political value theology Unius REI

1_12. @ To all: governments, if: you think, that: the third world war can be expected, of: another 100 years! [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] in what Christianity is different: from other religions? Simple, Christianity not: is: a religion, but: is: a PERSON, resurrected Jesus Christ of: Bethlehem "Yeshua Ha Maschiach," I'm sorry, if: someone gets hurt, with: my words, but: this is: the truth! why: every religion, a cult applies, for: join, the divinity of the world: men, in some way, while we Christians not: we need of: worship: if: is: true, that: the Spirit Holy dwells in our bodies deified: and is He, the Holy Spirit, that: he is: committed to: pray in us, with: his inexpressible groans! It was as: the Apostle says: 'We do not: even know, as: we must pray, but: the Spirit himself intercedes for: us with: inexpressible groanings. (Romans 8: 26)
2_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] Therefore, the potential cultural revolution, sublimation, of the: civilization for: human progress, that: Christianity door, if: the same, of course, this vitality, not: is: was, something, that: it is still full! He won, "Yeshua Ha Maschiach", son of: David, that: he sits at the right hand of the Father, where everything already: is: was placed: under his feet, (end of the: history! why: if Christ is: resurrected?, then, the story is: really over!). why God also: if: He is: the Spirit more noble: subtle, holy, and: pure?, he is, nonetheless, a community of: love, (a family in if: same) of: infinite love, and: of: infinite justice (ie, of: infinite: and: perfect unit) (as people without: these feelings can be said of being men of God? They, ie, Salafis, Wahhabis, Illuminati, communists, Pharisees, etc. ..
3_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] all: the real racists, and murderers, that: they think of: to be saints, only, why: not: are adulterers, etc. .. etc. .. but: this is: the truth, they are of men: Satan, only!), because this love between, of: them (including the Father, and The Son?): is: the generation of the: Holy Spirit, that is, another Divine Person, however, is: always one, and only, God! why: we accept (without discussion) modern knowledge: of the: psychoanalysis: that: to: several occasions, he says, (the one man), the existence of: three: subjects of: consciousness [three "I" ]: and: of: three levels of: knowledge: three levels of: personality, always in the same man: that is, the identity of the: same one man, and: then?, not us: we accept, that: God said: of: be: to: our image, and: similarity (transitive property):
4_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] because: he has done to us: his image and: resemblance?, If: the Jewish Temple: is: the meaning , of: this, in fact, it is: composed: of: the main three elements: to: symbolize: 1. the spirit (spirit) (Blessed), 2. the soul (psyche soul) (saint or atrium, internal), 3. body: body (see: hall outside: of the: Jewish temple). this reality together vital element: water (1. steam 2. ice 3. liquid), all: these examples show the three forms: of the: reality as: electron: proton, and: neutron, etc. .. and: here, the examples could be very long! Now, involvement: of: with God: the man through the human experience of Jesus Christ: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" brought God: YHWH, to: share everything with, the flesh of man, even to: Do ​​the experience: he: of the: larger: abandonment, pain,
5_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] misunderstanding, injustice, ingratitude, that is, the experience: of the more great abyss of destruction, but: why: the desire of God: of: love man? is: was: an absolute desire: and: total! if: him not: he: also, the determination: of: to give total: if: the same?: that is, of: transfer: the very nature of: infinite divine, to: us, for: the virtue of the: faith (and who is not: did you know? key for: come to God: is: right faith: that is born, has its foundation: not: in some established religion, but: the universal natural law: for: to achieve : to: have personal experience of the: Resurrection of :: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach")! So, we have seen a God, that: not: give something, of: if:, but: that: Contribute if: same: totally! Because, in the first instance, the angels were excluded: the ability of the: divine nature
6_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] (such as a test of the: their loyalty, and: of the: their dignity), here is that: we imagine next The reason of the: their rebellion: of: 1/3 of: them: for: and envy: jealousy): why: in a surprising way: the political reality of the United of God, would have developed: not: to : start of the: supernatural angelic nature, but: to: from man Jesus, "Yeshua Ha Maschiach"! Here's why: the Pharisees and the high priests (always in the balance: between the possibility of: extermination, genocide of the: their people for centuries: they saw this threat as: upcoming by immense: and : powerful Roman empire: the reign of the: idolatry: that: of course not: he could tolerate and presumption: Rise of the: monotheism), then, if: Jesus had put his power: to: disposal: of the : Jewish particularism? They would have hailed both as the Messiah, that: as: King, Son of: David,
7_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] but: because Jesus has put the theological value and: political: of the: its action: to: Please: to: available: of: all: the peoples of the: mankind?, That here :: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" not: only, he was disappointed: The chief priests and the Pharisees killers: racist of the: Talmud, but: also, disappointed, his disciples, creating in them, terrible conflicts of: consciousness: why: also: they felt betrayed! In fact, their political expectations: not: they were absurd: why: the apostles, not: to thought: if: same as: to: men of: any religion, but: have always thought that: their action was an action policy: that is, rebuild the Kingdom of Israel: [[Atti Apostles 1.6. Thus, (until the last moment of the first: Ascension) that have occurred to: find:
8_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] :: set to "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" [Acts of the: Apostles: 1,6] asked him (again, a time): "Lord, is: this time: that restore the kingdom of Israel?". [of the Acts: Apostles: 1,7]. but: he said, "not: it is up to them: you know the times and: the moments, that: the Father has fixed by his own authority", now, right, these are the times, of the United of: Palestine (Israel), and I am unius REI: for: this: that I am: the only one that: has the legal right, of: build the Jewish Temple: why: if: worship: is: only Jewish? However, the feature: of the: Jewish Temple: is: a universal feature! and: we are not: we are: the racists of the: the synagogues of the murderers of the Pharisees: IMF, why: us in Palestine us not: hunt anyone! if: you think that: the third world war can be expected, yet, another 100 years, is this: the only alternative: why: I am a political messiah, that: not: only the Jews,
9_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] but: that: also: the Christian community is waiting: for 200 years, and: Because I not: I can: never be the enemy of: a people at all? and: therefore, I not: I can never be: the enemy of: none, positive values: that every nation has as: the reference of the: he is! and: if: my identity: not: do of the: evil: other identity? against: anyone: he is honest and: peaceful? then, all: have the duty of the: reciprocity with: me: and: of: imitate my feelings: of: Justice and: of: truth, and: of: not: doing violence: at the: consciousness of the: people: and: therefore, the secular governments, must be guaranteed: why: the protection of the: identity: of the: sacred: of the: of consciousness: each, to: all, is always recognized, freedom of: religion! why: the way to God is: always the way of the: good: and is: always blessed: in every way! Here's why: honestly:
10_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] in this way: Jesus "Yeshua Ha Maschiach": not: he never denied it: in life, and as: Risen the possibility: of: restructuring: the Kingdom of Israel, as: image: of: a universal kingdom: political: that is, of the: universal brotherhood: that is, my kingdom: of: UniusREI! Currently: I not: I want to list, what are the privileges of: those, that: are covered of Christ, and take: the powers of the: God, in them. 1. Because: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" took on of: if (each effect: and every consequence, of the: sin), and: then, all: our injustices, and: our death? are all finite, against: of: Him! then, the sons of God (they are declared innocent and always, in every way) so their not: they must suffer: no injustice, disease and suffering: death .. why: now if you have faith, for: move mountains? he can prove it! to all my enemy, "Satan, full of envy and jealousy? he just: burns inside of you!"
11_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] to: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" you can be: forever: 1. Priest, and King: Prophet! 2. Son of God: sitting (in tenth dimension) in the heart of the: Resurrected Body: of: Christ on the Throne of God, the right hand of the Father 3. is: pass: for: us: the problem of the: purgatory, and: of the: paradise: why: the sons of God, it can be subjected to the judgment 4. established for: always 5. reconciled, 6. sanctified, 7. deified, 8. made perfect, 9. rejuvenated, 10. justified, 11. renewed, 12. transfigured, 13. glorified, 14. enthroned, 15. predestined, 16. protected, 17. parking, 18. forgiven, 19. pacified, 20. released, 21. saved, 22. redeemed, 23. cured, 24. blessed: with: all: the 1500 biblical blessings: of: 25. wealth: and: of prosperity, 26. Christified, 27. representative, governor, and ambassador of the United of God, at: other domains, etc. .. etc. ..
12_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] [(citations:. 2 Peter 1.5 to 9; Romami8, 1 and 2 Corinthians 5:17; Revelation 12, 11, 10.19 to 23 Jews, John 14.12-13, John 5.24, Acts 26.18, Romans 5:8-10 Colossians 1.12 to 14; Hebrews 10.14, Hebrews 13.12; 2 Timothy 2:21; Deuteronomy 7.6 to 8; 1 John 1.7, Rev. 1.5 to 6; Colossians 1:20; 1 John 5.7 to 8 ;)] - Answer -: if: WANT ? WE CAN Escape, the Anger of God, that: weighs upon the world! but: there are still a few days, for: to build the Kingdom of Palestine, and: for: pledge our allegiance: in the hands of the: his king, lorenzojhwh, lorenzoAllah, ie, unius REI! @ Synnek1, and Ihatenewlayout - the power that: YHWH has given to: me (a sinner as: all) for: time: and: in eternity? is: a power without: comparisons and: without: comparisons! this is: the mystery of the: and the mystery of the faith: my position towards of: He, the Holy One of Israel, the Lord YHWH Living!

Jesus of Bethlehem, the Apostles, like Abraham and Moses and all the prophets?, They are characters that belong to the modern scientific historiography! [criminal blasphemous arxel666gamer] you swear: in pubblic against: an reality: that, you do not know! because: you can not prove, nothing about the origin of life, and yet, you do yourself: an insult, ever, against justice, ie a form of secular maximalism, which is an ideological regime: of communist, for the destruction democratic values​​, ie agenda IMF talmud, agaisnt all goym: for bullying the eternal and ideological, theory of the evolution as religion, for all goym, ie form of humans, but, are only true animals, for make slaves of Rothschild IMF Kabbalah 666 322 NWO, ie, new, babilon tower: Satanism ideological and practical, of Baal at Bohemian Grove, you god owl!
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