The European Union, Nobel Prize 2012 for ‘Peace’, violates basic human rights and obscures Syrians TV channels.

October 22, 2012 – After the great success of the Syrian media in dealing with the ferocious attack, armed and mediatic, against Syria, the EU ministers have agreed, with the administration of the satellite Hotbird and Eutelsat, to stop completely the spread of the Syrian satellite TV channels on the Eutelsat and Hotbird platform orbits.
As part of the media campaign against Syria, in a unilateral action in contrast to the terms of the contract agreed, Hotbird has suspended the deployment of Syrian satellite television channel, and this kind of attitude by Hotbird violates the rules of professional ethics of the media and transgresses, inexcusable, the rules and principles of the media.
This is irrefutable evidence of the alignment with the hostile project  implemented against Syria, as a nation and as a people, and is a behavior that recognizes the interests of the Zionist project. (SyrianFreePress.net Network)

The Syrian Television has been censored & banned in Europe, but the Video-News-Nouvelles-Noticias are still availble on our channels in English, French, Spanish, Italian:


L’Unione Europea, Nobel 2012 per la ‘Pace’, víola i basilari diritti umani e oscura i canali TV Siriani.

22 Ottobre 2012 – Dopo il grande successo dei media siriani nell’affrontare il feroce attacco, armato e mediatico, contro la Siria, i ministri europei hanno concordato con l’amministrazione del satellite Hotbird ed Eutelsat di sospendere completamente la diffusione dei canali televisivi satellitari siriani dalla piattaforma di Hotbird Orbite Eutelsat.
Nell’ambito della campagna mediatica contro la Siria, in un’azione unilaterale in contrasto con i termini del contratto stabilito, Hotbird ha sospeso la diffusione dei canale televisivi satellitari siriani, e questo tipo di atteggiamento da parte di Hotbird viola le regole deontologiche dei media e trasgredisce in modo volgare ed ingiustificabile le norme ed i principi dell’azione dei media”.
Tutto ciò è la prova inconfutabile dell’allineamento al progetto ostile attuato contro la Siria, come nazione e come popolo, ed è un comportamento che premia gli interessi del progetto sionista. (TG24Siria.com)
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