ISLAM - CHRISTIANITY A Muslim convert talks about Christ

» 07/26/2012 16:41
A Muslim convert talks about Christ
by Bernardo Cervellera
By coming out openly on TV, with the danger of recognition and persecution for 'apostasy,' Mohammed Christophe reasserted the importance of conversion and baptism. In Muslim nations, various bishops and priests refuse to baptise Muslims who want to become Christian. Yet, conversion means a revolution in the relationship with God, the father, and Jesus, who gave his life, for one gives up everything putting one's life at risk.

Rome (AsiaNews) - A few days ago, the website of Notre Dame de Kabylie posted a tape in which a former Muslim, Mohammed Christophe Bilek, talked about his conversion to Christianity. The original broadcast, which focused on the persecution of Christians, first appeared in 'Dieu Merci' (Thank God), a show that deals with religion on Direct 8, a French TV channel.

Mohammed Christophe Bilek was born in Algeria in 1950 and has lived in France since 1961. He is the author of two books: Un algérien pas très catholique (A not very Catholic Algerian), published by Cerf (1999) and Saint Augustin raconté à ma fille (Saint Augustine as told to my daughter), published by Éditions Qabel (2011). In the 1990s, he founded the Notre Dame de Kabylie (in French), a website devoted to evangelisation among Muslims and Muslim-Christian dialogue.

In the video, Bilek highlights the risk Muslim converts face when accused of apostasy, an offence that can be punished by death. Nevertheless, he insists on the importance of baptism, the encounter with Jesus Christ and affiliation with the Church.

His views go against those of priests and bishops in Muslim countries, who prefer to dissuade or even deny baptism to Muslims who want to convert out of fear for the consequences they and Christian communities might face.

Is baptising banned?

A few weeks ago, a bishop in an Arab country in the Middle East told me that police threatened to close one of his communities because members had advertised a Christian-Muslim meeting on dialogue. Police were concerned that this might be the first step towards so-called proselytising and apostasy. "If this is the reaction to a meeting on dialogue, imagine what it would be if we had a conversion," an embittered bishop said.

It is no wonder then that the prelate is against conversions and baptisms for only this seems to be the way to preserve the little freedom of worship that exists in the country in question.

In places like Morocco, and until recently Algeria, the situation is such that dioceses were instructed not to baptise Muslims who want to convert to Catholicism because "local laws ban it."

Fr Samir Khalil remembers that a few years ago, he met a Muslim whose request for baptism was rejected for 13 years. Baptism, he was told, would bring him a lot of trouble, force him to emigrate to avoid being executed for apostasy, and endanger the priest performing the baptism. And yet, for all this time, the would-be convert studied the Gospels and the catechism on his own and led a life of prayers.

In Egypt, the Christian clergy also tends to avoid baptising Muslims; only a few priests have done so in secret. Speaking to AsiaNews, a religious who has been in Egypt for decades, said that baptising at any cost "is against the Second Vatican Council because the Council said that non-Christians can also find salvation outside the Church." Implicitly, this means that baptism is unnecessary and that people find salvation according to their circumstances.

This is not the place to start a theological debate about the faith in Christ and the salvation of non-Christians. Suffices it to say, that both Dominus Iesus and the Doctrinal note on some aspects of evangelization reiterate the importance of a 'visible' and socially relevant affiliation to Christ and the Church.

What is more, baptism is a life-changing experience, one that alters the convert's perception of life. Changes occur in the here and now, not in some future 'eternal' life after death. For this reason, offering others the baptism is not a superficial deed but a gift of life and hope in the present. Being baptised or not being baptised are not equivalent.

Christians' 'solar' God vs the Qur'an's 'lunar' God

Faith changes the present in a profound and meaningful way. On Notre Dame de Kabylie, Mohammed Christophe explains his conversion by stressing his new understanding of God.

"If the God of the Qur'an is the same as that of the Christians, why did I, Mohammed, become Christophe," he asked himself. "Having lived in Islam, practiced its precepts among people who are still Muslim (his family still is), I continue to be dazzled by the discovery of the Gospel," he said by way of answer.

"The light that comes from the Gospel suggests a comparison, one based on a certain premise. Anyone who wants to talk about the God of Islam must refer to Qur'an. If we replace the word 'God' with 'light', the light of the Qur'an is lunar, that of the Gospel is solar."

"Whether God is one, i.e. the creator, whatever the name we might have given him, is something I can accept. If we stuck to this premise, it would not be necessary to leave Islam and become Christian."

"Yet, Jesus came to reveal, first to the Jews, then to all men, that 'God is your Father, that God loves you and wants you with Him to give you His life!' Upon such words, I do not hesitate one moment. I accept the offer, not once, but twice. I know that the Qur'an makes an offer in which I may deserve (but that is not certain) a carnal and materialist heaven (Sura 38, 50-52) that reminds me more of ads for vacation spots to idle away the time under the tropical sun than of the certainty of 'knowing' my God and Lord."

What about the images we have of Christ and Mohammed? Two quotes say it all for Mohammed Christophe. In one case, Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd. A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep," whilst in the other, Mohammed is told "O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses" (Sura 33, 50)."

"Let us be serious. It is one thing to say 'there is but one God for all;' it is another to say that He is interested in me, insignificant worm, to the extent that he 'deifies' me in Jesus. [. . .] Such revelation was my calling."

Jesus, man's freedom without submission

Mohammed Christophe also speaks about apostasy and the possibility of death that comes from following him.

Christ says, "Are you ready to follow me and leave everything for me? When one realises what Jesus asks, out of love, we can see how difficult it is to follow him. It is also one thing to say 'yes' with one's lips; it is another to leave everything behind for Him.

"For those of us who come from Islam, this means breaking with one's past, family and community as well as one's moral or spiritual certainties."

"I say it is much easier to remain a Muslim, not take a stance (since we have the same God). There are many easy excuses not to make the break, not to accept this transformation, not to die in oneself and not to follow Christ. Conversion is demanding and cannot be done without his help."

"This is what the rich youth in the Gospel could not do, because, at least at the start, one must freely agree. Jesus does not impose on me any "submission" but only the freedom to love him."

"This is an important difference. Does God create us as free men or slaves? Depending on our answer, God is not the same. In one case, I risk the punishment reserved for apostates or unbelievers; in the other, I am the prodigal son expected by his father, who calls all his servants as soon he sees him on the horizon."

"Leaving Islam is dangerous. It is done at the risk of one's life. Thus, dear brothers and sisters in the West, welcome and help those who do it."

"I insist. I am not talking about the God of the Muslims but of the God of the Qur'an. Muslims are my brothers; perhaps one day, they may be my brothers and sisters in Christ."

"Since the 1990s, this has not only been a hope but it has also been a reality that has made me rejoice and praise the Lord. Alleluia! Jesus has come to save all men, Muslims included."

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08/20/2012 14:55 PAKISTAN Paul Bhatti against NGOs and activists who "speculate" on blasphemous disabled girl affair by Jibran Khan The prime minister's special adviser on national harmony is working closely with Muslim leaders to keep a lid on the situation and save Rimsha Masih from prison. Islamabad (AsiaNews) - A "sad" incident has caused the flight of "more than 600 families [. . .] fearful of violence," said Paul Bhatti, the prime minister's national harmony adviser, as he spoke to AsiaNews about the arrest of an 11-year-old girl with Down's syndrome who could get life in prison for alleged blasphemy. --ANSWER--> NO! REALLY, YOU ARE: THE MURDERERS OF MONSTERS of SATANaLLAH! the true God: my holy Allah? spits at you!

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» 2012/08/20 15:57
by Jibran Khan

伊斯兰堡(亚洲新闻)- 巴基斯坦总理民族和谐事务特别顾问保罗·巴蒂就一名十一岁智障女孩儿被捕事件向亚洲新闻通讯社指出,这是一起"令人痛心"的事件,"导致六百多个基督徒家 庭因害怕暴力迫害而流离失所"。 这名不幸的少女因所谓渎神罪的指控,甚至面临终身监禁。天主教人士巴蒂强烈抨击了那些利用这一事件大肆炒作的非政府组织和人权组织、捏造事实真相。伊斯兰 堡-拉瓦尔品第总主教区总主教鲁芬·安东尼蒙席全力支持,痛斥上述组织及人员"歪曲事实和不成熟的表现"。


目前,巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里密切关注事态进展。昨天,他受命内政部长对此展开深入调查、要求保护基督徒的生命财产安全。同时,巴蒂作为总理特别顾问召集了 国内穆斯林领导人协商妥善解决问题的办法,竭尽全力控制局面、避免冲突和暴力事件的再次发生。他还专门成立了三人委员会负责地区安全。就这一事件,巴基斯 坦天主教政治领导人告诉亚洲新闻通讯社,"这孩子有智力障碍,根本不是故意的"。强调"目前局势在控制之中"、"很快会有积极进展"。同时,巴蒂痛斥人权 组织和非政府组织恶意炒作这起事件,"不顾基督徒的痛苦"。


伊斯兰堡-拉瓦尔品第总主教区总主教鲁芬·安东尼蒙席完全赞成这一立场。批评人权活跃分子的做法"不成熟","完全用个人观点去曲解事实"。他盛赞巴蒂" 正在竭尽全力让媒体和互联网远离这起事件",以防干扰事件的解决。总主教强调,"许多在网上发表评论的人不知道,他们(不负责任)的话会造成无法想象的后 果"。

根据巴基斯坦天主教会全国正义与和平委员会发表的《二O一一年人权监督》报告,二O一O年,至少40人被控所谓渎神罪。其中包括15名基督信徒、10名穆 斯林和6名伊斯兰邪教艾哈迈迪团体成员。因此而死亡的人,多为法外执行。自这一法规实施的一九八六年至二O一O年,巴基斯坦全国因渎神罪被控的共有 1,081名。其中138名基督信徒、468名穆斯林和454名艾哈迈迪团体成员。

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2012/08/19 巴基斯坦
2012/01/30 巴基斯坦

08/20/2012 14:55
Paul Bhatti against NGOs and activists who "speculate" on blasphemous disabled girl affair
by Jibran Khan
The prime minister's special adviser on national harmony is working closely with Muslim leaders to keep a lid on the situation and save Rimsha Masih from prison. He expects "positive developments" but is highly critical of those who are exploiting the incident for their own "gain." Islamabad bishop slams distorted versions and "immature" attitudes.

Islamabad (AsiaNews) - A "sad" incident has caused the flight of "more than 600 families [. . .] fearful of violence," said Paul Bhatti, the prime minister's national harmony adviser, as he spoke to AsiaNews about the arrest of an 11-year-old girl with Down's syndrome who could get life in prison for alleged blasphemy. The Catholic politician does not spare activists and human rights organisations from his criticism. In his view, they have manipulated the facts and speculated on the matter for personal gain. Mgr Rufin Anthony, bishop of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, agrees. In his view, "many social network users don't understand that their comments have an impact on the affair."

Rimsha Masih, an 11-year-old girl with a mental disability, was arrested a few days ago for violating the 'black law.' She is accused of burning ten pages of an Islamic booklet, Noorani Qaida, used to learn basic Arabic and the Qur'an. She is also said to have thrown them into the garbage inside a plastic bag. In reaction to this, a mob of hundreds attacked the girl's family, threatening to do the same to the local Christian community. The girl is now in a juvenile centre in Rawalpindi, after she was remanded in custody for 14 days on Saturday.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is closely following the affair. Yesterday, he ordered the Interior Ministry to investigate the matter. At the same time, he said that Christian lives and property must be protected. "We will not allow the misuse of the blasphemy law at any cost," he said. "We want to ensure that it is not used by anyone for a personal gain," he added.

For his part, the prime minister's Special Adviser on National Harmony Paul Bhatti summoned Muslim religious leaders. He wants their cooperation to keep a lid on the situation and avoid any further incidents. He also set up a three-member committee to monitor security in the area.

Speaking to AsiaNews about Rimsha Masih, the Catholic leader noted that "she suffers from Down's Syndrome" and did not do anything "intentionally." Her actions should be seen in light of her age and health. "The situation is under control," he said reassuringly, "and we will have positive developments soon."

At the same time, Bhatti, who is the brother of Shabbaz Bhatti, the Catholic Minority Affairs minister slain on 2 March 2011 by Muslim extremists for his opposition to the blasphemy laws, does not mince words about human rights activists and NGOs. In his view, they have exploited the matter, each "telling its own version," and manipulated "Christian suffering."

He said they acted "immaturely," playing with the lives of more than 600 Christian families. "They have no interest in human life." The Internet and social media should be used more responsibly. "They should stop posting anything without confirmation" for their own "gain."

Mgr Rufin Anthony, bishop of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, agrees with Bhatti. The prelate, who condemned the incident, noted that the girl "did not do anything intentionally," and that she has been "traumatised" by the course of events.

He said human rights activists were "immature" for posting "personal versions" of the incident and "distortions" of the facts.

The bishop praised Paul Bhatti for his work, who has been "making efforts to keep the media away" because they would end up distorting the facts.

"Not only are the lives of Rimsha and her parents at risk, but so are those of more than 600 local families," he explained. "Many social network users do not understand the impact their comments can have."

According to Human Rights Monitor 2011, the annual report by the National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) of the Catholic Church of Pakistan, at least 40 people were charged with blasphemy in 2010, including 15 Christians, 10 Muslims and 6 Ahmadis.

The 'black law' has led to murder of 37 people, 18 Christians and 16 Muslims, mostly in extrajudicial executions.

From 1986, when the law came into effect, to 2010, 1,081 people have been charged with blasphemy (138 Christians, 468 Muslims and 454 Ahmadis).

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20/08/2012 12:25
Paul Bhatti contro ong e attivisti: hanno "speculato" sul dramma della bambina disabile blasfema
di Jibran Khan
Il consigliere speciale del premier per l’Armonia nazionale lavora a stretto contatto con leader musulmani per mantenere la calma e salvare dal carcere Rimsha Masih. Egli promette “sviluppi positivi”, ma non risparmia critiche verso “chi ha sfruttato la vicenda per tornaconto personale”. Vescovo di Islamabad: versioni distorte e atteggiamenti “immaturi”.

Islamabad (AsiaNews) - Un fatto di cronaca "triste" che ha causato la "fuga di oltre 600 famiglie cristiane nel timore di nuove violenze". Così Paul Bhatti, consigliere speciale del Primo Ministro per l'Armonia nazionale, commenta ad AsiaNews l'arresto di una bambina di 11 anni affetta da sindrome di down, che rischia fino all'ergastolo per un presunto caso di blasfemia (cfr. AsiaNews 19/08/2012 Islamabad, 11enne disabile cristiana arrestata per blasfemia; 300 famiglie in fuga). Il politico cattolico non risparmia al contempo critiche contro attivisti e organizzazioni per i diritti umani, che hanno voluto "speculare" sul dramma per un tornaconto personale, manipolando in alcuni casi la realtà. Critiche giungono anche dal vescovo di Islamabad-Rawalpindi mons. Rufin Anthony, secondo cui "molti navigatori e iscritti ai social network" non comprendono "la portata" dei loro commenti e "l'impatto" che possono avere su una vicenda di cronaca.

Nei giorni scorsi Rimsha Masih, una bambina di 11 anni affetta da disabilità mentale, è stata arrestata con l'accusa di aver violato la "legge nera". La giovane avrebbe bruciato 10 pagine di un libro islamico, il Noorani Qaida, usato per imparare le basi dell'arabo e del Corano, per poi scagliarlo nell'immondizia dopo averlo avvolto in un sacchetto di plastica. In risposta, una folla di centinaia di persone ha assaltato la famiglia e minacciato di colpire l'intera comunità cristiana della zona. Ora si trova richiusa nel riformatorio di Rawalpindi, in base a un provvedimento di custodia cautelare di 14 giorni disposto il 18 agosto scorso dalla magistratura.

Il presidente pakistano Asif Ali Zardari segue da vicino la vicenda e ieri ha incaricato il ministero degli Interni di compiere indagini più approfondite. Egli chiede che vengano protette le vite e le proprietà dei cristiani. "Non lasceremo che vengano compiuti abusi in nome della legge sulla blasfemia - ha aggiunto Zardari - e vogliamo assicurarci che essa non sia sfruttata da alcuno per un tornaconto personale". Nel frattempo Paul Bhatti, consigliere speciale del premier per l'Armonia nazionale, ha convocato i leader religiosi musulmani chiedendo la loro collaborazione per mantenere il controllo della situazione e scongiurare ulteriori incidenti. Egli ha anche dato vita a un comitato composto da tre persone, responsabili della sicurezza nell'area.

Commentando ad AsiaNews la vicenda della piccola Rimsha Masih, il politico cattolico pakistano ricorda che la bambina "è affetta da sindrome di down" e "non ha fatto nulla di proposito". Per questo, aggiunge, le sue azioni vanno inquadrare in base all'età e alle condizioni di salute. Egli assicura che "la situazione è sotto controllo" e "presto vi saranno sviluppi positivi". Nel contempo, Paul Bhatti - fratello di Shahbaz, ministro cattolico per le Minoranze religiose, massacrato il 2 marzo 2011 dai fondamentalisti islamici per la sua opposizone alle leggi sulla blasfemia - lancia pesanti accuse contro gli attivisti per i diritti umani e le organizzazioni non governative che hanno voluto speculare sulla vicenda, raccontando "ciascuno la propria versione" e "manipolando le sofferenze dei cristiani".

Egli parla di un comportamento "immaturo" di persone che giocano con la vita di oltre 600 famiglie cristiane. "Essi non hanno alcun interesse alla vita umana" commenta il consigliere speciale per l'Armonia nazionale, che invita a un uso "responsabile" di internet e dei social network. "Basta postare - conclude seccato - notizie non confermate e usare la vita di innocenti per tornaconto personale".

Il monito di Paul Bhatti è condiviso e rilanciato anche da mons. Rufin Anthony, vescovo di Islamabad-Rawalpindi. Il prelato condanna la vicenda e assicura che "la minorenne non ha fatto niente di proposito" e ora "è traumatizzata". Tuttavia, egli condanna il comportamento degli attivisti per i diritti umani, che bolla come "immaturo" per aver postato in rete "versioni personali" e distorte del fatto di cronaca. Il vescovo plaude al ruolo di Paul Bhatti, che "sta compiendo ogni sforzo per mantenere lontani media e internauti" che finirebbero per distorcere gli eventi. Egli ricorda che "è a rischio non solo la vita di Rimsha e dei suoi parenti, ma anche quella di oltre 600 famiglie cristiane" della zona. "Molti fruitori di social network - conclude il prelato - non capiscono che i loro commenti hanno un impatto che neanche immaginano".

Secondo lo Human Rights Monitor 2011, il rapporto annuale curato dalla Commissione nazionale di Giustizia e pace (Ncjp) della Chiesa cattolica pakistana, nel 2010 almeno 40 persone sono state incriminate per blasfemia. Tra queste vi sono 15 cristiani, 10 musulmani e 6 ahmadi. Le persone assassinate con il pretesto della "legge nera" sono invece 37, fra cui 18 cristiani e 16 musulmani. Nella maggioranza dei casi le morti derivano da omicidi extragiudiziali. Dal 1986 - anno dell'entrata in vigore - al 2010 le persone imputate per blasfemia sono state 1081, di cui 138 cristiani, 468 musulmani e 454 ahmadi.

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