leader railed against the agreement, calling it a “bad deal” that leaves Tehran on the brink of a bomb.
Greg Rosenbaum of the National Jewish Democratic Council was one of 20 Jewish leaders who attended the meeting. He told Israel Radio that Obama said that American military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities is “not going to result in Iran deciding to have a full-fledged war with the United States.”
Instead, the president reportedly threatened, “You’ll see more support for terrorism. You’ll see Hezbollah rockets falling on Tel Aviv.”
“I can assure you that Israel will bear the brunt of the assymetrical response that Iran will have to a military strike on its nuclear facilities,” Obama stated, adding that he had invited Netanyahu to discuss increased US military assistance but that the Israeli leader declined.
Participants at the White House meeting who oppose the agreement raised raised their concerns at being painted as eager for war. Obama continued to argue that if Congress rejects the agreement, he or the next president will be forced to consider taking military action to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
Netanyahu Congress
PM Netanyahu speaks before a joint meeting of Congress. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite)
Obama described the deal as “historic,” adding that it would prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. He also stressed that the US will continue to support and help strengthen Israel’s security.
The back-to-back sales pitches from the leaders came on the eve of a foreign policy address Obama was to deliver as he seeks to bolster support for the deal in Congress. A White House official said Obama would frame lawmakers’ decision to approve or disapprove of the deal as the most consequential foreign policy debate since the decision to go to war in Iraq.
The official said Obama would also argue that those who backed the Iraq war, which is now widely seen as a mistake, are the same ones who oppose the Iran deal.
Enough Votes for Obama’s Deal?
The White House is preparing for the likelihood that lawmakers will vote against the deal next month and is focusing its lobbying efforts on getting enough Democrats to sustain a veto. Only one chamber of Congress is needed to so do.
Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday that the White House is confident it can sustain a veto “at least in the House.”
US Congress. The president got a boost in the Senate Tuesday with Senators Barbara Boxer of California, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Bill Nelson of Florida announcing their support for the deal. However, the administration lost the backing of three prominent Jewish Democrats — New York Reps. Steve Israel and Nita Lowey and Florida Rep. Ted Deutch.
Obama, who has long been criticized for his lack of engagement with Congress, has become personally involved in selling the deal to lawmakers and other influential groups. Those who have met with him say it seems to be his top foreign policy priority.
“It was pretty solid evidence of a couple of things: first of all, just how engaged the president is on this issue, and second, how important it is to him,” said Andrew Weinstein, a South Florida community leader who attended the meeting.
Also among the roughly two-dozen leaders joining Obama in the Cabinet Room were Michael Kassen and Lee Rosenberg of AIPAC, which is vehemently opposed to the deal, as well as Jeremy Ben-Ami of the left-wing J Street, who is among the deal’s most vocal proponents. The White House said representatives from the Orthodox Union (OU), the Reform Movement, the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) also attended.
By: AP and United with Israel Staff
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Your support brings hope to women suffering under terrorism. Rahila knew she was in trouble the moment her bus stopped. Boko Haram terrorists boarded the bus, grabbed her, and took her to one of their many secret camps across Nigeria...  Click to continue: World Watch List Update: China’s Communist government continues to impose control over all religious activities in the country. In recent years, however, they have loosened their grip in many regions. But they still keep a close watch...
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Come be part of our 60th anniversary celebration conferences, where you’ll hear how God is using your support to change lives all over the world! Click to continue. Prayer force Alert: September. “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23_(NIV) From Jan's Perspective Dear friend of the persecuted Church,
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Zechariah 14:12-13. [666 IMF 322, freemasonry, sharia horror Communists. and all the murderers of innocent Christian martyrs --- when,Unius REI: call? my subjects: are to come, too: now! Now, I'll show you, to all of you, hell, That you have deserved, That Is where you need to go soon! hallelujah, in Jesus's name]. And this Shall be the plague with Which the LORD will smite all the people, That, have fought against, Jerusalem: Their flesh will be consumed while standing, Shall melt Their Eyes, In Their sockets, Their language: is the rot: In Their mouth. And in THAT DAY you will be among, them a great tumult from the LORD, every one, of them, will grab the hand of his neighbor, and his hand shall rise up against the hand of the other. -ANSWER- LOL. amen, hallelujah. in Jesus's name: against: all criminals: who do evil to the Christian holy martyrs, innocent, against: them: and: against: their children: against: their accomplices, amen. hallelujah

✙ end game, in the name of Jesus:"You are all lost!"Luke19.27; [meglio per te sarebbe stato, che, tu non fossi mai nato..] Mark 14:21 The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born.".. Matthew 26:24 The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born." AMEN. ☠pax☠ +++ ☠pax☠ alleluia AMEN. Behold, I will curse you, in the name of Jesus! Here is a malignant cancer,, in your body! In fact, this year you will die!

HOLY YHWH, HOLY God, HOLY Allah, HOLY BRAMA, has made me a man: 1. without religion, 2. without ideology, 3. without identity, without space and time, without cultural categories, without traditions.. but, this is my greatest glory, I'm a sinner, like all men, but, but, who, he knows, perfectly the feelings of God, this intuitive science and rational at the same time is called metaphysics.. because God has said, "both at home, how, even in public: the rationality must always prevail: against: the dogma!".. but, if God has raised my ministry: of unius alleluia: REI , it is because you are all going to die, and this can be scientifically proven, is for, by the scientist Giacinto Auriti, and in mode intuitively, by the poet Ezra Pound

[unius rei] said: ""amen": in Jesus's name! criticizes you all the Holy Spirit!! Begone, Satan, inventor and master of all deceit, enemy of man's salvation. Give place to Christ, on Which you have found none of your works, you give way to the Church one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, Which Christ conquered, with his blood. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, tremble, and flee to the appeal That we make of That holy and terrible name of Jesus: ♰ CSSML Crux Sacred Sit Mihi Lux (May the holy Cross be for me to light). ★ ♰ alleluia: REI unius Mahdi ♥ ★ ♥ ★ hallelujah King of Israel! ♰ Draco Sit Mihi Dux not NDSMD not (Let not the dragon 666, be my guide). ★ ♰ [I do not think your interest in me, it's just pure love ... I know you well priest of Satan]

because the International Monetary Fund, is above, in each jurisdiction, that is, a sovealleluia: REI gn body independent of, here: he can do three times, false accounting: [1]: 100%: the banking seigniorage (money created out of nothing), [2 °]: 100%: the public debt, (ie, is the interest that: must be paid: for/on money, created out of nothing). [3 °]: 70%, private debt, that is, the mortgage, the mortgage, which will be asked to banks, private.. in this way, the cost of money is equal to 270%, here because, depletion of the people, they should be exterminated, through, World War III, so that, a new monetary cycle, can be regenerated, so it is too easy for the Pharisees, 666, IMF, 322, use your fucking head, of a religious maniac, as, the King of Saudi Arabia, etc..., to create the conditions guarantees, appropriate, for to do war World, and so to realize, the new Holocaust against Israel

[]allarm[]: are the [big] bankers: enlightened of IMF-NWO [MANE THECEL PHARES]alleluia, hallelujah. seigniorage banking, who should be investigated and arrested: Globalist and Their friends, like George Soros. You hit the snake to his little head? then all his big body [MANE THECEL PHARES]alleluia, hallelujah. long body of political puppets: they will be all freed from their control. quickly, I'll sit on, my throne, in Jerusalem! in fact: all people Will Understand, That We are on the edge of a cliff! [♰[PAX ♰ AMEN ♰] MANE THECEL PHARES. drink your poison, made by yourself,alleluia. amen. ]"amen" was said: in Jesus's name. I has done the wrong, to all those criminals, who toppled the love of cross [MENE TECHEL PERES] CSPBCSSMLNDSM­D VRSN SMVS MQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself. "You are all lost!" Luke19.27; [MANE THECEL PHARES] by: LORENZOALLAH: Unius alleluia: REI ♰: King ♥: Israel:.♥. Israel Mahdi. [MANE THECEL PHARES]alleluia, hallelujah.

[UNIUS alleluia: REI LORENZOJHWH:to:♰] world:+Youtube-[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB I'm like Noah that saved the lives of everyone: lizards (enlightened), crocodiles (sharia) scorpions (Zionists), snakes (several categories of Satanists [MANE THECEL PHARES]alleluia, hallelujah. Freemasons), etc. So, while, as "alleluia: REI unius," I'll never at use no form of political violence. However, as lorenzojhwh, in a supernatural way, I have received from God, as in a gift: the death of 500 million criminals: to free all the poor around the world. If you are one rebel against God for be accomplice, with your silence of the absolute crime of IMF-NWO: then you do not be surprised if you began to feel different: "amen" was said: in Jesus's name [♰[PAX ♰ AMEN ♰] MANE THECEL PHARES. drink your poison, made by yourself,alleluia. amen. ] I has done the wrong to all those criminals who toppled the cross [MENE TECHEL PERES] CSPBCSSMLNDSM­D VRSN SMVS MQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself. we bet that you'll be dead in 2015? you will not be alive in 2016 to say "you wrong!"
[everyone can see: "rationally": God, really: JHWH: himself, through: of me] Isaiah 6:1-8. In the year, that, King Unius REI, began, to reign, I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and His train filled the temple. 2. under, Above, it stood the seraphims; each one had six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. Isaiah 6:3. And one cried unto another and said, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory." 4. And the posts of the door moved at the voice: of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke. 5. Then said I, "Woe is me! For I am undone, because: I am a man of unclean lips: and: I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts." 6. Then flew one of the seraphims unto me(ie, toward: all people, and all Peoples), having a live coal in his hand, which, he had taken with the tongs: from off the altar. 7. And he laid it upon my mouth and said, "Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity: is taken away, and: thy sin purged." 8. Also: I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?"

[everyone can see: "rationally": God, really: JHWH: himself, through: of me] Then said I, "Here am I. Send me!"(said: all people, and all Peoples), my metaphysics, is not: a mystical activity, but is a political act, rational, philosophical, speculative, is a property:of the human spirit, and, an his demonstration of it. would say, even, the atheist, anticlerical: Benedetto Croce! that is, the intrinsic value, the greater values: for an: more precious revolution, ie, the foundation: cultural and spiritual Christian civilization! This is why, in an intuitive way, everyone, can live: the experience of this word of Isaiah(rational, speculative, emotional, political, ie, real), and everyone can see: "rationally": God: JHWH: himself, through: of me .. because, only, in this way, I can see God

[is why: the IMF, must collapse: necessarily!] then, on the eve of a nuclear world war, because the Masonic system of bank seigniorage, it is full of derivatives fakes, and why, circulates, much more than double the money (money ill), which does not: it can never be converted into real wealth, and, therefore, the fraud of the Pharisees, it would become obvious to all, if not all were killed, and if all, not, be destroyed [at least, 70%: of mankind, must die] .. is because, the IMF, must collapse: necessarily! then it is stupid, doing support, to search well-being: unattainable and impossible for the peoples, therefore, it is smarter to invest in weapons, which is why if, the King, dell'Arabia Saudi, sells to me: 300,000 sq km of useless desert for him, then, can have the military resources necessary to stop, the army of the CHINA, and RUSSIA, that, will came against him!

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world, and you will have: to save it! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  "Behold, I lay: in: Zion a cornerstone chosen and precious, and he who believes: in it: not: be disappointed," unius REI. 1 Peter 2.6.
You know: that: S. Margaret wrote before: of the: beginning: of the: French Revolution, this expression of the Madonna: "When, the crucifix will be trampled, blood will came: flow: is for: all the streets!" [[Why: we not: can tell of ourselves: of not be "Christians" the philosopher: Benedetto Croce,]].  perhaps: foresaw the occupation Masonic, and: the infiltration: cultural nature, and: Satanic our institutions: ie, modernism evoutionism? 1st ed. Original: 1942. is: an: short essay written by Benedetto Croce: in: the: 1942, in: the: who, the author claims, that, the Christianity has: completed revolution "that worked: in: the: heart: of the: soul, the conscience, and: giving prominence to the intimate: and: your: of: this consciousness, almost seemed: that: to acquire a new virtue, a new spiritual quality, which, until then: was: lack to all humanity "which, for: about: of: the revolution, it can: not: say" Christian. " [[Why: we not: can tell of ourselves: of not be "Christians" the philosopher: Benedetto Croce,]]. "The men, heroes, geniuses" who lived before: of the advent: of the: Christianity "action time has done: beautiful works, and: transmitted to us: an: rich treasure of molds, of: thought , of: experience, "but: in: all they works, lacked that value: that: today is: this: in: all of us and: that: only Christianity has: given to every man. The Christian revolution, 3. Philosophers: and: Christianity, 4. The merits of the: Christianity, why: not: can: not: call ourselves Christians? The morning has: trace the design: an: little written on the subject [1] "On August 26: of the: same year" to shake the melancholy has: meditate: and: wrote the essay: why: not: We can: not: say "Christian". [...] Are: deeply convinced: that: thinking: and: the modern civilization are Christians, continuing the efforts made by Jesus: and: by Paul. on: of: this: has: wrote a short note of: historical, that: I'll publish it as soon as the available space. of the: rest: not: She feels: that: in: this terrible war, that: that: is: in: contrast: is: a concept still Christian: of the: life with: another: that: could trace pre-Christian age, and: reattach the front to the: civilization, against the barbarian horde violence [4] "The work thus, ie: atheist: and anti-clerical: Benedetto Croce: wanted to indicate the particular perspective: that: assumed in his analysis the phenomenon of the: Christianity. in this brief text, Croce was, immediately, spread: this: notoriety: when the Catholic Church began: to: make explicit his dissent, against: Fascist regime. which reacted: with: a violent campaign of: Printing: that: hit also: Benedetto Croce: done scorn by the minister Fascist: National Education, Giuseppe Bottai: that: alluded ironically: about, "operetta" of Croce: with: an: article entitled Benedetto Croce "rincristianito" ie, stupid: for: Despite, value political and cultural of Christian revolution:  In true Benedetto Croce: not: had abandoned, never, his belief secular, nor took sides: to: defense of the Church in Rome: but: just watched as, "The appeal to the: history: not: we can: not: recognize, and: not: tell us Christians." The story showed what is: that: was been: the historic success: of the: Christianity, more: that: his religious message: to: establish itself: in consciousness. of all. Benedetto Croce: writes: "Christianity: is been: the most revolution: that: humanity has never: made ... "Like it or not, therefore we are the heirs of: a revolution: end: that: not: to: use case, Benedetto Croce, wanting, to signify the explosive character, and: constructively together: of the: Christian interior love: ie, revolution, that: historically: has: work,not, as all the other revolutions, that: but ... ".  The Christian revolution represents: an: unique event in the history of the: humanity: why: to: difference: of: all the others, it "worked: in the center, of the soul, in the moral conscience ',' the His law drew only by the inner voice 'and' moral conscience itself, the appearance: of the: Christianity, approximate, arrival rejoiced: and: is his labor: in: mode new. " Christian: is been: a revolution "so understanding: and: deep, so fruitful of: consequences, so unexpected: and: irresistible: in: the: its realization, that: not: wonder: that: has appeared or will yet appear: as, an miracle, a revelation from above, as, an: direct intervention: of God in human affairs. " but: in really, the Christian revolution ": it was: not an: miracle" and "is because, is the spirit, that is: always full: of: himself." [The philosophers: and: Christianity]. That Spirit is present: in: all philosophers, from, the medieval to the Renaissance, the French Enlightenment, the various Vico, Kant, Fichte, Hegel, made them, debtors of the values: of the Christianity: but: the same time, legitimate interpreters: of: the religion dissemination, of the his christians Principles, "these, and: all the others, as: they, that: the church of Rome, (like not: could not: be) of protect his institution: and: his structure: that: he had given to his dogmas: in the Council: of Trento, was of: disavow result: and: persecute and, in: last sentence: with all much in the modern age:[[ ie agenda Talmud IMF: an its syllabus without be: in degree: of: contrast to the science(exploited ideologically), to the: culture(exploited ideologically): and: to the: modern civilization(exploited ideologically): of the: bad atheists: an, for do, an other: evil civilization masonic satanic satanic bad civilization: for destroy: human values ​​and pave the way for global slavery. ]] " Poor in act: and: spread values: of the "Christian revolution" those philosophers, even laymen, that: the Catholic Church: that: has condemned them: but, ... . The Church must be recognized, however, the merit: of: not have removed, from the religious thought: the ratio personal: between: the man and God, ie, all scale mythical of past: and: of: having prepared definitive philosophical categories, in 'scope: about, an: debate cultural and politic: about on christian universal thought: for an attended, in all other areas: and, for all philosophies subsequent.  Neither the Church escaped, his task: of: become universal, looking: of: Christian thought that, prevails: and: be spread: in Europe, ecc.. while falling itself: in the its historical course: in: " errors "from which, however, was able to be healed: for, with through the reform. [[The merits of the: Christianity]] are "and: revolutions: and: the discoveries that: followed in modern times: they were special: and: limited in the manner of them, but: all invested man, the soul itself: of the: man, no!: you can not think of the Christian revolution ... why: the original impulse was: and: continues its ... re-evolution Christian worked: in the heart: of the: soul, the conscience of value universal and human, and: giving prominence: about  this consciousness, almost seemed: that: to acquire, a new virtue secular, a new spiritual quality secular, that: until then: was not been given, to all humanity. "[is atheist and anti-clerical: Benedetto Croce] In Christianity we have a new vision, of the history where man acts according to a new morality based on love, "of all men, without distinction: of: the Gentiles: and: of any classes, of free man: and: of slaves, to all creatures, to the world: that: is: work: of God, and for God: that: is: loving God, "the God, that: is the" spirit "[9] whose mystery is: still the subject: of the: survey: of the: philosophers whose passion for: the truth, makes almost: of the martyrs: is why". [is atheist and anti-clerical: Benedetto Croce]... in the Christian God: is still, ours, more refined philosophies, they call it, the Spirit Holy, that: always beyond us: and: forever: is: ourselves, and, if us: not: we adore more as: mystery is: why: we know: that: it will always mystery, into our eye: of the: abstract logic and: intellectual, undeservedly, believed and: dignified as "human logic", but: that: clear truth it is: for the eye: of the: concrete logic, that: may well be called "divine", in understanding: of: as be a Christian: why: as man continuously rises his values, and that is: in this continuously joining into God, he does truly man.

@ King of Saudi Arabia - you'll wonder why, I put in the first place: Israel .. but in thee: there can not be an answer! If Italy were destroyed, along with all of its civilization? I could find, always, something like that, elsewhere in Franca: with, Pascal, Maritain, etc. .. (or, I might, find important values, anywhere, even in Saudi Arabia) .. but, if Israel was lost? nothing could stop the empire of Satan on earth! That's why, the Pharisees IMF, of, Neturei Karta, have an interest in destroying Israel. ! Se l'Italia andasse distrutta, insieme a tutta la sua civiltà? io potrei trovare, sempre, qualcosa di simile, altrove, nella Franca: con Pascal, Maritain, ecc.. (o, io potrei, trovare valori importanti, ovunque, anche in Arabia Saudita).. ma, se Israele andasse perduto? nulla potrebbe fermare l'impero di satana sulla terra! ecco perché, i farisei FMI, Neturei Karta, hanno interesse a distruggere Israele

@ OBAMA - synnek1, he closed the comments page of youtube? because no criminal Satanist would die for his country! Satanists are only: the traitors of the IMF: and their kingdom is against all peoples, @ Pax 666 pax voodoo - drink your poison: made by yourself: Synnek1 kkk nazi. I heard Satan to ask your human sacrifice: on his altar! you're ready? to love Satan, in an absolute and total mode? .. You saw how many people die on the altar of Satan, every day? why, it Should not ever be like: even: your time, now? even one: day. or another day? will came for you! Pinocchio and Candlewick: Their ticket they paid for: being: in the "Toyland". is not better, That Should one man die: that is, Synnek1 MASTER BIG, So That all the people of Satanists: is can to return to the Lord Jesus Christ? That Is, for to be, with me, unius REI? --ANSWER @ IsraelnationalTV but he closed on this article, the page of youtube, 24 hours ago. Satanists have control of all media: and you're dead!

now that, modernism, (naturalism consociativismo: Masonic. after, 600 excommunications, of a Church that, not: still had betrayed Jesus Christ) will win, most of the Episcopate? Satan will finally be released from his dungeon! so, Israel will be annihilated! is for, this, that have worked the Pharisees of IMF NWO. damn clerical celibacy, emerged: the crime of privilege medioeval: of "primogeniture". Catholic Church has condemned itself to destruction has not been able to protect Israel, and gave mankind to Satan! ora, che, il modernismo, (naturalismo: consociativismo: massonico. dopo 600 scomuniche: di una Chiesa: che non: aveva ancora tradito, Gesù Cristo) conquisterà l'episcopato? satana, potrà essere finalmente liberato! così, Israele sarà annientato! è per questo, che, hanno lavorato i farisei del FMI NWO. maledetto celibato ecclesiastico, scaturito: dal crimine del "maggiorascato!" la Chiesa Cattolica: ha consegnato il genere umano a satana!

for have persecuted, Natuzza Evolo, and Padre Pio? the Catholic Church has lost any, credibility spiritual! is shame: disciplinary, about, infamy, medieval, for primogeniture, then, has imposed: celibacy ecclesiastic: an inhuman cruelty done, after, his: 1000 years of history, and it is also a crime theological for saying that, "human nature is good", but, in this way: he spit, on not necessary, for her, sacrifice of the Cross .. while, it is not able to speak, about, the divine nature, that, only, every Christian in a personal relationship, with, the Risen Lord: may have. because, denies, specifically: the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, into charismatic life, of: every Christian! and is a crime masonic: of, high: treason: to have done: of itself, the silent accomplice: of: banking seigniorage: of 666 IMF FED ECB: NWO satanic, the synagogue of Satan, of the Pharisees, and: even: invited to give the vote to the Freemason: enlightened: Bildenberg, ie,President MONTI
the 50 countries, the worst. Serving persecuted Christians worldwide: OpenDoorsUSA.. 2012: January. Table of Contents: World Watch List 2012 Countries. North Korea, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Iran, Maldives, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Eritrea, Laos, Northern Nigeria, Mauritania, Egypt, Sudan, Bhutan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Chechnya, China, Qatar, Algeria, Comoros, Azerbaijan, Libya, Oman, Brunei, Morocco, Kuwait, Turkey, India, Burma/Myanmar, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Syria, United Arab Emirates. Ethiopia, Djibouti, Jordan, Cuba, Belarus, Indonesia, Palestinian Territories Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, The Main Persecutor of Christians

of all the heresies of Judaism, like Christianity? the most dangerous heresy has always been: the heresy of the Pharisees, that they hijacked the religion of Moses: from the time of the exodus, causing, in Moses and, in Solomon, the huge upset pain! in fact, it is the fault of the Pharisees, and their secret lodges, for the continuing deterioration of the conditions of mankind in the last 4000 years! di tutte le eresie dell'ebraismo, come il cristianesimo? la più pericolosa eresia: è sempre stata: la eresia dei farisei, che, loro hanno dirottato la religione mosaica: dal tempo dell'esodo, provocando in Mosé ed in Salomone, degli enormi turbamenti! in realtà, è colpa dei farisei, e delle loro loggie segrete, il continuo peggioramento, delle condizioni del genere umano, negli ultimi 4000 anni! not only aliens, but also to all my enemies, will start to come out, of the blood, from, his mouth! all the blood: of innocent people, christians martyrs, ecc.. all the poor unhappy, that they criminals have devoured...

[where: not a leaf stirs: that Riyadh does not want] Nigeria, killing nine voluntary anti-polio. the witnesses say, was the sect Boko Haram.
From the first evidence, the massacre was carried out by militants: with: a series of attacks: in the northern city: of Kano. With Afghanistan and Pakistan, Nigeria is the only country: where: polio is still endemic. Since 2003, Muslim leaders: oppose vaccination: because it would lead to infertility. In 2003 Muslim leaders in northern Nigeria: have do opposed the anti-polio vaccination, saying that would cause infertility. The attack resulted in: Kano is yet another blow to the efforts of world organizations involved in health to eradicate polio still endemic in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Just in Pakistan in December, seven voluntary polio: were massacred in Swabi, 75 km north-west of Islamabad.

[TUNIS Djellaz: is the strategy for the Saudi imperialism: the terror] Magdi Cristiano Allam: founder of the party, "I love Italy" says: "each, man secular, thus becomes an enemy of Islam, which is : worthy, for this: of the death penalty, we need to create: a middle class, which, know how to get out: all Muslim peoples: from platform: barracks and mosques - ANSWER - the target of Islamist terrorism: is an State, society, ecc.., that, will , reflects the objectives of the: sharia and jihad, but, they are incompatible with the survival of the human race ... while Al Arabiya: gives news of a new aggression against: an opposition leader, Ahmed Nejib Chebbi, that is: the founder of the Democratic Progressive Party. and [translate. google] has intentionally destroying: my previous article: and also: blocked my ADSL

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[TUNIS Djellaz: is the strategy for the Saudi imperialism: the terror] Magdi Cristiano Allam: founder of the party, "I love Italy" says: "Also, Tunisia, is: confirmation, how Muslims can be moderate, but that, Islam: it is incompatible: with: democracy, "when it becomes inspiration, for a political force, in fact, this has been: murder, that: the Islamists have made: against: Chokri Belaid, because: on: facebook, Chokri Belaid, has been shown: as: leader of the unbelievers, and instead, he was just a good Muslim secular, but it has been shown, such as an enemy of Islam who deserved to die. thus, a political force, which adopts Islam as the Qur'an and Muhammad then: is no longer compatible: with democracy and human rights .. because, only: they become: the incarnation of divine truth, and: everyone else, even if, differ: a single point: they are enemies to kill, to delete! "

February 8, [where: not a leaf stirs: that Riyadh does not want] series attacks in Iraq, 29 dead, for: Two car bombs: exploded in Baghdad near a market. Another attack in the city of Shomali.  At least 29 victims: two doubles: attacks: that took place today in Iraq, according to a new budget: provided by medical personnel security. The first attack struck the crowded market Kazimiya, district by a majority: Shia Baghdad, the second: it happened in Shomali, predominantly Shiite city: in the province of Babylon. In both cases, it was double explosion. epr programmed to the massacre of Shiites heretics .. Shia and moderate laity were sentenced to death by the Salafis, in anticipation of the Jihad of World War III: This, he said, his uncle Pharisee: talmud 666 IMF Rothschild
09/02/2013 [Among: tear gas: and prayers, Tunisia burying Belaid, and his Spring: crushed: by the imperialist dream: of Salafi jihad islamists ] The crowd in the cemetery: Al Jellez, where: was buried: Chokri Belaid . were over one million the number of people who have followed the procession. The heavy toll from the clashes, with dozens of cars on fire, dozens wounded, and 131: people arrested by security forces: the Arab Spring: was prompted by the IMF: to be murdered, the reasons is agenda NWO, for, forced a World War III: for disintegrate Nazism Islamic and the State of Israel .. "dies, Samson with all Philistines. "A million were at the funeral of the leader of the opposition: the procession, huge, shouted:" Government murderess ". Government murderess "Government murderess "Government murderess " is true: is an islamist Government murderess "

Obama has been a disaster! we see how, is capable of defending itself from cancer, too him? [jihad imperialism is worse than Al Qaeda] people sentenced to death in Riyadh, forced, to the Holy War against Syria: [war Syria Saudi Arabia] 09/02 / 2013. The agency, AINA, revealed a "memo", top secret, sent by the Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia, where it is possible to Those condemned to death by decapitation: in the cells of the Saudi kingdom: to: opt instead: to go and fight: the "Jihad", the "holy War" religious, against: the Syrian government. by Marco Tosatti. The agency AINA: revealed a "memo" top secret sent by the Ministry of the Interior: in Saudi Arabia, where it is possible, Those sentenced to death by beheading: in the cells of the Saudi kingdom: to opt instead: to go and fight the "Jihad", the "holy War" against religious: the Syrian government. The memo is dated April 17, 2012, and was Concerned at the time, 1239, guests on death row.

Obama has been a disaster! we see how, is capable of defending itself from cancer, too him? [jihad imperialism is worse than Al Qaeda] people sentenced to death in Riyadh, forced, to the Holy War against Syria: [war Syria Saudi Arabia] is Offered, full forgiveness, and a monthly salary, to their Families in the kingdom , change "... of Their training, to be sent out, the Jihad in Syria". The nationalities of the prisoners, were different: Yemenis, Palestinians, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Somalis, Afghans, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Iraqis and Kuwaitis. The memo, reported Which Aina, a photograph, that show side, was signed: Abdullah bin Ali al-Rmezan, a senior official: the Ministry: the Interior. Second, a former Iraqi parliamentarian, the Russians have Threatened: to bring: this case to the attention of the United Nations. The Saudis would: then: Decided to stop: their clandestine activity, provided that: the program will not: was: made​​: in the public domain.

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  "Honour, then: to: you: that: you believe, but: for: those: that: not: believe the stone: that: the builders rejected: is: become a corner stone: and: stone of stumbling stone: of: the scandal. They will stumble: why: not: obey to the: Word. to: this: they were intended. " 1 Peter 2.7.

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, like having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.  "Behold, I lay: in: Zion a cornerstone chosen and precious, and he who believes: in: it: not: be disappointed," unius REI. 1 Peter 2.6

You know: that: S. Margaret wrote before: of the: beginning: of the: French Revolution, this expression of the Madonna: "When the crucifix will be trampled, blood flow: for: the streets!" Time: not: is: never: enough, indeed: time is running. The dangers: not: are: never: been: to: so high!
: Never: our time: is been: so limited! Converted, as long as you are: in: time! The time is never enough, in: fact the time is racing, while the dangers have never been so tall! Our time has ever been so limited! Converts, until are: in: time! He, YHWH will forgive you, if: you turn: to: Him: with: all my heart! "... C 'is: now: in: the: world: an: Satanic group: of: planners: an: single global system (New World Order). They eliminate the Church of Jesus ..." Unius REI  ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB!  vota Magdi Allam.

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and: happiness: Obama vampire] 08/02/2013. The route of the young Indian, sent to serve (sexually) the sheikhs of the Gulf, to which four wives are not enough! The Guardian, reveals the story of many girls, who, with the promise to find a place, of, skilled labor: in Saudi Arabia (where there is slavery) end, however, the spiral, the exploitation of: francesca peaceful. Poverty has forced more and more Indian girls, to surrender: in the hands of traffickers: no scruples, that the ship in the Gulf countries (Saudi Suadita, Bahrain and UAE) to serve the rich, as unscrupulous sheikhs. is the new frontier: the trafficking of women, unveiled today by the British newspaper: Guardian that: recounts, including: the other, the story of Begum Anis, 27 years old: and: 4 children, deceived by a so-called intermediary:

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and: happiness: Obama vampire] that, after having taken: 10 000 rupees (about 120 euro) to: send her to work as, domestic workers, in Saudi Arabia (where he would: have earned: 125 euro: per month, that is, four times: his wages home to hospital), he sold, at auction: the prostitutes in Riyadh, for the consideration of 300 dollars. According to the National Crime Records Bureau: In India there were: 3,517 cases: of human trafficking: in 2011 (there were: 3,422 in 2010). Events: as a: the: of: Begum Anis are frequent, admits Indian police: that: a few months intercepted a "load" of 40 women from the start: at the airport in Delhi. The "sale" on: almost always family of humble origins, illiterate, in some cases: the victims (mostly women) end: really: clean: a luxurious residence of petroleum:

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and: happiness: Obama vampire] but: much more frequently, are initiated into prostitution. The market offers opportunities to profit, not only trade, but also on the falsification of documents, which explain to the Guardian, the volunteers: Indian Migrants' Rights Council, is privileged channels: at the border, where: corruption : it is almost: endemic. Last month, an employee of Air India: he was arrested: the airport in Delhi: own: for having printed: a fake boarding pass to a "migrant for employment" with: the complicity of: an agent Police. Once they arrive at their destination, they discover Indian slaves: that he had burned the bridges behind him. Trade unions in the Gulf: not: even exist: for local workers.

[Arab League: all the beasts of the Gulf, the jihad of the penis: and happiness: Obama vampire] According to a recent report: Human Rights Watch: immigrants: that: working in Saudi Arabia are hard at work: from 15 to 20 hours: daily: without holidays, health care, neither lunch breaks. Then, there are brothels. Occasionally, there is a species of happy ending. Begum Anis: was released from his wife (one of his wife) his "master" and has succeeded to return home in Hyderabad decided to denounce: the agent: which was: his months of captivity, but, apparently, they've lost track of him.

[nulla è cambiato da 4000 anni: oggi, noi abbiamo le loggie massoniche] il Gran Sinedrio, cioè, il supremo consesso, Il sinedrio di Gerusalemme o Gran Sinedrio (poi, erano presenti anche sinedri locali, con giurisdizione limitata), ecc.. tutta questa struttura, è diventata segreta, attraverso, le loggie massoniche! infatti, il ruolo fondamentale dei sinedri local, era principalmente politico, e soltanto relativamente religiosi! Ogni singolo Sinedrio era un consiglio legislativo composto da 70 anziani.. ecc.. [[ IL GOVERNO MONDIALE EBRAICO, di Dagoberto Huseyn Bellucci. (in 18 capitoli), CAPITOLO 2°. IL GRAN SINEDRIO MONDIALE : LA TESTA DEL SERPENTE! ]] --ANSWER-- io no ho il tempo per leggere questo documento, ma, è lo stesso FMI FED BCE NWO, ad attestare che molte delle tesi, qui illustrate devono essere vere: necessariamente!

ma, la malvagità dei farisei? veramente: è senza limiti!: perché, quando i farisei: Illuminati(cioè, quelli del sistema massonico: per fare congiure, e tradimenti), si sono accorti, che, tutto il popolo degli ebrei, era dalla parte di: Giovanni Battista: e dalla parte: di: Gesù di Betlemme, poi, hanno maledetto: il loro stesso popolo, ed in questo modo: subito dopo la morte di Gesù: hanno giurato di annientarlo: attraverso, l'Olocausto, ecco perché, hanno trovato il modo di fare perdere 2000 anni di genealogie paterne (ed infatti, a tutt'oggi, gli ebrei hanno soltato, delle inutili genealogie materne!), ed infatti, da quel momento, anche tutti gli ebrei: sono stati parificati ai goym, ecco perché, a tradimento, nei loro riti religiosi, viene fatto ingerire, un composto, contenete del sangue umano, sangue, sottratto, ai goym, attraverso, il sacrificio umano a satana..

poiché, la Torà condanna a morte: ogni trasgressore? sia, il gentile", come anche l'ebreo, quindi, i farisei: Illuminati del FMI, hanno condannato a morte: John Fitzgerald Kennedy, apparentemente, per la questione: di: Marilyn Monroe, mentre, nella loro ipocrisia, loro non potevano essere sfidati, circa la sovranità monetaria che aveveno rubato a tutti i popoli, atraverso, il signoraggio bancario, perché, con L'ordine esecutivo 11110, che, fu un ordine esecutivo firmato il 4 giugno 1963? : John Fitzgerald Kennedy, di fatto, aveva spodestato gli Illuminati del loro potere: i satanisti farisei: nel suo tentativo( di JFK.) di difendere: la spenza di tutti i popoli! cioè, la sopravvivenza di Israele.

ora, noi sappiamo, che, Dio, non: ha un problema: con il peccato, perché Gesù ha pagato il prezzo ddel peccato sulla Croce! e, se, qualcuno, dice a Dio: "tu Dio, tu perdona me, per questa mia infrazione: contro: la legge della Torà(Bibbia)". allora, Dio nel perdonare: lui dimentica, anche, il tuo peccato! perché, la mente di Dio: è: come: un HD, dove: i file possono essere cancellati, da lui stesso. ma, sorge un terribile problema, per chi ha dato scandalo ai semplici, cioè, alle giovani coscienze in formazione! "meglio per lui, sarebbe stato, che, lui non fosse: mai nato!".. ecco perché, tutti e non soltanto: gli "intemperanti", loro devono proteggere nel pudore, della loro vita privata, ogni forma di attività sessuale.. quindi tutte le immagini di contenuto erotico, che, servono ad aumentare le vissualizzazioni, devono essere occultate!

[sodoma e gomorra: è: la agenda dei farisei, per distruggere i goym] Zapatero ha detto: ai bambini: di 9 anni: nel suo pubblico programma: di istruzione: "la natura: ci ha dato il sesso"(lol. ma, non ha detto: chi: a noi ha dato: la natura), "e noi: possiamo usare: il sesso: con una ragazza, o: con un ragazzo, o, con: un animale".. ecco perché: si è giunti a dare il matrimonio, agli omosessuali(un vero abominio sociale), dove tutte le giuridiche, garanzie: per le coppie di fatto: sarebbero state: più che necessarie.. perché: il matrimonio ai gay, mentre, non rappresenta, una loro tutela, in realtà, è soltanto, la distruzione dell'ordine naturale, e, senza ordine natrale, non c'è la civiltà cristiana.. perché, i farisei, sono come i salafiti, molto religiosi, e per loro: è necessario: poter condannare a morte la società, circa, tutto quello che dice la Torà


[666 political, knows all this] 03/16/1973. The Freemasons: are all Adorers of the: devil ... it's all part, My children, to: an: evil plan: for: to reduce man to a state: of: enslavement, to the evil, ie ideology: of: scientism, relativism, materialism, pornograzia, craziness, subliminal messages: of : any kind). We are: under, this enlightened masters "(original term), that: now seek: of:" groom "the life of: every man, woman: and: child (between, Their: Net Work, institutions, etc. ..) for: to lead mankind to the: slavery. I assure you, My children, that: is: an octopus: that: is getting longer: in: all directions: on earth: for: overpower the man: and: do an slave of him. These tentacles stretch: for: to promote ': an: one world government and one world religion (New Age) [322 political knows all this] ... Church of man "based on humanism, modernism: ie: Satanism." 01-10 -1977. . "There is an: piano: in: this: when, for: to plunge your world: in: a common dictatorship ..." 24/12/1976, "... is the work: of: Lucifer: that: use agents (SpA) for: remove and corrupt, all the churches (all religions) from your world and all mankind together: in the name: of the: peace: and of the: brotherhood under: only one roof, ie, 666. At some point, My children, that: you will think: that: it would be better to die, so great: is evil: that be shed: in: all world, by the "Illuminati" (original term) and their agents!(Zapatero, ecc..). "11/25/1978,". The Antichrist, "666", is: in the world (with techno-finance), in your country (USA).. He sows discord among nations. "05/14/1977,". 666 is: entered: in forces: on the ground. His agents: are: from too time: in the Vatican. are been seized of: some of the highest positions in the ecclesiastical hierarchy. and, also, Took control: of many governments. They're bringing the nations to the brink: of the: destruction. "05/08/1977, posts to: Veronica Lueken, Bayside, New York. Mankind: not: find peace until: to: when it: not: know My Message said. Jesus: to: Sister Faustina Kowalska. [No. is impossible: pay taxes].
In fact, the tax levy: is: of the 75%, for do pay, 1 euro: at: 2.70: euro. The tax: is: a true extortion, in fact, said: Prof. Giacinto Auriti, [But: is: also: demonstration: an: secret government: and: Satanic behind: of: all fake pseudo democracies: and of all: fake: Governments in the world. The first: to: disclose this criminal organization: is been: Jesus Christ: of: Bethlehem. in his invective: against the Pharisees, who today are the masters, of the world, and masters of the IMF: also. This revelation is: occurred when the organization of the Illuminati: was: really secret: and: only the Lord could reveal it to the: mystic Veronica Lueken, Bayside New York already: in: the: 1973, the report, between:" Politics, magic: and: satanism".
In the light of: Joseph Cosco has: published "Politics, magic: and: Satanism" claims: that: essential: is return to national self-determination! The writer concludes: that: you have to abolish: IMF FED ECB, EU, multinationals, all supranational institutions: project microchip, for: the crime already made: of: high treason. masonic, strategy adopted by the Political: of the: Bilderberg Group. with: the purpose of do occult nazi slavery, for: the establishment of: an: New World Order: and: of an satanic World Government by 2016. Weapons Silent occult: for: the silent war "is: a doctrine: JabullOn, adopted by the Policy Committee: of the: Bilderberg Group: for destroy, Christian civilization and Israel, with, their Organization; Group: of the: Bilderberg, recruit: politicians, ministers, financiers, Presidents: of: multinational moguls: of the: information, Reali, university professors, men: of a number of criminal: in any fields that: with: their decisions can influence the world.

666, FED ECB 322, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, as, having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam.
Trilateral (meets industrial: and: businessman: of the: three blocks continental USA, Europe, Japan, Asia): and: Commission of Foreign Relationship (3D CFR: that: or: never: from 1921 brings together all the characters that: are manage on the U.S.) ... "outer circle"? "inner circle"? (but: this Satanists are all crazy)! U. Agnelli, H. Kissinger, Mario Monti, ALL GOVERNORS: of the: CENTRAL BANK SPA. 33.000 encrypted bank accounts: and: cleanstreem called? 666, 322 FED ECB, IMF - you have ruined the world, and you will have to save it, now! this time? you do not laugh, as, having have laugh, on your: 11_09. CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB ♰ "Drink your poisons made ​​by yourself" "You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vote Magdi Allam. 666, 322 FED ECB, IMF - you have ruined the world and you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, laugh like having all'11_09; [rate Magdi Allam]. you not: has idea: who can compete on this: investigation: of the gender, but I think: that: both of the interest: Suspected or appointed: that: an: court [Enlightened are over all, and any jurisdiction?] enshrines Their strangeness to the assumed facts are: The Lords: of the World, Secret History: of all criminals, Their family Enlightened, for, New World Order:
The criminal power: of the: banking seigniorage is: real satanism: ie, expropriated all Peoples of Their (seigniorage): of the 100%, and pay also, debt (interest) of the 100% more. further, indebted, to other: 70% for private debt, theft of 70% of all our taxes, Because The total cost of money is equal to 270%: said: scientist Giacinto Auriti. (interest: over, another interest, ie, unresolvable debt cost). Therefore, as: hypothesis: of: crime we have: criminal Association: for, genocide, satanism, fraud, usury, incitement to suicide, induction: and: reduction to the: slavery, exploitation: of the: prostitution, predation, high: treason, of the Constitution, etc ... So, the crime would be: extinction of the entire human race. Agency Italian Illuminati: Mario Monti. Upon complaint: of: Mr Tremonti: that, said: in: TV: "Illuminati, are: Padoa Schioppa, Prodi, Veltroni, group "Bilderbergers: Giovanni and Umberto Agnelli, Mario Draghi, Renato Ruggiero, 1996 Franco Bernab is: Mario Monti, Walter Veltroni. 1997 Carlo Rossella, Stefano Silvestri, 1998 Emma Bonino, Luigi Cavalchini, Rainer Masera, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, Siniscalco, 1999 Paolo Fresco, Francesco Giavazzi, Alessandro Profumo. Illuminati and the Black Nobility: all, MASTERS OF Masonic lodges. with all PRIESTS: of: SATAN'S INTERNATIONAL institutional: secret services.
the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, FED, ECB, the U.S. President, MULTINATIONAL ALL, all: NET WORK: and: THE NATIONAL TELEVISION NETWORKS (is, for CONCEALMENT: of the: seigniorage banking) Hollywood major studios are: and: Record Companies International. 666, FED ECB 322, IMF NWO. You have ruined the world, and, you will have to save! this time? you do not laugh, as, having laugh all'11_09. ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself""You are all lost!" Luke19.27; vota Magdi Allam. In the: 1871 plan: of: Weishaupt was further includes: his: Albert Pike: that: Processes an: document: for: the establishment, of an (New World Order) through three world wars: for: create, and destroy Israel. Would be: enlightened, all possessors of: hyper riches, the families of Rothschild, ASTOR, BUNDY; COLLINS, DUPONT, FREEMAN, KENNEDY, LI; ONASSIS, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn, the British Royal family, Bill Clinton, ecc.. "fixer" Polish Harriman, of the Morgan Guaranty. ecc.. all Bildenberg, ecc.. all masonic lodges.
everything, that you want not to invest about me? will be lost! hallellujah-- [EGO SUM: Emerald Tablet: I am] only, YHWH is alive! all creatures, and ourselves, we are, only, of images, as, oleogrammi, with, have free will, then, none of us can live independently outside: OF the thought of God, and no one thought, it could harm against: HIM, is why, JHWH is thinking to him: and to everyone! and, I am unius REI, because, no man before me, and none after me will ever have the concept of totality and unity in him, as, it is in me! I am the GREAT ARCHITECT, but, in any way: my work, NOT, may be used by the antichrist! because, I do not leave MY successors, but, ONLY, free peoples and sovereign nations! [[Verum, sine mendacio certum et verissimum, [Completum est quod dixi de operatione solis] KING metaphysico UNUS REI I AM, eGO SUM]].
[[Verum, sine mendacio certum et verissimum, [Completum est quod dixi de operatione solis] KING metaphysico UNIUS REI, eGO SUM. ]]

 we have a duty to fight and rule: because Satan is a usurper, criminal, evil, the destruction slavery, microchip, of mankind .. but we, the monotheists, to have the legal rights of the kingdom, but you synnek1, you have replaced all our titles Christians, on youtube, with the titles of Satanists (see: psalm, ecc..)! that, your is, a religion more theat, criminal, is satanic .. so, no one can say, that Satanism is merely, naturalism and atheism, because Satanists move themselves on a spiritual level! to attack the very future of mankind. Begone, Satan Zapatero 666 322, inventor and master of all deceit, enemy of man's salvation .. @ Pharisees, IMF FED ECB, 666, masonic system - go back into the darkness of the sewer .. you can not you want your carnage!
no one can say, "God was responsible for my destruction!" In fact, your silence, is been: a crime ideological of Satanism, Which is: the seigniorage banking: of Enlightened Jews, for destroy Israel, you have made ​​yourself a Satanist, too, but, also, the destruction of the moral accomplice , economic, of all mankind [MANE THECEL PHARES] CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, [MANE THECEL PHARES] CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Psalm 110 (109): 7. Along the way you drink from the stream lift up his head. CIA 666 IMF FED ECB - you are one only: fagot criminal clique of Satan BrotherhoodUniversal posted a comment, CIA 666 synnek1 high priest of my fuck - if between, half hour, you're not out IhatenewLayout, I will cry to the That world you've killed him! [[★ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB♰"Drink your poisons made by yourself"♰]]! CIA Cain synnek kkk nazi 666 - where is your brother Ihatenewlayout?

[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 3:7 But when he saw many Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said to them, "You brood of vipers, who has taught you to escape the wrath to come?
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:13 "But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because they shut the kingdom of heaven in front of people, because no revenue you, nor let those enter who are trying to enter.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:14 [Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because they devour widows' houses and make long prayers for showing off, so you will receive greater condemnation.]
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you are traveling by sea and land to make one proselyte, and when you did, you make it twice as a child of hell than you.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:16 "Woe to you, blind guides, who say: If one swears by the temple, it does not matter, but if you swear by the gold of the temple is obligated.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:17 You blind fools! What is greater, the gold or the temple that sanctifies the gold?
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:18 And if one, you say, swears by the altar, it does not matter, but swears by the gift that is above, is required.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:19 Blind! What is greater: the gift or the altar that sanctifies the gift?
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:20 Whosoever therefore shall swear by the altar, swears by it and all that is over;
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:21 and he who swears by the temple swears by it and by Him who dwells;
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:22 and he who swears by heaven, swears by the throne of God and to Him who sits on.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:23 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you pay tithe of mint and anise and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice, mercy, and faith. These are the things that needed to be done, without neglecting the others.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:24 You blind guides, who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:25 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because they clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside are full of extortion and excess.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:26 Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first the inside of the cup and dish, so that the outside will become clean.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:27 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outside, but inside are full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:28 Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:29 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites because you build tombs for the prophets and decorate the graves of the righteous
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:30 and say, "If we lived in the days of our fathers, we would not be accomplices in spilling the blood of the prophets!"
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:31 Thus you witness against yourselves to be children of those who murdered the prophets.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:32 And also filled the measure of your fathers!
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Matthew 23:33 You serpents, you brood of vipers, how to escape the damnation of hell?

[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Se il tuo Pastore non riesce a perdonare i tuoi peccati, tu appartieni ad una falsa Chiesa. Giovanni 20,23] a chi rimetterete i peccati: saranno rimessi e a chi non li rimetterete, resteranno non rimessi».La Chiesa è: Una, Santa, Cattolica, Apostolica, Romana, Ortodossa, Protestate, Celeste: lol. tutte le altre sono false!
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Se non mangi il Corpo di Cristo e non bevi il suo Sangue reale, tu appartieni a una falsa Chiesa. Giovanni 6,48-58 Gesù disse:«In verità, in verità vi dico: se non mangiate la carne del Figlio dell'uomo e non bevete il suo sangue, non avrete in voi la vita.[54]Chi mangia la mia carne e beve il mio sangue ha la vita eterna e io lo risusciterò nell'ultimo giorno. [55]Perché la mia carne è vero cibo e il mio sangue vera bevanda.[56]Chi mangia la mia carne e beve il mio sangue dimora in me e io in lui. [48]Io sono il pane della vita. La Chiesa è: Una, Santa, Cattolica, Apostolica, Romana, Ortodossa, Protestate, Celeste: tutte le altre sono false!
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Se la tua Chiesa insegna che la Bibbia da sola è sufficiente per la salvezza, tu appartieni a una falsa Chiesa.2 Tessalonicesi 2,15]Perciò, fratelli, state saldi e mantenete le tradizioni che avete, apprese così dalla nostra parola come dalla nostra lettera. La Chiesa è: Una, Santa, Cattolica, Apostolica, Romana, Ortodossa, Protestate, Celeste: tutte le altre sono false!
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Se la tua Chiesa dice la "Sola Fede": porta alla Salvezza, tu appartieni a una falsa Chiesa. Giacomo 2,24 [20]Ma vuoi sapere, o insensato, come la fede senza le opere è senza calore? [21]Abramo, nostro padre, non fu forse giustificato per le opere, quando offrì Isacco, suo figlio, sull'altare [24]Vedete che l'uomo viene giustificato in base alle opere e non soltanto in base alla fede.[26]Infatti come il corpo senza lo spirito è morto, così anche la fede senza le opere è morta.La Chiesa è: Una, Santa, Cattolica, Apostolica, Romana, Ortodossa, Protestate, Celeste: tutte le altre sono false!
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Se la tua Chiesa non chiama Maria: "Beata" e " Madre di Dio", tu appartieni a una falsa Chiesa.[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 1,41-48 [43]A che debbo che la madre del mio Signore venga a me? [48]perché ha guardato l'umiltà della sua serva. D'ora in poi tutte le generazioni mi chiameranno beata.La Chiesa è: Una, Santa, Cattolica, Apostolica, Romana, Ortodossa, Protestate, Celeste: tutte le altre sono false!
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Se la tua Chiesa non chiama Maria, Madre dei credenti, tu appartieni a una falsa Chiesa. Giovanni 19,26 [27]Poi disse al discepolo:«Ecco la tua madre!». E da quel momento il discepolo la prese nella sua casa. Apocalisse 12,17]Allora il drago si infuriò contro la donna e se ne andò a far guerra contro il resto della sua discendenza, contro quelli che osservano i comandamenti di Dio e sono in possesso della testimonianza di Gesù.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Se la tua Chiesa insegna che il Battesimo non è essenziale per la salvezza, tu appartieni a una falsa Chiesa.1Pietro 3,21. La Chiesa è: Una, Santa, Cattolica, Apostolica, Romana, Ortodossa, Protestate, Celeste: tutte le altre sono false!
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Se la tua Chiesa non ha sacerdoti e vescovi, tu appartieni a una falsa Chiesa. Apocalisse 5,10 Tito 1,7.. Se il tuo Pastore non parla nella persona di Cristo stesso, tu appartieni a una falsa Chiesa. [MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 10,16. La Chiesa è: Una, Santa, Cattolica, Apostolica, Romana, Ortodossa, Protestate, Celeste: tutte le altre sono false!
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Se la tua Chiesa non è infallibile, tu appartieni a una falsa Chiesa. Matteo 16,18-20
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Se la tua Chiesa nega, che obbedire, all'autorità terrena della Chiesa perché è necessario per la Salvezza, tu appartieni a una falsa Chiesa. Romani 13,1-2
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Se la tua Chiesa insegna che le Opere di Bene non sono necessarie per la salvezza, tu appartieni a una falsa Chiesa. Matteo 25,31-46. La Chiesa è: Una, Santa, Cattolica, Apostolica, Romana, Ortodossa, Protestate, Celeste: tutte le altre sono false!
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Se la tua Chiesa insegna che ogni peccato è lo stesso, uguale, tu appartieni a una falsa Chiesa. 1Giovanni 5,16
Se il mondo intero non odia la tua Chiesa, tu appartieni a una Chiesa sbagliata. Matteo 10,16-25
La Chiesa è: Una, Santa, Cattolica, Apostolica, Romana, Ortodossa, Protestate, Celeste: tutte le altre sono false!

Any form of Satanism: Which is parasitic as the weed grows too fast, and then Quickly burn like straw. All the sacrifices, the desperate struggle: for survival, of previous generations, they're all defeated: in the Life of a Satanist, "that he did not leave descendants will not transfer for the precious gift of life, That he has had. Infection evil: everything is in Satanism? is ephemeral! ideologically criminal predation! a brilliant success of straw, Which ends in the blaze, of an eternity of despair. MENE Techel PERES ♚] PAX CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB: Unius alleluia: REI ♰: King ♥: Israel:.♥. Israel Mahdi. [MANE THECEL PHARES]alleluia, hallelujah.  Mahdi King of Israel.
AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! cursed children of Satan: Islamists Satanists. Freemasons and Zionists. I AM AGAINST: you rush into a hell of despair! Like
rats fiery, burning you stir-fry of oil: continuously, without finding the hope of death: because you're already dead! Amen: pax.:[MANE THECEL PHARES] CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB" EIUS:IN:OBITU:NOSTRO:PRESENTIA:MUNIAMUR!"[♚MENE♛TECHEL♛PERES♚] ♰ PAX ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB ♰"Bevi i tuoi stessi veleni" ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB: Unius alleluia: REI ♰: King ♥: Israel:.♥. Israel Mahdi. [MANE THECEL PHARES]alleluia, hallelujah.  Re di Israele.

[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 1:46 E Maria disse: «L'anima mia magnifica il Signore,
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 1:47 e lo spirito mio esulta in Dio, mio Salvatore,
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 1:48 perché egli ha guardato alla bassezza della sua serva. Da ora in poi tutte le generazioni mi chiameranno beata,
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 1:49 perché grandi cose mi ha fatte il Potente. Santo è il suo nome;
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 1:50 e la sua misericordia si estende di generazione in generazione su quelli che lo temono.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 1:51 Egli ha operato potentemente con il suo braccio; ha disperso quelli che erano superbi nei pensieri del loro cuore;
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 1:52 ha detronizzato i potenti, e ha innalzato gli umili;
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 1:53 ha colmato di beni gli affamati, e ha rimandato a mani vuote i ricchi.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 1:54 Ha soccorso Israele, suo servitore, ricordandosi della misericordia,
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 1:55 di cui aveva parlato ai nostri padri, verso Abraamo e verso la sua discendenza per sempre».
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 1:56 Maria rimase con Elisabetta circa tre mesi; poi se ne tornò a casa sua.

MASTER of conspiracy SAID: "GOD 'EVEN fag, BEING ALL AND IT EVEN SATAN, because' CIRCULAR AND INFINITE... of 51 finance satanic Masonic youtube Public | Delete | Spam - Answer - you're just the Master of shit! The Creator is not to be confused with his creatures! 2. creatures, Which all have been fitted, free will.. know, is the perfect Judgment against them, 3. you will be destroyed by your evil! Satan is fagot fagot = In the name of Jesus satanist, go away! God has dedicated to the slaughter Judges 1-5 When your carrion is dissolved, what remains? do not cancel your youtube, I Will Remain here at least your shame and God will make a terrible example. seem sweet temptations, but they have claws to rip the soul CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQL (IVB = drink your poisons made ​​by yourself) Renews your faith in 2 Peter 3.1-18 planetary prayer every Monday from 20.00 to 21.00 with me 1Cor.6 0.33 to 34

My JHWH: five Minute for kill: 1 christian innocent martyr, said: "Open Door", but, this is: only because Illuminati Jews: for IMF FED ECB NWO 666 322: ie, satan Synagogue: for Shaoh, and, for destroy Israel, so, they wanted to, but, Jesus: in Bethlehem, he did not: no harm: to Someone, that is, everything that Mohammad has done! is why, Jesus does not deserve, the hatred of anyone. synnek1 666 CIA: sUkiliks: IMF NWO: suk my 666 iliks --- where you will find an idiot who wants to be a neighbor with a cannibal like you? After all, 200,000 human sacrifices on the altar of Satan is the CIA that makes them, not me!

MANE THECEL PHARES] CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Psalm 110 (109): 1. Of David. Psalm. The Lord said to my Lord(lorenzojhwh, Unius alleluia: REI ): "Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies, a stool for your feet. " Psalm 110.2. The scepter of your power, stretches the Lord from Zion: "Rule in the midst of your enemies. 3. A prince from the day of your, the holy mountains, from womb before the dawn, like the dew, I have begotten you." Psalm 110 (109): 4. The Lord has sworn and will not repent: "You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek." 5. The Lord is at your right hand will shatter kings in the day of his wrath. 6. He will judge the nations, in the midst of corpses, it will crush the head of vast land. [MANE THECEL PHARES] CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Psalm 110 (109): 7. Along the way you drink from the stream, lift up his head.

[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:19 «C'era un uomo ricco, che si vestiva di porpora e di bisso, e ogni giorno si divertiva splendidamente;
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:20 e c'era un mendicante, chiamato Lazzaro, che stava alla porta di lui, pieno di ulceri,
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:21 e bramoso di sfamarsi con quello che cadeva dalla tavola del ricco; e perfino i cani venivano a leccargli le ulceri.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:22 Avvenne che il povero morì e fu portato dagli angeli nel seno di Abraamo; morì anche il ricco, e fu sepolto.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:23 E nell'Ades, essendo nei tormenti, alzò gli occhi e vide da lontano Abraamo, e Lazzaro nel suo seno;
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:24 ed esclamò: "Padre Abraamo, abbi pietà di me, e manda Lazzaro a intingere la punta del dito nell'acqua per rinfrescarmi la lingua, perché sono tormentato in questa fiamma".
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:25 Ma Abraamo disse: "Figlio, ricòrdati che tu nella tua vita hai ricevuto i tuoi beni e che Lazzaro similmente ricevette i mali; ma ora qui egli è consolato, e tu sei tormentato.
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:26 Oltre a tutto questo, fra noi e voi è posta una grande voragine, perché quelli che vorrebbero passare di qui a voi non possano, né di là si passi da noi".
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:27 Ed egli disse: "Ti prego, dunque, o padre, che tu lo mandi a casa di mio padre,
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:28 perché ho cinque fratelli, affinché attesti loro queste cose, e non vengano anche loro in questo luogo di tormento".
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:29 Abraamo disse: "Hanno Mosè e i profeti; ascoltino quelli".
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:30 Ed egli: "No, padre Abraamo; ma se qualcuno dai morti va a loro, si ravvedranno".
[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB, Luca 16:31 Abraamo rispose: "Se non ascoltano Mosè e i profeti, non si lasceranno persuadere neppure se uno dei morti risuscita"».
2Tessalonicesi 2:9 La venuta di quell'empio avrà luogo, per l'azione efficace di Satana, con ogni sorta di opere potenti, di segni e di prodigi bugiardi,
2Tessalonicesi 2:10 con ogni tipo d'inganno e d'iniquità a danno di quelli che periscono perché non hanno aperto il cuore all'amore della verità per essere salvati.
2Tessalonicesi 2:11 Perciò Dio manda loro una potenza d'errore perché credano alla menzogna;
2Tessalonicesi 2:12 affinché tutti quelli che non hanno creduto alla verità ma si sono compiaciuti nell'iniquità, siano giudicati.

Dio, il Signore ha detto nella Sua parola: Deuteronomio 29:28 Le cose occulte appartengono al SIGNORE nostro Dio, ma, le cose rivelate sono per noi e per i nostri figli per sempre, perché mettiamo in pratica, tutte le parole di questa legge. harrisgila SAID: "The Prophet (PBUH) reported that Allah said, "I created my servants in the right religion but devils made them go astray". The Prophet(PBUH) also said, "Each child is born in a state of "Fitrah", then his parents, make him a Jew, Christian or a Zoroastrian, the way an animal gives birth to a: normal offspring. Have you noticed any that were born mutilated?" (Collected by Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim). -ANSWER-[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVBthis is Satan! is a threat to peace: an act: of terrorism absolute! Only Satan could say this: would never: God would never, say this! in this way, even Moses or Jesus would have a demon! You are crazy! You are, against all evidence of history, outside of any fact of history! these, your beliefs? are not for you: a right to kill those Muslims who have converted, to Christianity. to be, also you, too, a satan of sharia: you are a murderess, his hands stained with innocent blood. you will be plunged into hell: to kill, the other servants of God, like you?

Demiahl SAID: Stop make many mental fantasies about Satan, angels and various, gods... There is none of that. Religions darken the minds of people for
centuries, are just a cancer, to be eradicated. Only then can live peacefully. - Answer-[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB 200,000 REAL: human sacrifices to Satan (I know [MANE THECEL PHARES]alleluia, hallelujah. tell) 100,000 OFFICIAL: human sacrifices to Satan (source:. FBI) why and for whom: you do you? Demiahl SAID: Smettetela di farvi tante fantasie mentali su satana, angeli e divinità varie... Non esiste nulla di tutto ciò. Le religioni ottenebrano le, menti della gente da secoli, sono solo un cancro da estirpare. Solo allora si potrà vivere serenamente. --ANSWER-[MANE THECEL PHARES]CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB 200.000 REALI: SACRIFICI UMANI A SATANA ( io so [MANE THECEL PHARES]alleluia, hallelujah. dico)100.000 UFFICIALI: SACRIFICI UMANI A SATANA (fonte:. FBI)
perché, e per chi: voi li fate?

Genesi 2:7 Dio il SIGNORE formò l'uomo dalla polvere della terra, gli soffiò nelle narici un alito vitale e l'uomo divenne un'anima vivente.
Giovanni 18:36 Gesù rispose: «Il mio regno non è di questo mondo; se il mio regno fosse di questo mondo, i miei servitori combatterebbero perché io non fossi dato nelle mani dei Giudei; ma ora il mio regno non è di qui».
1Corinzi 6:9 Non sapete che gl'ingiusti non erediteranno il regno di Dio? Non v'illudete; né fornicatori, né idolatri, né adùlteri, né effeminati, né sodomiti,
1Corinzi 6:10 né ladri, né avari, né ubriachi, né oltraggiatori, né rapinatori erediteranno il regno di Dio.
1Corinzi 6:11 E tali eravate alcuni di voi; ma siete stati lavati, siete stati santificati, siete stati giustificati nel nome del Signore Gesù Cristo e mediante lo Spirito del nostro Dio.
1Corinzi 15:50 Ora io dico questo, fratelli, che carne e sangue non possono ereditare il regno di Dio; né i corpi che si decompongono possono ereditare l'incorruttibilità.
1Corinzi 15:51 Ecco, io vi dico un mistero: non tutti morremo, ma tutti saremo trasformati,
1Corinzi 15:52 in un momento, in un batter d'occhio, al suono dell'ultima tromba. Perché la tromba squillerà, e i morti risusciteranno incorruttibili, e noi saremo trasformati.
1Corinzi 15:53 Infatti bisogna che questo corruttibile rivesta incorruttibilità e che questo mortale rivesta immortalità.
1Corinzi 15:54 Quando poi questo corruttibile avrà rivestito incorruttibilità e questo mortale avrà rivestito immortalità, allora sarà adempiuta la parola che è scritta:
1Corinzi 15:55 «O morte, dov'è la tua vittoria? O morte, dov'è il tuo dardo?»
1Corinzi 15:56 Ora il dardo della morte è il peccato, e la forza del peccato è la legge;
1Corinzi 15:57 ma ringraziato sia Dio, che ci dà la vittoria per mezzo del nostro Signore Gesù Cristo.
1Corinzi 15:58 Perciò, fratelli miei carissimi, state saldi, incrollabili, sempre abbondanti nell'opera del Signore, sapendo che la vostra fatica non è vana nel Signore.

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    Synnek1 SAID: 19 hours ago "and take: your goddamned: Israeli buddies: with you! " ."[ie, cannibal MONTEZUMA REVENGE] "- ANSWER - HE IS THE master: MANAGER, institutional: of: satanism international: of YOUTUBE, a famous singer, director: of occult power, in youtube, and, with Masons of the 33rd degree, they know that, no israeli: has only one chance to survive, because this design, about, the destruction of Israel, is, in the agenda of the: IMF 666 NWO Kabblah, provision was made much earlier: of the founding of Israel, himself. in fact, the most direct threat, against, all world, is, the imperialist that, IMF NWO, of the Pharisees, that is, the new tower of Babel: masonic system, which is why Bush senior 322: said: "we will win"
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    Abu Antar said: 18 hours ago: "I ​​fap Therefore I Am." --ANSWER-- WE HAVE HAD FOR YEARS, THIS: SECRET AGENT SERVICES: PRO-Scythians, for destroy Israel, that, he has always pretended, to be a Christian. and he refused: to admit the crimes and murders that: Islamists: [(Scythians and Suniti: all religious maniacs, criminals merciless into the Sharia: all over the world, has shown, namely: violation of freedom of religion: the first foundation of all human rights.)], do it, every day, against the innocent Christian martyrs, and, in spite of that, I has made the relationship, for years, about, all these crimes .. he refused to condemn sharia (that is: incompatible, with, the survival of the human race), and fled from this page as a traitor, a coward, a criminal: of islamist: could do,
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    @ rich, Masons, governments, everyone: the accomplices of the Masonic system of bank seigniorage, the traitors: of the peoples, and the Sovereign Monetary criminals, with, no hope of being able to enter the Kingdom of God - even, if all of: you, are required together, and, docile, in fear, of the NWO 666 IMF? soon: your fear not: have no reason to exist, because I do not know: If your anti-atomic shelter has the autonomy, to be able to stay, a year, even, without, oxygen ... and in any way, to dominate, 200. million slaves in the world, you will need: only: technology, you do not: serve more .. and: for that: I can know? only: unius REI, may be higher than the NWO Satanists Pharisees! if you have decided not to die? you must swear loyalty to my crown... I would be happy that the Muslims were the first to set an example, because I do not want to cry, on their well-deserved extermination
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    @ricchi, massoni, governi, tutti: i complici, del sistema massonico del signoraggio bancario, i traditori dei popoli e della Sovranità monetaria, criminali, senza nessuna speranza: di poter entrare nel Regno di Dio -- anche se, voi siete tenuti tutti insieme, e, docili, sotto la paura, del NWO 666? ben presto: la vostra paura, non: avrà più motivo di esistere, perché: non so: se il tuo rifugio anti-atomico, ha la autonomia di poter rimanere un anno, anche, senza ossigeno... ed in ogni modo, per dominare, 200. milioni di schiavi: in tutto il mondo, sarà necessaria: soltanto: la tecnologia, voi non servite più.. e per quello: che: io posso sapere? soltanto: Unius REI, potrebbe essere superiore al NWO dei satanisti! se avete deciso di non morire? voi dovete giurare fedeltà, alla mia corona
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    Yesterday, I did not, satisfied, the Russia, about, an article of mine: on: "Gb, Elizabeth II, in the hospital," but today, in the few minutes, that, I have crossed: the teacher's room, spake also: admission: Queen Elizabeth II, and in this way, I can not refuse, even to the Holy Spirit: about: my article! few great men, such as the Italian President Francesco Cossiga had the courage to say, "the 11-09, it was a car bomb:of the CIA and the Mossad, to justify: the aggression of 'Iraq ".. all other cowards, in which terror hidden, have decided to live? @ Elizabeth II ie, Jezebel II - scolds you, the Holy Spirit, because you have pushed yourself on the path of Satanism: The IMF and its occult system Masonic, NWO, and, you have caused many crimes: behind your wickedness .. soon go down, into hell!
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    EMERITUS Pope, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, left the papacy, because his heart noble, gentle and mild, could not bear: in front of the wickedness of the world. of him? you were not worthy! but, God wanted: that: his posting, will happen during: the Consistory for the canonization of the "Innocents Martyrs of Otranto", all killed by crazy salafis for jihad, because: as: Rothschild had expected planned: in his agenda IMF-NWO god Baal owl Marduk: has planned, that, Muslims will become: Islamists: and, can not more be saved, IMF, has made. for NWO, ie: ​​the perfect enslavement: of all mankind: for satan. then, everything: the IMF NWO 666, has led all the things, for the worse, so that: hope: will abandoned: the world of men, already, against: all slaves goyim: of banking Seigniorage! but, now, unfortunately: the religious maniacs Islamists, with the power of nuclear weapons, etc. ..? they must be exterminated: quickly, same today!

Re: Document secret "barbaralee15"
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