QATAR Qatar buying up crisis-stricken Europe

08/20/2012 PAKISTAN
Paul Bhatti against NGOs and activists who "speculate" on blasphemous disabled girl affair
by Jibran Khan
The prime minister's special adviser on national harmony is working closely with Muslim leaders to keep a lid on the situation and save Rimsha Masih from prison. He expects "positive developments" but is highly critical of those who are exploiting the incident for their own "gain." Islamabad bishop slams distorted versions and "immature" attitudes.
Islamabad (AsiaNews) - A "sad" incident has caused the flight of "more than 600 families [. . .] fearful of violence," said Paul Bhatti, the prime minister's national harmony adviser, as...

08/20/2012 EGYPT
Muslim Brotherhood against journalists and judges who criticise Morsi
TV host Tawfiq Okasha is accused of insulting Islam after he broadcast the ritual execution of an apostate. President Morsi wants him banned from all TV channels. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to eliminate all anti-Islamist judges and control the Constitutional Court.
08/20/2012 INDONESIA
Anti-Christian attacks mark the end of Ramadan in Java
by Mathias Hariyadi
This year's Idul Fitri was tarnished by bloodshed and violence. In Solo, a grenade was thrown at a police station; no victims were reported. In Bandung, police tells priest to stop Mass as many fear attacks by Muslim extremists.

08/20/2012 NEPAL - QATAR
Ramadan "saves" 67 Nepali migrant workers in Qatar
by Kalpit Parajuli
Without pay for four months, the workers took refuge in a mosque near Doha. In the month of fasting, Muslims engage in works of charity towards the poor and needy. Now the Nepalese workers are demanding the embassy helps them to be repatriated.
08/20/2012 RUSSIA
As the Orthodox (belatedly) forgives Pussy Riot, Russians want to put affair behind them
by Nina Achmatova
Russians are fed up with the "excessive" attention given to the affair, which has even changed their speaking habits. Putin critics are tired and ashamed by the whole thing, which has discredited the country abroad. About 79 per cent are aware of the affair; for more than a third, the band broke moral rules.
08/20/2012 INDIA - SRI LANKA
Sri Lankan refugees, Hindus and Christians, around Our Lady of Madhu
by Nirmala Carvalho
For the first time, the Capuchin Fathers in Vazhavanthan Kottai refugee camp (Tamil Nadu) organized the festival in honor of the Virgin Mary, venerated by Catholics and Sri Lankans. India "hosts" thousands of refugees from the civil war in 118 camps. A priest denounces the plight of Sri Lankan refugees in India.
08/20/2012 CHINA – JAPAN
Chinese take to the streets over Diaoyu / Senkaku. Beijing stands idly by
by Chen Weijun
In the last two days popular demonstrations have verged on hysteria over Japanese "abuses" on the disputed archipelago. In Shenzhen, more than 20 thousand people overturned Japanese cars and smashed shops and restaurants from the Land of Rising Sun under the eyes of police, who did not intervene. Experts agree: "It is convenient for Beijing to let people vent their frustrations. But if the demonstrations were to degenerate, they are ready with the repression. "
08/20/2012 VIETNAM
Authorities against Catholic leper colony in Dak Pnan, as Kontum bishop brings comfort
by Nguyen Hung
Mgr Michael Hoàng Đức Oanh's visit brings confidence and hope to villagers after local officials recently ordered the removal of Christian symbols and the destruction of the bell tower, replaced by a picture of Ho Chi Minh. The prelate calls on the faithful to remain steadfast in their faith through charity, despite persecution.
08/20/2012 CHINA
Death penalty for Gu Kailai. Still silence on Bo Xilai
The sentence was suspended for two years. Gu Kailai’s sentence could be commuted to life imprisonment and perhaps a release on medical grounds. Two million Chinese blog comments. Four heads of the Chongqing police department, sentenced to prison for withholding evidence of Gu’s crime. Great Britain is pleased that trial does does not apply death penalty.
08/20/2012 MYANMAR
Burmese government ends “all media” censorship after 50 years
From today, newspapers and broadcasts of political or religious nature will not be subject to prior examination. Last year, the government had already removed controls on less ideologically "sensitive" newspapers and magazines. A further signal of the path of democratic reforms promoted by Thein Sein.
08/19/2012 VATICAN
Pope: Jesus, bread of life, was not a messiah who aspired to an earthly throne
During the Angelus, Benedict XVI explained that Jesus did not seek popularity, that he pushed his disciples to decide, receive him in faith without being shocked about his humanity, joining Him in a deep and personal way. The rediscovery of the Eucharist "expresses all the humility and holiness of God, his becoming small, a piece of the universe to reconcile it fully in love."

Altri articoli
08/19/2012 PAKISTAN
An 11-year-old disabled Christian girl arrested for blasphemy, 300 families flee by Imran Morris
08/18/2012 BAHRAIN
A 16-year-old killed by police
08/18/2012 TIBET - CHINA
Mystery surrounds the fate of five Tibetan monks arrested by Chinese police
08/18/2012 RUSSIA - POLAND
Russian Orthodox patriarch and Polish Catholics sign reconciliation message to evangelise the world
08/18/2012 INDONESIA
Mass exodus of Muslims marks the end of Ramadan by Mathias Hariyadi
08/18/2012 PAKISTAN
For Pakistan priest, basic communities are a place to meet and value faith by Jibran Khan
08/18/2012 CHINA - NORTH KOREA
Kim Jong-un's uncle ends China visit boosting ties between Beijing and Pyongyang by Wang Zhicheng
08/17/2012 RUSSIA
Moscow court finds Pussy Riot guilty of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred
08/17/2012 QATAR
Qatar buying up crisis-stricken Europe
08/17/2012 PAKISTAN - INDIA
Persecuted in Pakistan, Hindu and Christian minorities find little protection in India by Nirmala Carvalho
08/17/2012 SRI LANKA
Forty radical Buddhists attack Protestant clergyman and his wife in Matara by Melani Manel Perera
08/17/2012 INDONESIA
Corruption and nepotism holding back Indonesia by Mathias Hariyadi



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08/20/2012 14:55 PAKISTAN Paul Bhatti against NGOs and activists who "speculate" on blasphemous disabled girl affair by Jibran Khan The prime minister's special adviser on national harmony is working closely with Muslim leaders to keep a lid on the situation and save Rimsha Masih from prison. Islamabad (AsiaNews) - A "sad" incident has caused the flight of "more than 600 families [. . .] fearful of violence," said Paul Bhatti, the prime minister's national harmony adviser, as he spoke to AsiaNews about the arrest of an 11-year-old girl with Down's syndrome who could get life in prison for alleged blasphemy. --ANSWER--> NO! REALLY, YOU ARE: THE MURDERERS OF MONSTERS of SATANaLLAH! the true God: my holy Allah? spits at you!

@ CIA IMF 666,322 Arab League: a little: satanallah: and a great Satan, NWO: for one only Owl devil: the 3rd WW Nuclear: for destroy Israel ---> [Moscow once again accused the West of arming Syrian rebels ([and militias Salafi: of Saudi imperialism]) that: fight against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The media, and other sources, writes the Deputy Foreign Minister: Gennady Gatilov: on Twitter, indicating "more massive deliveries: weapons: Manufacturing: Western Syrian opposition." ] [Mosca accusa nuovamente l’Occidente: di armare i ribelli siriani([e le milizie salafite: dell'imperialismo saudita]): che: combattono, contro, il regime di Bashar al-Assad. I media, e altre fonti, scrive il vice ministro degli Esteri: Gennady Gatilov: su Twitter, indicano «sempre più massicce consegne: di armi: di fabbricazione: occidentale: all’opposizione siriana». ]
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    @CIA IMF 666 322 ---> WE THE KINGDOM OF GOD? WE ARE TIMELESS! we are not of excrement during decomposition like you!

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    @AMEN --> My anger devours men! and the terror burn: came is before me: is why: terror comes early: my appearance: is in my anger burn, also, into hell all together, all my enemy, indeed, is the hell, that, to came followed me, the my anger, for to: swallow: devour all my enemies: because I am REI Unis: forever and ever!

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    teaching of today? serves to show: how the Word of God is only: the 10 Commandments of Moses! and how the divine word is visible in the eyes of every child that comes into the world! how, in the leaf, and in every sense: of goodness and justice, etc. .. and they are not animals in human form (as said the tamud) or idolaters (as said the Koran: or dust, as they say the Vedas against Dalits)! because men of religion become Satanists: in mode too easily! and many evils: violence, wickedness and crimes: they are popular in the world: it is because, few of them are not worthy, of hosting the: Holy Spirit, which is the purity and wisdom: that is the Holy Spirit of JHWH!

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    Honnêtement? Comme tous: Je ne sais pas: le calendrier de Dieu! mais ce dont je suis sûr: unius REI: il est: l'obsession de la destruction, la mort, le désespoir et l'angoisse (oui, en mode surnaturel): tous les criminels satanistes: racistes: les menteurs, les prédateurs, jusqu'à ce que, à la fin du monde jusqu'à: venu du Vrai Messie: Fils de Dieu: il sera révélée, et cette nature corrompue, enfin, sera devenu immortel! mais UNIS REI: c'est parce que: il était assis: sur le trône de Dieu: comme un petit chien: est assise sur les genoux de son maître. @ Rothschild 666 Baal Marduck FMI FED BCE: Maçonnique banque de seigneuriage:?! "Que vous voulez faire, le roi d'Israël Ok Mais d'abord, tu dois soulever,

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    votre usage privé du FMI, et vous devez appeler: tous les Juifs en Palestine ! parce que, nous disons: «le royaume de Dieu»: simple:. parce que la monarchie est la meilleure forme de gouvernement pour cela, vous avez tué: tous Re: les rois: il vaut mieux être en mesure de: proies: rob: et corrompu: tous les peuples! ici, parce que, vous le faites exterminer les Juifs, dans l'Holocauste, Shoah, parce que, vous avez peur du Royaume de Dieu! ", alors vous avez peur des Juifs! voici pourquoi: avec votre Talmud: plein de mensonges: vous faites tout: pour cacher tes crimes, d', le satanisme et l'extermination, et sur ​​le point de créer un sentiment artificiel: de la haine: entre: les peuples et les religions, et en particulier: un climat de haine contre nature, entre les chrétiens et les juifs .. mais votre criminelles mal? est évident pour tous!

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    et tous les criminels, que: ils font le mal: un peuple épris de paix: et innocents: les personnes: avec faux: la motivation pour certains religieuse ou idéologique (des conneries: pour le Talmud, la Torah et le Coran)! En fait, cela est évident: tous les livres sacrés: ils ont subi la contamination: car, quelques déclarations: elles sont en contradiction avec: le contexte général: c'est la sainteté des sentiments infinis de Dieu, qui est son amour infini: et sa miséricorde, pour toutes les créatures! C'est pourquoi, la propriété privée: ce n'est pas la valeur absolue!

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    Abraham had never seen, Melchizedek, but immediately made ​​an act of submission or vassalage him and gave him a tenth of everything, because: he knew at once that, Melchisedk was superior to him! it's true! Abraham was not too holy! and it was not the first man, that He believed: in one God! However, only Abraham is the founder of monotheism! but, though: Melchised was very holiest of Abraham, but, was not him, the founder of monotheism, but, Abraham only, was chosen to be The Father of all peoples, while Melchiseck: is the firstborn of every eternal priesthood! Why did God choose me to be (Unis REI) over: than any creature, human or angelic? it is because I was the most ambitious man, but, as to be a sinner? lol. I can win each leaderboard!

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    az99920 رد:R:رد:R:رد:R:رد:frind came on كويتي بحق ! شكرا اخي العزيز لك كل التقدير التي تشع نور الصدق

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20/08/2012 PAKISTAN
Paul Bhatti contro ong e attivisti: hanno "speculato" sul dramma della bambina disabile blasfema
di Jibran Khan
Il consigliere speciale del premier per l’Armonia nazionale lavora a stretto contatto con leader musulmani per mantenere la calma e salvare dal carcere Rimsha Masih. Egli promette “sviluppi positivi”, ma non risparmia critiche verso “chi ha sfruttato la vicenda per tornaconto personale”. Vescovo di Islamabad: versioni distorte e atteggiamenti “immaturi”.
Islamabad (AsiaNews) - Un fatto di cronaca "triste" che ha causato la "fuga di oltre 600 famiglie cristiane nel timore di nuove violenze". Così Paul Bhatti, consigliere...

20/08/2012 EGITTO
I Fratelli musulmani contro giornalisti e giudici critici di Morsi
Il presentatore Tawfiq Okasha accusato di "insulto all'islam" per aver diffuso un video sull'esecuzione rituale di un'apostata. Il presidente Morsi vuole che sia bandito da tutte le tivu. Il suo processo è in settembre. I Fratelli musulmano vogliono eliminare tutti i giudici anti-islamisti e controllare la Corte costituzionale.
20/08/2012 INDONESIA
Java, attentati e attacchi contro i cristiani segnano la fine del Ramadan
di Mathias Hariyadi
La festa di Idul Fitri nel fine settimana macchiata da episodi di violenze. A Solo una granata colpisce una stazione di polizia, ma non vi sono vittime o feriti. A Bandung la polizia chiama un sacerdote e intima di sospendere la celebrazione della messa; timori di assalti da parte di estremisti islamici.

20/08/2012 NEPAL – QATAR
Il Ramadan “salva” 67 lavoratori migranti nepalesi in Qatar
di Kalpit Parajuli
Senza stipendio da quattro mesi, gli operai hanno trovato rifugio in una moschea vicino Doha. Nel mese sacro del digiuno, i musulmani si impegnano in opere di carità verso poveri e bisognosi. Ora i lavoratori chiedono all’ambasciata nepalese di essere rimpatriati.
20/08/2012 RUSSIA
La Chiesa ortodossa perdona (in ritardo) le Pussy Riot e i russi ora vogliono solo dimenticare il caso
di Nina Achmatova
I russi provano "fastidio" per "l'eccessiva" attenzione al caso, che ha cambiato le abitudini linguistiche. Anche fra i critici di Putin, insofferenza e vergogna per una vicenda che ha screditato l'immagine del Paese all'estero. Secondo un sondaggio, il 79% delle persone conosce il caso e per oltre un terzo le giovani hanno "infranto la morale".
20/08/2012 INDIA – SRI LANKA
Profughi dello Sri Lanka, indù e cristiani, attorno a Nostra Signora di Madhu
di Nirmala Carvalho
Per la prima volta, i padri cappuccini del campo di Vazhavanthan Kottai (Tamil Nadu) hanno organizzato la festa in onore della Madonna, onorata da cattolici e non dello Sri Lanka. L’India “ospita” migliaia di profughi della guerra civile in 118 campi. Un sacerdote denuncia le difficili condizioni dei rifugiati srilankesi in India.
20/08/2012 CINA – GIAPPONE
Diaoyu/Senkaku, la Cina scende in piazza. E Pechino lascia fare
di Chen Weijun
Negli ultimi due giorni le manifestazioni popolari in Cina contro gli “abusi” giapponesi riguardo l’arcipelago conteso hanno sfiorato l’isteria. A Shenzhen più di 20mila persone rovesciano automobili nipponiche e sfondano ristoranti e negozi del Sol Levante sotto gli occhi della polizia, che non interviene. Gli esperti concordi: “A Pechino fa comodo lasciarli sfogare così. Ma se le dimostrazioni dovessero degenerare, sono pronti con la repressione”.
20/08/2012 VIETNAM
Le autorità contro il lebbrosario cattolico di Dak Pnan. Il conforto del vescovo di Kontum
di Nguyen Hung
La visita di mons. Michael Hoàng Đức Oanh ha ridato fiducia e speranza agli abitanti del villaggio. Nei giorni scorsi funzionari locali hanno ordinato la rimozione dei simboli cristiani e la distruzione del campanile. Al loro posto, una foto di Ho Chi Minh. Il prelato invita a mantenere salda la fede e viva la carità, anche nelle persecuzioni.
20/08/2012 CINA
Pena di morte per Gu Kailai. Sempre silenzio su Bo Xilai
La sentenza è sospesa per due anni. Se Gu Kailai si comporterà bene, la condanna si tramuterà in ergastolo e forse potrà essere liberata per motivi medici. Due milioni di commenti sui blog cinesi. Quattro capi di dipartimento della polizia di Chongqing sono stati condannati alla prigione per aver nascosto le prove dell'assassinio di cui è responsabile Gu. La Gran bretagna apprezza che al processo non si faccia uso della pena di morte.
20/08/2012 MYANMAR
Dopo 50 anni, il governo birmano abolisce la censura “su tutti i media”
Da oggi anche i quotidiani e le trasmissioni di natura politica o religiosa non saranno soggette al vaglio preventivo. Lo scorso anno l’esecutivo aveva già rimosso i controlli su giornali e riviste meno “sensibili” a livello ideologico. Un segnale ulteriore del cammino di riforme democratiche promosso da Thein Sein.
19/08/2012 VATICANO
Papa: Gesù, Pane di vita, non era un Messia che aspirasse a un trono terreno
All'Angelus, Benedetto XVI spiega che Gesù non cerca consensi, ma provoca i discepoli a una decisione, ad accoglierlo nella fede, senza scandalizzarsi della sua umanità, unendosi a Lui in modo personale e profondo. Riscoprire l'Eucaristia, "che esprime tutta l'umiltà e la santità di Dio: il suo farsi piccolo, frammento dell'universo per riconciliarlo interamente nell'amore".

Altri articoli
19/08/2012 PAKISTAN
Islamabad, 11enne disabile cristiana arrestata per blasfemia; 300 famiglie in fuga di Imran Morris
18/08/2012 BAHRAIN
Manama, giovane 16enne ucciso dalla polizia
18/08/2012 TIBET – CINA
Mistero sulla sorte di cinque monaci tibetani arrestati dalla polizia cinese
18/08/2012 RUSSIA - POLONIA
Il patriarca ortodosso russo firma la riconciliazione con i polacchi cattolici per evangelizzare insieme il mondo
18/08/2012 INDONESIA
Jakarta, esodo biblico dei musulmani per festeggiare la fine del Ramadan di Mathias Hariyadi
18/08/2012 PAKISTAN
Sacerdote pakistano: comunità di base, luogo di incontro e valorizzazione della fede di Jibran Khan
18/08/2012 CINA - COREA DEL NORD
Conclusa la visita dello zio di Kim Jong-un in Cina. Più forti i legami fra Pechino e Pyongyang di Wang Zhicheng
17/08/2012 RUSSIA
Mosca, Pussy Riot colpevoli di teppismo motivato da odio religioso: due anni di prigione
17/08/2012 QATAR
Il Qatar si compra l'Europa colpita dalla crisi economica
17/08/2012 PAKISTAN - INDIA
Minoranze indù e cristiane perseguitate in Pakistan; senza garanzie in India di Nirmala Carvalho
17/08/2012 SRI LANKA
Matara, 40 buddisti radicali attaccano un pastore protestante e sua moglie di Melani Manel Perera
17/08/2012 INDONESIA
Corruzione e nepotismo frenano la crescita dell’Indonesia di Mathias Hariyadi